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The Ultimate Guide to Hair Replacement System

When you dive into the incredible world of the hair replacement system you realize a men’s toupee that looks fake is worse than being bareheaded. The procedure of digging for the best hair system for men can be overwhelming, but it’s nothing to fret about since we’ve got you covered, no pun intended. Thanks to the internet, clients know exactly what a good hairpiece looks like and so expect nothing but the best. Help your clients go from no hair to a full head of hair with this complete hair replacement system guide.

toupee 21.3.9

Here is what you should look for in a great hair system for men:

  • Know your budget

You must budget the hair replacement system in accordance with your client’s preferences and demands.  Usually, the price can match the quality. It’s better to consult your client and wholesale hair system before setting out to buy the hairpiece.

  • Analyze the Lifestyle

Try finding a hair system supplier that reflects your customer’s lifestyle to provide them with a hair replacement system that’s versatile and apt. Review your available choices and talk to your client.

  • Find the perfect color match

Choosing the most suitable color for the hair replacement system can mean the difference between a flawless finish and something utterly unnatural. The hair system for men should blend in perfectly, hence, the sections of natural hair are sampled against the color ring provided by the supplier in broad daylight to eliminate chances of a mismatch. Colour correction and the addition of grey hair to a men’s toupee can uplift the hair replacement system and make it more realistic.

  • Choose the right base

Everyone wants a hairpiece that is as natural-looking and durable as possible. The more natural a hair replacement system is, the more harmoniously it blends in. A great hair system supplier should have a plethora of base materials and colors to match your client’s preferred hairstyle, desired density, and lifestyle. Since the most seamless hair system for men is the least durable you must talk through such details.


  • Contact the right wholesale hair system supplier

Whether you’re a hairstylist or salon owner you want to contact a reliable service provider. Look for hair system suppliers that are well renowned for exceptional services and transparency, ensuring quality-price balance. A great wholesale hair system will ensure strict quality control and flexible repair policies for compromised men’s toupee, to make every penny worth each time.

  • Find a hair system supplier that concludes the issues and not your business

Nothing feels great if it’s time-consuming and potentially tedious. Great hair system suppliers should have an efficient team of manufacturers so they are always quick to act while ensuring quality will never be compromised. You want wig suppliers that can fulfill bulk orders and provide rush services in case it’s urgent. Help clients to keep their insecurities at bay, to guarantee loyal and consistent customers.

Sistemas Capilares personalizados ofrecidos por Goodyard Hair

Goodyard Hair es un fabricante profesional de sistemas capilares con más de 30 años de experiencia en la industria. Nuestros sistemas de cabello están disponibles con varios diseños de base. Estas bases incluyen los cuatro estilos más populares: polipiel, encaje, mono y seda. Goodyard Hair ofrece casi 20 diseños de base diferentes, lo que le permite crear un sistema de cabello personalizado adaptado a sus clientes.

Modelo de base de encaje

El diseño de la base de encaje es una de las opciones más populares. Esta base nos permite crear una línea de cabello invisible mediante el uso de un solo nudo en la parte frontal del sistema capilar. Nuestro equipo de técnicos en Goodyard Hair son expertos en su campo, creando sistemas de cabello al por mayor de mejor calidad. Nuestra misión es crear sistemas capilares que ofrecen una sensación de llevar nada en el cabelludo para todos los usuarios.

En Goodyard Hair, nuestros estilos de base de encaje más vendidos incluyen los sistemas Bella, Octagon y de encaje completo. Estos estilos de base de encaje están disponibles en varias medidas, incluyendo 7”*9” y 8”*10”.

Nuestros estilos de base de encaje están en stock y disponibles para envío inmediato. Estos sistemas capilares ligeros y transpirables se combinan con el cabello natural para lograr una apariencia impecable, lo que los convierte en el estilo ideal para el verano.


Estilo de base de piel

Cuando los clientes buscan una prótesis capilar de aspecto natural y cómodo para hombres, eligen los sistemas de la piel para hombres. Este estilo nos permite personalizar el toupee usando diferentes espesores para una apariencia personalizada. En Goodyard Hair, el grosor funciona en rangos pequeños, como 0.02-0.03 mm, 0.04-0.06 mm, 0.08 mm-0.10 mm.

Uno de nuestros sistemas más populares es el sistema de reemplazo de cabello ultrafino. Tiene el cabello más delgado, con solo 0.02 mm-0.03 mm, y el cabello tiene un bucle en V para crear una base sin nudos.


