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Summer Care for Human Hair Extensions

Summer is a good time for customers to go out and show off their lovely hair. But summer sunshine and fun are extremely difficult for hair extensions. Have you ever received any complaints about hair extensions in the summer, such as tangled, faded or frizzy hair? Here we would like to share some useful tips of hair extension care in the summer.


Good Quality Human Hair 

First of all, choosing a high-quality hair extension is more important to your customers to have a beautiful hair extension in the summer. According to our many years of experience, virgin human hair is more popular on the market, especially this pure virgin hair has been favored by many salon owners and hairstylists. Because pure virgin human hair is collected from young donors which are never processed or colored in any way, making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions and can last to 24 months with good care, mainly for the high-end market. It can be re-dyed 4-5 times and be permed 2-3times. They are also the best hair material to create light blond colors and balayage colors.

The other virgin remy hair are also good quality human hair, has a soft and silky feeling, can last to 12 months with good care and affordable price. So we recommend you to choose virgin hair extensions for your clients that are soft, natural, no tangle and last longer. #T6 B6 59P (1)

Avoid sunlight for a long timeUV rays will not only harm your skin; they will also make your hair dry and brittle. When in the sun for more than an hour, wear a sun hat or use sunscreen (yes, this is true!)

Swimming: Chlorine and saltwater are not friendly to your hair. Therefore, please rinse your hair in cold water and apply a deep conditioner before your swim. This will help prevent your hair from absorbing chlorine, which can cause damage.

Brush for Your Extensions

Using the right brush can extend the life of your hair extensions. Do not use tools designed for natural hair. Because the fine-tooth come can pull your extensions. Instead, find a comb designed specifically for hair extensions. Always comb your hair down to maintain the natural direction of your hair.

Avoid Salt Spray Products On Your Hair

Some women like to use salt spray hair care products to make themselves look like beach girl in summer. You should avoid this if you wear human hair extensions. These products usually contain alcohol and salt. They will make the hair dry, tangled and frizzy. Don’t use salt spray, try using a leave-in conditioner to increase the curling effect.

Do Not Use Heat Tools On Hair Extensions

This season is already very hot, and without additional help, your hair may become dry. Overheating can also cause color fading. So it’s best to avoid using heating tools on hair extensions in summer.  If you must use a styling tool, do so minimally and try to keep the temperature as low as you can.

If you have any other good ideas or questions about hair extension care in the summer, welcome to leave your comments there. Any inquiry to luxury hair extensions, please visit our website


Why You Should Choose Pure Virgin Hair Extensions

With more customers turning to hair extensions as their go-to styling choice, there’s a growing need for salons and hairstylists to offer premium-quality hair extensions. More of them than ever are choosing to invest in virgin hair extensions for their clients. We’re giving you an overview as to why virgin hair extensions are the most popular choice for both stylists and customers.

What is Pure Virgin Human Hair?

Our pure virgin human hair is donated from the braids of young girls. The hair is not colored or processed, making it the healthiest hair on the market. Pure virgin human hair is the ideal type for light blonde extensions (such as blonde #60 + #613) and some balayage shades. This hair type preserves its natural appearance and allows for more consistent colors.

Features of Pure Virgin Human Hair:

This hair type can be re-dyed four or five times, depending on the color. It can also be permed up to three times. One of the main selling points of pure virgin hair is that it has a longer lifespan of at least one year. Virgin human hair creates a more natural look, as the extensions blend in with the client’s hair. This hair type is softer than regular remy human hair extensions, creating a more luxurious experience for your clients and customers.

hair extensions

Why You Should Choose Goodyard’s Pure Virgin Hair Extensions:

Goodyard Hair has been a supplier of professional hair extensions for over 30 years. We kept a fresh inventory, with our extensions being dispatched within one week. We also have other hair extension types available, including taped, hair-weft, hand-tied, and keratin hair extensions. We offer wholesale hair extensions, with various colors available. Our pure virgin hair extensions are ideal for e-commerce websites and salons.

Various Color Options:

Along with our standard extension colors, we also offer custom orders that allow you to personalize the shade and length of your extensions. We offer two color systems for you to utilize. Our basic color involves the extensions being bleached without chemical processors. This system means the extensions can be redyed to suit the needs of your clients. The basic hair colors include natural black (#6, #12, #27, #60). We also offer other style options, such as balayage, highlights, and platinum blonde.

