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Hand-tied Wefts VS. Machine Wefts

     Nowadays, hand-tied wefts become very popular all around the world especially for American market, but it’s a much debated topic in some salons to choose the two types of wefts– hand-tied or machine weft. There are advantages and disadvantages on both, better understanding will help you to decide what is best.


Machine Weft

Machine wefts are made by machine, normal each bundle is 100g with width ranging from 50”-80” for different hair length.


  1. a. The most common extension could be found in most hair supply stores.

  2. Much easier to install for some beginner, as the biggest benefit is that you’re able to cut them into different size without any shedding.

  3. The cost is less expensive.


  1. Not natural as hand-tied due to thicker wefted part.

  2. Less light and comfortable to wear because of double weft.

Hand-tied Weft

Hand-tied wefts are made by hand, normally each set include 5-6 pieces and the wide of each piece is 8”-10”.



  1. Thinner and more flexible than machine-tied wefts.

  2. Lay much flatter and closer to the head giving a more natural looking.

  3. Last longer wear without shedding

  4. It’s a good solution for clients suffering from Alopecia and thinning who can’t take the volume of machine weft.


  1. More expensive than machine weft

  2. Unravel or shedding easily if cut

No doubt that machine weft are the most popular because they’re easy to wear. If you’re a skilled stylist and good at working with hand-tied weft, why not choose it,  you won’t be disappointed!

Hand tied Weft VS. Machine Wefts

     Hair wefts, which are also called as hair weaves, are one of the quicker methods of hair extension application to make your hair longer, healthier and more lustrous.

     There are two types of wefts: Machine-Wefts and Hand-tied wefts. What’s the difference between hand tied wefts and machine made wefts? Let’s learn more about these.


Machine wefts are sewn together using a sewing machine. YouTube Video to watch how to make machine wefts:

-Good points:

  1. Steady. Machine made wefts are tried and true, it’s been used for a LONG time.

  2. You CAN cut these wefts where you want, so you want end it wherever you need to end.

-Weak points: Bulky, not such thin and comfortable like the hand tied wefts.

Hand-tied wefts are tufts of hair sewn or tied together meticulously by hand using a strong piece of weaving thread, making the weft portion of the hair much thinner than Machine made Wefts.

-Good points:

  1. Comfort. Because of the thinner and soft hand tied wefts.

  2. Natural. Flat, flexible and closer to the clients scalp, means more natural look!

-Weak points: You CAN NOT cut these wefts anymore, If the weft is cut…it will unravel. Normal come in 5 bundles each 100g pack, width 25cm and 20g each bundle.


     Hand tied hair weft is one of the most popular products on the high-end market, creates a strong thin weft when compared to the machine made wefts, once you start using our hand tied wefts extensions, volume and quality will be offered at Goodyard hair extensions:


Would You Like to Try The Hand-Tied Weft ?

     The hair wefts extension are very popular extension on the market.

     They are also called hair weaves, are one of the quicker methods of hair extension application to make your hair longer ,healthier and more lustrous .There are two popular weft extension including the Machine-wefts and Hand-tied wefts.

     The machine wefts are sewn together using a sewing machine with quick production and cheaper price .They are easier to use and can be found in most hair supply stores .

     There are also many different colors available for you choose.


     Hand Tied Wefts are sewn together by hand,making the hair wefts more thinner and flexible than machine hair weft.They will be more flatter when apply to your head. They also can last longer without shedding . High quality virgin remy human hair is available. They also become very popular on some hair salons now. But they can not be cut freely same as the machine wefts .So it’s better for customer to make sure the size they like when apply on the head.


     Although the longer production time and higher cost for hand Tied Wefts, they also become a trend for customer who want the more luxury hair.

Goodyard’s Successful Business Trip In Europe

Goodyard Team had a very successful business trip in Europe during Nov., visited some valued clients and attended on Hair Show& Exhibition, 16 days from London to France,eaningful and impressive.


First destination is London, we met three VIP clients that have been cooperating for more than 5 years, it’s the prefect time for both of us to discuss some details about future cooperation face to face, especially how to take the best experience for our ending customers on hair extensions and hair piece toppers.  our goal is to build more strong and positive business relationship.


