We all know that washing your hair every day isn’t the best remedy for your hair but sometimes, it’s our only option right!? Not quite, gals… There are hairstyles literally made for second day hair. You know, when your hair isn’t as fresh and flowing as the day before. Read on for some second day hairstyle inspo and let your hair recuperate for a day longer…

Okay, so the day after washing your hair it tends to look a little shall we say, frizzy? Gah. Don’t worry though, wavy ponytails are perfect for this kind of hair day. Generally, the messier the ponytail looks – the better. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to achieve too. Simply scoop your hair up into a ponytail and using a large barreled curling tong on the end of your ponytail. Once cooled down, ruffle up your ponytail for a super effortless finish.


Now if your hair is beyond the brink of return, like it seriously needs washing. One more day won’t hurt so throw your hair up into a topknot and you’re good to go. This hairstyle is perfect for giving your hair a day off as no styling tools are needed to create this hairstyle. Perfect if you are in a rush heading out, too! Need we say more!?


Finally, a favourite of pretty much everyone’s right now – dutch braids. These braids are everywhere right now and are so versatile, we can see why. Dutch braids can be dressed up or dressed down which we love plus they look super chic and on trend. Just like topknots, braids are perfect for giving your hair a day off and concealing that second day hair you’re trying to hide. Braids are much easier to create on dirtier hair so this hairstyle is totally made to be a second day hairstyle.