Our custom hair colors are made using an industrial chemical coloring process. This system allows us to create an exact color match for more unique shades. You can select the color from our swatches or send a sample for us to recreate.

Free Private Package Design

Your packaging will make or break the success of your hair extension sales. It’s a representation of your brand and a major part of your marketing strategy. Our professional design team are on hand to help you create a packaging design that matches your brand’s aesthetic and compliments your chosen extensions. We offer this service for free, and you can provide us with your brand’s logo, social media profiles, and other information to create a mock-up.

Are you interested in adding pure virgin human hair extensions to your e-commerce store or salon? You can find out more by visiting our website(

Goodyard Hair: What We Can Do for Your Hair Extension Business?

Hair extension has been a popular way for people to add hair volume and change hair style and colors. However, there are various hair extension vendors on the market for customers to choose from. Where to find a reliable hair extension supplier? Goodyard Hair has been a leading professional hair extension factory since1984. Welcome to read on this blog to know more about our factory and what we can do for your hair extension business.


 What we are seeking for ?

We’re seeking for hair extension partners, such as professional hair stylists, hair salon owners, online-shop distributors, and branded wholesalers , to offer you the best solutions with our years experience and exquisite workmanship.

For Professional Hair Stylists: Most hair stylists may order a small amount of human hair extensions. We still try our efforts to offer the support on their small business and guarantee them a quick delivery.We still try try our efforts to provide support for their small business and ensure prompt delivery.All hair extensions wholesale are made of good quality remy virgin hair which can be curled, styled or colored by hair stylists for their clients .Some of the colors we supply (such as the basic colors) are only bleached without any chemical process, so they can allow stylists to unleash their creativity to redye to any other beautiful colors.

For Hair Salon Owners: For salon owners, quality are an important item for their consideration. So it’s our mission to provide the stable quality for hair extensions salon, such as the color of each order keep consistent and the color difference is well controlled. Welcome to get to know our production process on our Youtube channnel. By the way, all new inquiry or feedback will be replied within 24 hours professionally and quickly by our well-trained sales team. We also always share our experiences and new human hair extensions with them to help expand their business .

For Online shop Distributors: Our these customers are mainly looking for the men hair systems and women toppers ,because we have different styles in stock for them to choose from. So they dont need to worry about the shortage to affect their retail business. In addition, we also accept customized order to meet their customers’ unique needs and help them fulfill their business line.

Branded Wholesalers: One of our VIP customer doing hair extension weft in wholesale have cooperated with us over 10 years. She ordered lots of balayage hair extensions which needs more complicated production. So expert production capacity strongly guarantee her bulk orders delivery which is very important for wholesale business. We also help design her own brand package for free. If you also want to sell your own brand hair ,just send us your logo and idea, our designer will help you design the package.5-1

If you are looking for extensions 100 human hair for professional use, welcome to get more about us on our website:  .

Contact us by email or whats app: +8615092036412.


Hair Extensions: Why My Hair Extension Tangle?

Why my hair extension become tangled? The tangling of hair extension can happen for various reasons, including poor quality hair extension,not using recommend hair care products, incorrect combing method etc. In this blog ,we’ll introduce the reasons and how to prevent the tangle problem.

1.Hair Quality

Make sure your hair extension is 100% human hair extension without any animal hair or protein hair. Some hair factory will mix some collecting fallen hair from the ground or animal hair to reduce the cost on the markets. Therefore,it’s also very important to find a reliable hair supplier to get the superior quality hair, then choose high-quality human hair will make your hair extensions less tangled.Goodyard hair mainly supply remy human hair, virgin human hair and pure virgin human hair. All these hair are 100% human hair without any synthetic . Virgin hair and pure virgin hair are two popular human hair with good feedback from our customers, especially the pure virgin hair is a good choice for hign-end markets. Even though they will cost you more initially, they will last longer than regular remy hair and give your clients good experience with your brand extension. Especially if you choose the light color, we strongly recommend you to choose the virgin human hair extension which is less tangle in your future use.We are providing various best hair extensions, such as hair weft,clip in hair ,tape hair ,pre-bonded tip hair etc. Which kind of hair extension are you looking for?


2.Hair Care Products

Remember your hair extensions with tape also need to be conditioned well, especially the ends, as they cant absorb the natural oil from your scalp, so the ends are easily to become dry.You can ask your customer which kind of hair care products she used when her hair extension have the tangle problem, normal hair care products or recommend products for the specific extension. Please use the recommend products only for your specific extension.Never, ever skip on conditioner. Conditioning your hair after shampooing will restore moisture back into it, leaving it smoother and less likely to tangle.