Next destination is Amsterdam, only 48 hours in Netherlands! In acturally this area is new for us, by visiting client’s salon and talking about local market, got that local people like everything with natural looking, for example, most clients like hair topper with fuller looking, always request hair density to be 150%-200%, but people in Netherlands like density to be the lowest, not very full.

One week passed, we flied to Bologna to attend On Hair Show&Exhibition, large amount of various hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces as well as eyelashes were taken for show and introduced to Italian beauty salons.


During hair show, we met lots of visitors who are interested in our products. Customers are very satisfied with high quality braid virgin human hair, some bought our sample and placed order immediately.


The last destination is France, in order to meet two nice gentlemen, they’re always satisfied with our products, and introduced their friend who are also doing hair business to us, we had a great time for whole day.


Goodyard will never stop the step to visit valued clients all over the world, hope to see you next time.

Welcome to join Goodyard and create beauty together!

Nov. 27th, 2018 Bologna, ITALY Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition

Nov. 27th, 2018  Bologna, ITALY

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition

Sum up the experience of Cosmoprof Exhibition

With the 2 days Cosmoprof exhibition journey came to an end, we did harvest a lot of information from our guests. We understood better with what they were interested, what they needed and how they thought of the wigs and hair extensions because we had a chance to really cross the borders to communicate with them face to face instead of emailing or phone calling.

Also, we’ve learned that we should prepare well before we attend to an exhibition in a country which has own language (especially go to a non-English speaking country). We need to learn their culture, even learn a few sentences like their daily expression in their language to show more respect to them as well as have more opportunities to communicate with them in order to get more information for ourselves.

In shorts, I am truly appreciated that we have the chance to go to Cosmoprof On-Hair Exhibition to update my knowledge about the hair fashion area and get to know our clients better.

Goodyard team will still continue the Exhibition business trip every year.  Hope to meet all of our lovely clients and talk business face to face!

Next Station – Visiting VIP Customers in Europe all around!

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Nov. 26th, 2018 Bologna, ITALY Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition

Nov. 26th, 2018  Bologna, ITALY

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition 

Cosmoprof Day 2

The on hair show only take 2 days. The second day , Goodyard team met a very lovely family on second day at Cosmoprof. The mother of the family is a hair salon owner and attended the exhibition with all her family. She had a great interest in our heat resistant synthetic wigs, and almost every family member tried our wigs with her, and the father was one of them J We had a quite a relaxing conversation and the mother bought a pink synthetic wig with all support from her family in the end.

Obviously they love the trendy wigs and hair extensions. Place the trial order at once, prepare for the coming Xmas and new year holidays parties.

Another guest that made me impressed with is another exhibitor from a Milan Hair extension company. He was very professional and conversable. He asked if we came from Qingdao at first and asked a lot of questions about tape-in hair extensions, our warehouse location, delivery time, etc. We exchange our business card with each other. I really hoped we can have further cooperation in the near future.

In our spare time, River and I were willing to bring our catalog books and our business cards to drop in other exhibitors and to talk about their popular hair products and to learn how they set up the booth. At around 5:30 pm, all exhibitors, including us, start to pack up all or the left samples and remove all the display racks and stuff, which signified the Cosmoprof exhibition was drawing to an end.

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Nov. 24th, 2018 Bologna, ITALY Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition

Nov. 24th, 2018  Bologna, ITALY


GOODYARD TEAM have attended kinds of International Cosmoprof Exhibitions for many years. This is the second time to be here in Bologna Italy.

Weather forecast had showed that 11/24, our first day in Bologna, was drizzling all day long, and it truly was, so we took a rest in hotel in the morning and stored up our energy for Move-in that day afternoon.

We arrived at the Piazza Della Costituzione (Exhibition Center) with two large baggages of hair extensions and wigs samples around 11:30 am. Our booth number was B18, which is a very lucky number in China. If you could pronounce it in Chinese, it means “必要发” (“make a fortune for sure”). After we located our booth, we started to set up our display racks and posters right away.


“Move-In” was a huge and complicated task indeed. We took almost six hours to finish all the work, but we all very delighted at our final result. The transformation of our booth was prominent.

You will find kinds of luxury innovative hair extensions, such as the Injection tape in hair, Hand made hair wefts, Italian Keratin bonded hair, Nano ring hair, Quality human hair lace wigs, and the most popular hairpiece toppers, even men hair replacement systems as well as Eyelash extensions.