Tiempo de producción

El equipo de Goodyard Hair está formado por más de 300 trabajadores talentosos en múltiples talleres. Nuestro equipo de técnicos expertos puede entregar pedidos a granel en poco tiempo y con una fecha de entrega asegurada.

Si tiene una fecha de entrega específica en mente, comuníquese con nosotros lo antes posible. Los pedidos de sistemas capilares de base de piel suelen tardar hasta 3 semanas en crearse, mientras que los sistemas de base de encaje tardan 5 semanas. Los de mono tienen un tiempo de respuesta de 8 semanas, mientras que los sistemas de base de seda tardarán 3 meses en producirse.

Estos tiempos de producción son orientativos. Le proporcionaremos una estimación precisa al realizar su pedido.

Servicios de personalización y peinado previo

En Goodyard Hair, siempre hacemos un esfuerzo adicional para ayudar a nuestros clientes a crear los sistemas capilares que necesitan. Nuestro equipo de técnicos trabajará con usted para crear sistemas de cabello únicos y personalizados que ayudarán a que su negocio se destaque. Podemos hacer nuestros prótesis capilares usando un color de cabello, densidad o diseño de base personalizados.

Si tiene un color específico en mente, envíe a nosotros una plantilla o muestra de color de cabello para una combinación exacta.

También ofrecemos pre-peinado, lo que nos permite crear peinados específicos a pedido de nuestros clientes. Las opciones de peinado previo incluyen rizos u ondas, según su estilo preferido.

Oportunidades de colaboración

En Goodyard Hair, tenemos varias oportunidades de colaboración disponibles. Nuestro paquete para Start-Up es ideal para salones y negocios en línea que buscan su primer lote de prótesis capilares. También ofrecemos precios especiales de VIP para clientes a largo plazo. Puede obtener más información sobre estas oportunidades de colaboración poniéndose en contacto directamente con nuestro equipo.

Si está buscando sistemas de cabello para hombres tanto en stock como personalizados para sus clientes, bienvenidos a visitar nuestro sitio web y envíenos su consulta a

How to Avoid Serious Hair System Shedding?

Have you ever received a complaint of serious hair system shedding? So what your customer should do and can’t do to avoid this issue. Read on to find out.

Shedding is normal as your hair system ages. A new hair system for men may shed in the first few days simply because there are loose hairs that weren’t combed out before it was shipped to you. No need to worry about that. If you see a lot of shedding every time you comb and wash your hair, then you need to check your daily care routine to see if you have done these things that may cause shedding.


Why does shedding occur?

Unsuitable Conditioner:

Avoid using hair care products with high alcohol content, otherwise, it will cause hair breakage and fall out. Look for products specifically designed for the men toupee, or products with low alcohol.

Hair System Base is not completely dry

Many people may miss one thing when it comes to their hair drying system. Most clients only care whether the hair of hair replacement system is already dry. In fact, it is very important to ensure that the hair system base is completely dry. If your hair system base has been wet for a long time, not only the knots will become loose, but also it will damage the base too making its longevity shorter, whether it’s lace, mono or silk bases.

Excessive Combing

Excessive combing will cause hair to fall out and can also lead to premature thinning of the hair replacement system. Please remember to tell your clients to use a wide-tooth comb to comb their non-surgical hair systems from the hair ends gently.

hair system

Soak the hair system base with liquid for a long time

The liquid can be water, conditioner. Soaking the hair replacement system for an hour or more is not recommended. It will loosen the knot, after which you will see the hair shedding.

Over-bleaching of the knots

For some lace units, you may notice that the hair at the roots looks lighter than the hair elsewhere, which means the knots are over-bleached. Over-bleached hair is very fragile and breaks easily.

So it’s very essential to find a professional manufacturer to support your quality technology.

Goodyard Hair supply men’s hair systems to many hair salons, hairstylists, and online distributors with over 30 years of experience. It’s our mission to help men who are experiencing hair loss to regain not only their hair but their confidence.

All technicians in Goodyard possess years of exquisite workmanship to guarantee our hair systems own the best quality hair, the most comfortable base cap and the extremely perfect natural looking. All hair systems are made of 100% remy human hair quality , soft and natural. Various base styles can be provided at affordable wholesale price, such as full lace , poly skin , mono base , silk top base, and their combination. Welcome to look through our production video to learn more about us .

If you have any other good ideas on how to avoid serious hair system shedding. Welcome to leave your comments there and visit our website to get more information.