3.Method of Brush Your Hair

One important thing is to brush your extensions out before washing them and and only the hair is 90% dry. Otherwise the hair will be broken and shedding easily because the hair is in the weakest position when wet.Instead, use your fingers to gently loosen any tangles.By the way, it’s essential to use the brush designed for hair extensions ,such as the loop hair extension brush or other type of wide-tooth combs.


Do you have any ideas or questions about the hair extension tangle ?Welcome to leave your comments.



Hand tied Weft VS. Machine Wefts

     Hair wefts, which are also called as hair weaves, are one of the quicker methods of hair extension application to make your hair longer, healthier and more lustrous.

     There are two types of wefts: Machine-Wefts and Hand-tied wefts. What’s the difference between hand tied wefts and machine made wefts? Let’s learn more about these.


Machine wefts are sewn together using a sewing machine. YouTube Video to watch how to make machine wefts:

-Good points:

  1. Steady. Machine made wefts are tried and true, it’s been used for a LONG time.

  2. You CAN cut these wefts where you want, so you want end it wherever you need to end.

-Weak points: Bulky, not such thin and comfortable like the hand tied wefts.

Hand-tied wefts are tufts of hair sewn or tied together meticulously by hand using a strong piece of weaving thread, making the weft portion of the hair much thinner than Machine made Wefts.

-Good points:

  1. Comfort. Because of the thinner and soft hand tied wefts.

  2. Natural. Flat, flexible and closer to the clients scalp, means more natural look!

-Weak points: You CAN NOT cut these wefts anymore, If the weft is cut…it will unravel. Normal come in 5 bundles each 100g pack, width 25cm and 20g each bundle.


     Hand tied hair weft is one of the most popular products on the high-end market, creates a strong thin weft when compared to the machine made wefts, once you start using our hand tied wefts extensions, volume and quality will be offered at Goodyard hair extensions:


Would You Like to Try The Hand-Tied Weft ?

     The hair wefts extension are very popular extension on the market.

     They are also called hair weaves, are one of the quicker methods of hair extension application to make your hair longer ,healthier and more lustrous .There are two popular weft extension including the Machine-wefts and Hand-tied wefts.

     The machine wefts are sewn together using a sewing machine with quick production and cheaper price .They are easier to use and can be found in most hair supply stores .

     There are also many different colors available for you choose.


     Hand Tied Wefts are sewn together by hand,making the hair wefts more thinner and flexible than machine hair weft.They will be more flatter when apply to your head. They also can last longer without shedding . High quality virgin remy human hair is available. They also become very popular on some hair salons now. But they can not be cut freely same as the machine wefts .So it’s better for customer to make sure the size they like when apply on the head.


     Although the longer production time and higher cost for hand Tied Wefts, they also become a trend for customer who want the more luxury hair.

Getting Started With Beauty

Hillary Clinton announced her second run for the presidency in April. She is getting ready to do something now. Then how about you? It’s spring, a new start of everything. Are you ready to do something too? Then why don’t you start your beauty with your hairstyle, beauties? Now, let’s begin with color!

Do you know that the #GrannyHair# is becoming a hot tag on INS now? Have you tried this unique color before? I think most of you are tired of the common color, then why don’t you try the granny hair right now? Actually, this granny hair is an ombre gray to white color hair. This color makes you sexy. Compared with the yellow color which makes your hair look sere, or the reddish brown which makes your face look yellow, ombre gray to white is the best color to make you look perfect.

There are also other color which are also very hot. For example, ombre blond to pink, two tone color; Ombre blond to purple to black, the three tone color; Blond color, etc. If you don’t know which color to choose, then the brown color is a good choice. Brown color can bring you a low-key luxury. Brown hair appears more dense, shiny and healthy. And there’re many choices for brown: light brown, dark brown, golden brown, coffee, maroon, chocolate, and etc. It’s better to decide the exact color with your hairstylist. So it’s a big chance for salons and wholesalers, why don’t you got a big inventory of wigs and hair extensions with those colours? I believe they will be the hot sell in this Spring!

Changing the texture or the style of your hair is also a good idea. Wavy, curly, loose curl, straight, natural straight; short bob, long, medium. You can change your hairstyle with any combination you like, especially with a wig or hair extensions.