We are trying to show the most innovative hair extensions and popular hair piece toppers to all of the clients, to help them know the market trends.



Along with the growing of demand for quality human hair extensions, everybody wants to get the best quality hair with competitive prices. While the supplying market become more and more complicated, raw materials supplying and labor force become hard to control. So it is really very important to find one reliable, professional and honesty hair manufacture to help the salons and stores to gain their customers’ trust and keep long term business relationship.



With more than 30 years experience in hair industry, GOODYARD HAIR are improving the R&D technology and processing workmanship in order to catch the changing market demand.

GOODYARD VISION is to provide customized service for people all over the world who are in desire of beauty.



Nowadays the hair business patterns are gradually updating from traditional wholesale to quick & frequent small batch business. Under the help of internet, communications become more and more convenient and quick. It is so easy to get in touch with hair manufacturers via internet for Salons owners, hair stylists and store owners. They prefer to source the hair products directly from oversea manufacturers instead of local wholesalers.

GOODYARD HAIR is aiming to provide the best service for people who love GOODYARD quality hair products.

If you are a hair stylist, or you own a salon or store, and you are looking for a reliable supplier, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be at 24 hours service for you.

Something you need to know before you select a hair manufacture

When you see this article, glad to know that maybe you’re doing business for hair, maybe a wholesaler on your local market, hair distributor, hair salon owner, hair retailer or even have a store do your own business, who is looking for a manufacture with good quality products, unique designs, competitive price, fast production time, excellent service for long-term cooperation, then we’re waiting for you for a long time!

Something about Price:

We did receive many inquires for hair products, looking for best quality hair but for cheaper price. And sometime the standards of best quality are different, especially there are various manufactures always say their quality is the best, so i guess you may also confused about which one is the best. But the cheap one only with cheap advantages, the expensive one is always best expect the expensive price. So try one sample order is the best way to check firstly, once their price match your target price.

Something about Sample:

It’s unfair if you want to check the hair quality but request for free samples and also free shipping. 10g-20g free samples could be offered to test as we sincerely hope to doing business with you, mostly customer are willing to pay for the postage as they’re sincerely looking for stable manufacture also. Rather than try one free sample order, we normal advise our customers for place a full set installing sample order, even 100grams, in order to test the hair fully, as 10g-20g hair really too little to test everything you want. And there is no necessary for us to earn money by sample order, just a good way for you and us start cooperation.

Something about Production Time:

GOODYARD hair company insist to make fresh hair to our customer, so we rarely stock hair in our warehouse, in order to offer the best quality hair which will stock longer time in your side. The production time for hair extensions sample order is 2-3 weeks, 2-4 weeks for wholesale order, rush order also available with rush fee. And ship via Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT… which only take 3-5 days to delivery.

Something about Payment method:

There are many methods for you to make the payment, Bank, Western Union, PayPal are the most common methods, $30 transfer fee for each bank payment, Western Union without transfer fee, while PayPal is the fast and convenient way for smaller payment. 100% payment prior to processing production, deposit also available for reasonable negotiation, depends on your detailed order.

GOODYARD hair company is a hair manufacture with more than 30 years experiences, click here to know more if you have any questions:

Supplier challenges

The quality cost in purchasing means the relative loss caused by any risk (delivery risk, financial risk, etc.) in the purchasing process, and the initial investment to avoid these risks.

Quality cost has become an important evaluation index for more and more enterprises in supplier management. In practice, there is a contradiction between quality and cost: the buyer hopes to reduce the purchase price as much as possible while meeting the quality requirements. However, the constant reduction of purchasing cost leads to the supplier choosing inferior raw materials with frequent quality problems and increased costs. On the other hand, when the buyer asks to improve the quality of the product, he is confronted with the demand of the supplier to increase the price. How to balance the relationship between cost and quality in procurement and how to manage the quality cost in procurement has become a challenge for purchasing managers.


The quality problems in the procurement process mainly come from two aspects: raw material quality problems and supplier quality problems. The quality of raw materials is mainly reflected in the quality and delivery of products.


  1. Quality of raw materials

The purchased raw materials are of inferior quality and some performance indicators cannot meet the buyer’s specifications. The existing components cannot meet the new quality standard because customers or purchasers change their purchasing requirements.


  1. Quality problem in product delivery

Product damage, damage to incoming packaging, damage or loss of incoming material marks, wrong delivery of goods and mixed loading of incoming materials caused during transportation.


Supplier quality problems mainly include three aspects:


The supplier operates badly, which leads to unstable supply quality and delivery time.


The investor or partner of the supplier changes the investment direction, leading to the transfer or withdrawal of raw materials required by the purchaser;


The financial problems of the supplier led to bankruptcy.


Above, all kinds of problems in the event of purchasing parties must take immediate action to process and remedy, the resulting fees, such as the analysis of the unqualified products inspection cost and return of transportation cost, or alternative suppliers to switch to other alternative products caused by spending, contact suppliers consultation or sent to vendor production scene investigation supervision cost, and production of the bad quality of damages, etc. All belong to the quality cost.

What challenges are you facing with your current supplier ?

Recently, through communication with customers, we learned that some customers have the following three main challenges with their current suppliers.


  1. Price

This is maybe a very common topic ,many customers concern the price.As supplier ,we also supply the good quality with cheaper price for customers and create a win-win relationship. But we can’t reduce the quality of products to reduce the price. We can recommend our customers the more cheaper price but with acceptable quality for them .

  1. Delivery time

Some customers complain about this problem .Yes,we should try our best to make sure the delivery on time .If you have to delay the delivery, u should tell your customers in advance or give them some other choices such as partial shipment .

  1. Payment terms

There should be many more choices for customers such as Paypal ,west union ,bank transfer etc no matter the customers want to pay in the USD ,CAD ,AUD or the RMB.

There are also some challenges such as faster reply to their email and keep the good quality .


Goodyard will pay more attention to these challenges when new customers feedback with their previous supplier and do our best service for our customers .




Why we need customized package ?

As we all know, product package is an important part of the commodity. There are four main functions of custom package:1, protect products 2, store and transport 3, promote sales 4, increase profits.


In addition to the above four functions, the advertising communication function of packaging has attracted wide attention in recent years. The advertising function of custom package is embodied in the product packaging can be used as the carrier of advertising information for packaged products and even other products. This shows that custom package customization is very important. Flip box, custom package, not only refers to production, but also includes design and positioning.

hair package labels843

As the carrier of advertising information, the custom package design can include brand, trademark, product advertising language, advertising image, advertising picture, product information and other advertising elements. When consumers read package words or packaging pictures, the advertising communication function of packaging is virtually realized. This is the advertising of custom packages, promoting sales and increasing profitability. The most Intuitionistic way is that online shopping can never be a product without packaging. The freight of any product will be inseparable from the packing.


Wigs and eyelashes are fashion area,no matter wholesalers or finial customers, they both need nice customized package. To do this well,we suggest you to choose Goodyard because we have more than 20 years experience in hair and eyelash manufacturing. To help for customers’ market,customization is one of our supports.


To know Goodyard, welcome to visit our website:

How to Launch our Salon Support

Recently ,Goodyard is going to launch our salon project to support and expand our customers’ business.


We plan to collect more feedbacks from our customers that doing the business with us ,no matter our quality ,shipping time and sevice ,then we will know if we face some challenges,then we will know how to improve to fulfill our customers’ request .


By the way, OEM service is also avaialble. So we will contact our customers if they want to make the private label for the products and help them to expand the business if they need.


Meanwhiles,We will put our production video or the product news on the Facebook or Twitter to let our customers know about us .


We also will have the plan to visit our customers directly to know more about our customers ,and then show their samples and our catalogue directly, we also will talk with them for more details .


More imporant ,the customer satisfaction is the most important thing .

love your product , but i love your service more .

Here is a email from Goodyard returning customer, which got the wrong product for her order  :


“ I’m confused.  I ordered the LaVivid wig Carrie, but got the wig Patsy.  I did look at several wigs, including Carrie and Patsy, but was expecting Carrie.  Patsy arrived on 5/2.  I figured I must have forgotten which wig I actually ordered having looked at so many.
Tonight I was looking at wigs again and thought I’d order Carrie, but then noticed on my order history that I already had, as I originally thought.  So, I am not sure how I got Patsy.
I’m not sure if I should place this order for Carrie or not because I don’t want to end up with 2 of the same wig in the same color.
Any suggestions?  Thanks.”