We’re getting ready to do something too. We’re looking for trendy styles of each fashionable season, cutting techniques and color trends. Realize them with our skilled worker. Stand in the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry. We’ll expand our business to more area of the world. We’ll use our fashionable and top quality products to give you the best experience!

You can do more than just get by, you can get ahead. And stay ahead! So, are you getting ready now? Just do it!

How to Wear Colorful Clip In Hair Extension

Colorful clip in hair extension is a popular and fashionable element at present. Jolin\Miriam\Katy Perry and many other surperstars like colorful clip in hair. For decorating their hairstyle, most girls who like colorful clip in hair extensions always buy it without any hesitation. But there is one question, how to wear it and make it coalesce with natural hair perfectly? Follow us, we will teach you now!


As colorful clip in hair extension is false hair, so we need to be more careful to wear it, mix it together with real hair and looks natural. No body will know it until you tell them. Look at the picture bellow, it looks very nice.


If you are shopaholic, you will found that colorful clip in hair is very hot, no dyed or perm, just need one pieces of clip in hair extension, you can get a big change in your hairstyle, amazing! Actually, it is easier to wear it than your image, you just need to put the clip on your own hair. They look like the highlight style, no matter free rein on your shoulder or tress, impressive!


Pictures show clip in hair extension with different colors, most of these extension dyed in exaggerated and fantasy color, looks very energetic. This year, these exaggerated color are most popular and fashionable. So choose them, you are a star!!


Choosing your favorite color and put clip on your own hair. Of course, you can choose different color and wear them together. There’s just one thing you need to do is hiding the chromatic clip in hair extension in your real hair to make it looks natural.


At last, if the hair extension is longer than real hair, don’t worry, just cutting them, it’s ok.

Should I get hair extension for the wedding ?

Should I get hair extension for my wedding? That is a question I get a lot! It really is a personal decision that you should definitely put a little extra thought into!  After all, you only get one wedding day(assuming you don’t plan on getting married numerous times). Award-winning bridal hair stylist & celebrity extensions Inanch Emir, tells us all you need to know about bridal hair extensions.

wedding hairstyle1

How can hair extensions help me create my desired wedding hair style?

Hair extensions can help you create your dream hair on your big day with fuller, thicker and longer locks that feel and look completely natural. Make sure you opt for the best quality hair extensions brand and go to a reputable salon that specialize in hair extensions.


When is the best time for me to get wedding hair extensions?

Don’t get your wedding hair extensions done on the day of your wedding! Make sure you get the extensions installed a week or so before the wedding. Having the hair extensions applied a little while before the big day will ensure that you have enough time to get accustomed to your hair. Worst case scenario this will give you enough time to take the hair extensions out if you do not like the way they turned out. f you are planning to have colour, make sure you have this done first before you go in for your initial hair extensions consultation, so that your specialist does an exact hair colour match.

wedding hairstyle2

Will I be able to maintain my hair on my honeymoon?

Following just a few simple guidelines and a little extra care in your haircare regime will keep your wedding hair extensions looking fabulous throughout their lifespan (up to 4 months). If you are going to a hot climate country for your honeymoon, you can wear your hair up, down, style and even swim with them. Make sure you use quality aftercare products for longer lasting results. All aftercare information and products should be discussed with you by your extensions specialist, at the initial consultation and after the application of your hair extensions.

wedding hairstyle3

The Secret of Managing Your Weaves


Wrap hair at night with a silk scarf and stocking to hold it down 

If your weave is curly then braid 4 sections of the weave at night to ensure no tangling 

If extensions are Indian Remy or top quality,aim to wash once a week.

If your extensions are Yaki or average grade of human hair irecommend not to wash at all, this is because cheaper extensions have a silicone coat over the hair so once you wash it, it will become very hard.


Remember that extensions, as well as they are done are never your real hair.

You must treat them with a lot of care and be very gentle.

Try to only style weave using heat maximum twice a week

When sleeping ensure closure piece is held down firmly, closure will flatten with time

As extensions have been cut at the track, a little bit of shedding is normal

Try not to pull your weave back into a pony tail too much or too tightly

At least once a week go through the rows of your braid base and gently apply moisturising hair and scalp cream 

Don’t put any form of grease or oil on your weave. This will make it look cheap, synthetic and very heavy.

If your weave is curly then apply small amount of lotion in palm of your hands and rub all over hands so it’s a thin layer of product, loosely apply to hair to maintain curls


Full head weaves should be kept for a maximum of 6 weeks

Natural part weaves should be left for 5 weeks 

Track Extensions should be re-done every 6 weeks, but if you want to keep them for 2 months just ensure the root is not tangling.