She should have been mad with this mistake . but she didnt , because the customer service offered her a better solution which offered her the best discount to purchase the right one .

And she was very please with this idea!


See what she replied :

“I tried to leave a comment on the survey form I received, but it wouldn’t take.  I wanted to let you and your managers know how helpful you have been with the ordering process.  I’m sure it was difficult to to get things arranged.  I appreciate your patience and pleasant manner in taking care of everything.

Please let your managers know how great you are!  Thanks again!



Sometimes , we care the product that we bought , but we care more about their service . what they would like to deal with the accident .


More information about Goodyard wig, please click here for check.


8 Best Diet Tips for Hair Loss Prevention ( Part I )

Here’s our collection of the eight best diet tips for preventing hair loss and boosting hair growth. After learning the basics of the anti-hair-loss diet in this section, be sure to check out the list of foods that prevent hair loss as well as the section on hair loss fighting recipes.

Before getting into details about the hair loss prevention diet, it is important to understand what hair loss is, so here’s a quick summary: A normal, healthy person sheds about 50 to 100 hairs every day, and most of these hairs grow back. A healthy hair has a life cycle of about three to six years. Hair loss becomes a problem when the hairs do not grow back or when hairs are shed at an abnormally rapid rate (several hundreds hairs per day). Hair loss (or alopecia) afflicts millions of people worldwide — and not just men. Many women, too, experience some degree of hair loss at some point in their life although their hair loss is often less noticeable.


Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, including certain medications and chemotherapy, genetics, rapid weight loss, chronic stress, severe dandruff, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and poor scalp circulation. Furthermore, certain nutritional factors have been linked to hair loss. The rest of this page provides an overview of diet-related habits – such as stepping up your dietary intake of vitamin C, copper, zinc, beta-carotene, and silica – that can help prevent hair loss.

#1: Load on Vitamin C Rich Foods

The first tip for preventing hair loss is to add more vitamin C rich foods to your diet. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen which in turn supports hair follicles and keeps blood vessels in the scalp healthy. Vitamin C also increases iron absorption from foods. To enhance the beneficial effects of vitamin C on hair, combine foods rich in vitamin C with foods that contain vitamin E, an important vitamin that may also help reduce hair loss due to its ability to boost circulation to the scalp. Vitamin C and vitamin E protect each other and are more effective when consumed together.

     #2: Ensure a Sufficient Intake of Protein

Hair is more than 90 percent protein, and a diet that is too low in protein may cause hair loss. Protein is abundant in a wide range of foods, particularly in foods of animal origin. A typical Western diet usually contains sufficient amounts of protein and eating additional protein for hair growth is not necessary. Even though hair is made of protein, excessive amounts of dietary protein are unlikely to improve hair growth and may cause other health problems.

     #3: Eat Foods High in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene

Another good tip is to incorporate dietary sources of vitamin A into your hair loss prevention diet. Vitamin A promotes the growth of healthy cells and tissues, including hair and the scalp. A deficiency of vitamin A can cause hair loss and thinning hair. Beta-carotene, which is found yellow/orange and green vegetables and fruit such as spinach, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, mango, melon and apricots, also promotes healthy hair due to its anti-oxidant properties as well as its role as a precursor to vitamin A.

#4: Eat Plenty of Foods Rich in B Vitamins

If you are aiming at having healthy-looking, strong hair, be sure to eat plenty of foods rich in B vitamins. B vitamins are in essence a complex of vitamins that often work together and co-exist in the same foods. Evidence suggests that a sufficient intake of the B vitamins, particularly of vitamins B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (riboflavin), B9 (folate), B7 (biotin), B5 (pantothenic acid) and B3 (niacin), is necessary for healthy hair.

Pantothenic acid and biotin are thought to slow hair loss and prevent graying of hair. Pyridoxine helps the body produce melanin, which gives hair its color. It also prevents hair loss and facilitates the absorption of zinc. In addition, pyridoxine, together with folate and riboflavin, helps form hemoglobin (blood cells). Hemoglobin is needed for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the other tissues in the body, including hair. An undisrupted supply of oxygen is necessary for healthy hair.


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