When removing weave get someone to do it so you’re not cutting your own hair

Those are some tips and tricks to manage your weave. 

How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions


You should try to get the best one when considering hair extensions. Hair extensions will give you a dramatic impact on your appearance, but your choice of determining the right one which will give you the positive impact will be of vital importance. The texture and the quality are two of the most important things to be considered in purchasing the weave.

Synthetic or human hair extensions is almost the first choice you may face when buying weave. Generally, human hair is more expensive and better in many cases. However, you must think about how you will style and maintain the hair extensions at first. Then you can make sure which one is better. For example, if you want to change your styles liberally, human hair is likely to be best. If you want to get braids which will have burnt tips, then synthetic hair is better.

Unless your trusted stylist gives you a recommendation on purchasing weave, you’d better see it and feel it before purchase. You may find that most hair extensions are in packages when shopping. Then how can you touch them? Don’t worry, they always prepare samples which will allow you to appraise the quality. Generally, weave looks charming in the package, but a different reality can come to light when opening the package.

ombre hair

When it comes to synthetic hair, don’t automatically assume that it must in low quality. Although many types of synthetic hair extensions feel too plastic and look too fake. Hair extensions that in high quality and look naturally are available.

If the weave you want to purchase is on a track, you should assess whether it sheds and if so how much at first. Comb the hair with your fingers, if a significant amount of hair comes out, choose the different one.

Also, considering your own hair is very important when choosing the best weave. You need to make sure your hair will be visibly blended with the weave, the colors are compatible even if they are not the same, and the texture is matched to your own hair. Don’t get the wrong weave which is obvious to your natural hair.

hair exten

Goodyard Co., Ltd has been a leading professional hair supplier since 1984 in China. Goodyard provides both human hair and synthetic hair extensions. From carefully hand chosen human hair in various textures and lengths, to synthetic hair products, you are sure to find the hair that’s right for you at Goodyard.

The advantage of the Tape hair extension

Hair extensions are sections of hair that are added to a person’s own natural
hair to add the effect of length and fullness. Extensions are made of either
natural human hair or artificial hair. The price of a set of extensions
generally reflects the difference between the two, with natural hair costing
more than the man-made variety. Hair extensions are attached to the wearer’s
head in many different ways; taped hair extensions are one popular method of
attachment.Like natural hair, hair extensions come in many different colors and styles.

V1231 V1231-2

Most people choose a color that closely matches their own hair color, so that
the extensions aren’t obvious. Sometimes, though, a completely different color
is chosen to give hair a unique, multi-toned look. Some extensions can be
colored to match the wearer’s natural hair.

DSC06326 DSC06329

Once hair extensions are put in place, they can last from 2 to 6 months before
having to be removed and redone or replaced. Taped hair extensions may not last
quite as long — 4 to 6 weeks is more common — as the tape does not hold as well
as some other methods. Glue, micro links, stitching, and braiding are some other
techniques. Although these methods generally last longer, the and high cost and
length of time to apply them can cause many to opt for taped hair extensions

One of the simplest types of hair extensions is the weft, a strip of hair on a nearly invisible base. Wefts are often used as taped hair extensions, and have the advantage of being very quick to attach. With weft-taped hair extensions, a complete head of hair can be added in about a half-hour in many cases. They are equally easy to remove and can be reused in almost all cases, making them economical as well.


Taped hair extensions are usually attached using very strong, medical-grade clear tape. This type of tape is non-irritating and has considerable holding power when in use. Many types of taped hair extensions come with the tape already in place. The tape is double-sided, with one side already bonded to the extensions. The other side is taped directly to the scalp, in a part made in the natural hair.


When selecting taped hair extensions, it is best to compare several types before buying. The quality of extensions varies by the manufacturer, as does the price. Not all people can successfully wear hair extensions, as very fragile or thin hair may easily be damaged, and people with sensitive scalps may have trouble with the glue or tape. Anyone interested in using any kind of hair extensions should discuss it with a knowledgeable hair stylist before making a purchase.


Keratin Pre-bonded hair extension-You Deserve

Keratin Pre-bonded hair extension-You Deserve

Do you want to have long hair?

Do you want to have thicker hair ?

Do you want to want to have different hairstyles everyday?

Do not worry, Pre-bonded hair extension must be a good choice for you.


Keratin Pre-bonded hair extension is also known as fusion hair extension.which are strands of hair, that has a bonding glue pre-applied at one tip. Extensions are used to increase the length and thickness of a person’s natural hair and can be cut and styled just like your real hair. They have a different shape of tips, such as I tip,U tip,Flat tip ,and V tip .Each type comes in a variety of colors and textures.


The I tip is also called stick tip .Each pack of I-Tip hair contains a few strands of hair. Each of these strands can be 1g ,0.8g ,or 0.5g .A full head of I-Tip needs about 100 – 180 strands of I-Tip hair or more for a full head installation.

U TIP hair extensions are applied with a small keratin tip that is shaped like a U, also called Nail Tip extensions. It is the preferred method by many professional stylist and salons. The keratin substance is already present in your own hair and will therefore not damage the hair. NOTE. You will not be able to use U-TIPs all by yourself. We recommend assistance from a hair stylist.


Flat Tip hair extension is also known as square Tips.The flat hair extensions method is a newer form of pre-bonded extensions. It is also called squared Tips’. It is a very flat and undetectable hair extensions application. You will have less shedding problems with this hair extensions method!



The V tip pre bonded hair extensions are tipped with high quality keratin adhesive which is gentle on your hair and is also a quick method to applying hair extensions. These hair extensions can be removed easily.

Pre-bond hair extensions are much kinder to your hair than many other types of hair extension .The keratin also make them easier to remove without causing damage to your natural hair .If you are looking for high quality ,low maintenance hair extension that will stand the test of time and leave your hair looking glossy and healthy even after they have been removed, look no further than pre bonded hair extension .

How To Hide Layers Using Layer Blending Weft Hair Extensions


However much we love our hair extensions, there’s just one pesky problem that leaves us in one stressful scenario, our layers.

clip in hair extension

Layers be gone’ we hear you cry! But fear not, as we have the solution that will put a stop to your tormenting hair nightmare and your layering catastrophe, with the helping hand from layer blending weft hair extensions.

These types of wefts can miraculously disguise layers by blending your natural hair length with your hair extensions, to create sleek, Rapunzel-like hair. Instead of mesh, the layer blending wefts are sealed together with glue for a seamless finish. They also have two clips on either side to attach to your hair.

Take a look at our terrific tricks on to how to hide layers using layer blending weft hair extensions below.

Trick One

The layer blending wefts are perfect for hiding your layers and for giving the illusion of long locks that are all the same length. To cheat your way to one gorgeous length, start by clipping in your set of full head extensions and leaving your layers out. Then section your layers and clip one layer blending weft hair extension to the hair parting that you have created. This will blend in your layers to your clip in extensions for an immaculate, sleek finish.


Trick Two

Alternatively, for a more natural look, you can clip the layer blending weft hair extensions on an angle to hide your layers.


Trick Three

Another trick for hiding your layers is to straighten your short layers with the longer pieces of your hair extensions. This will help to blend your natural and hair extension hair together.


We love how our layers magically disappear just by using layer blending weft hair extensions! What do you think of these innovative hair pieces?

2013-2014 Trendy Women’s Hair Style

        In 2013, long, short and medium all hair lengths are popular among women, their styles are very amazing and attractive. A successful haircut and a beautiful hairstyle – is the key to the success of every woman. But even if you have already found your hair-style, no harm will explore the latest trends for the current season. 

        Here are some fashionable and popular hairstyles of this year are given below. Must watch them, these may be helpful to carry new and trendy new look.

Short hair:

short hair
  Owners of short hair should make excursions into the past and recall of haircut in the distant 60s. Stylists agree that it is the retro trend for short haircuts this summer will be at the peak of popularity. Which do you choose: Bob bob, asymmetrical bob or Bob oblique fringe – it is a matter of taste and what is right for your style and shape of the face.
The average length of hair: 

average length of hair
  This is precisely the length preferred by most women, but not all are able to get right into a fashionable wave and hair done as part of their stylish image. This season stylists and barbers are advised to pay attention to the elongated square, which can be supplemented with different variations of bangs. Is good and that is what 2013 gives the “green light” as a mirror smooth styling, and indiscriminate volume and graded haircuts, so you can safely experiment with images.

Long hair:

  Owners of the long head of hair provided a maximum range of hair styling, hairstyles and haircuts. Pay close attention to the cascading hair cut, which is not only universal for any hair, but also very popular. Romantic curls, and a crazy amount of deliberately sloppy, smooth straight styling – all fashionable and relevant in this year.

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