How to Get the Suitable Hair Systems for Hair Loss?

Hair loss also known as alopecia or baldness, is a common problem all around the world. According to the research of Goodyard Hair, around 85% of men are suffering from hair loss when they reach to 50, some even begin at a young age of 20 or 30. Hair loss is something almost every guy has experienced at least once in their life, it is more common than you would think.

It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from partial hair loss or have had a severe hair fall and have lost all of your hair, you can still go through the best options to solve this issue without spending too much of your money. Most men prefer to choose hair toupee to hide their hair problems, this should be the best and fastest way, suit all people. You could feel big difference in men’s appearance between before and after, a toupee will get you at least 10 years younger.

In order to meet the demands of clients, our design department created various of men toupees with different cap size, colors and styles. Before choosing the suitable toupee, you’d better know your loss stage first, the following diagrams are a useful tool for telling what kind of hair loss you may have, different cap size will be customized as per your request.


For some people, it’s hard to choose the best base for themselves, hope the following comparison of different cap bases could help you get the right one.

The Lace System is the best of all possible worlds. It is light and totally breathable and is perfect for a humid climate and for those who have a very active lifestyle. Knots are well bleached and offering the most natural and undetectable appearance. The transitioning density hairline creates the illusion that it is just your own hair.


Our skin hair systems offer you the most undetectable look. The skin base will blend in with your own skin seamlessly. Our Ultra-thin skin base is only 0.03 mm and it will be easy to forget that you are even wearing one. Our thicker skin bases provide you with a longer lifespan and better durability at the same time.


Monofilament material is much stronger and more durable than lace and skin bases. Usually, a monofilament base is constructed with skin around the perimeter or on the back and sides. If you are looking for a balance of durability and natural appearance, this is the ONE.


A hair system is the simplest way to solve temporary hair loss. Goodyard Hair provides a high-quality hair system, which has the advantages of lightweight and air permeability, and can create a natural-looking, the best solution to help you solve the problem of hair loss.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.
We are always online for your inquiry!
WhatsApp: +8618661605303
Ins: goodyard_offical_river

Men Hair Systems: Get Insight of Goodyard Unique Factory

Men hair systems are the best non-surgical solution for male hair loss. Our mission is to help men who are losing their hair regain not only their hair but also their confidence.

According to the business expansion,we are keeping exploring more skilled handmade resources in various areas, and creating training workshops to expand our production capacity for men toupee and women toppers. Here we would like to share our unique factory in Guizhou and the created amazing work.

toupee 21.3.9

After a long period of research and investigation, GOODYARDHAIR found that the Miao people are super good at various handicrafts, including the famous Chinese embroidery crafts. We were so impressed by their craftsmanship and careful work style, so we have expanded two factories here.

Miao People:

Miao has a long history, it is a group of peoples living primarily in the mountains. Not only in China, they are also living all over the world, mainly in the United States, France and Australia and Southeast Asia.The long-term living in the mountains has made Miao people particularly simple and kind, special love to nature. The Miao embroidery representing the highest embroidered techniques of the Chinese minorities. It is not only a form of display the beauty, but also a carrier of the history and culture of Miao.

Because the Miao People are good at hand-made technical work and easier to learn. Therefore, after our professional training and strict assessment, evaluation, qualified workers have become familiar with our handcraft and let us know more about them.

 What they create?

One of the products they make are men’s hair system, which is based on both lace and poly skin hair systems, especially because of COVID-19, there are very few lace hair systems on the market right now. Let’s introduce three popular styles they make.

Swiss Lace

The base is made entirely of transparent Swiss lace and comes with hand-sewn lines to ensure better shape and durability. Laces are lightweight, breathable and suitable for customers who live an active lifestyle or live in warm climates. Each hair is hand-tied to the lace to create a natural movement of the hair. All the knots in the front hairline have been bleached perfectly, providing an invisible knot effect for the entire piece.

5-Swiss Lace

This base has french lace with pu sides and back.It’s also one of the most popular style, mainly available in #1B colors.Fine bleached knots on the front 1″ hairline make the hair system look natural and undetectable.


The thickness of the base only measures 0.02-0.03 mm. The hair is v-looped throughout and the knots are completely invisible.So your customers wouldn’t notice it while wearing it. Available in many colors for immediate delivery.



By the way,we also can make women hair toppers in different colors and sizes. We also accept custom orders to support your business.

Salon Cooperation

If you’re a salon or hairstylist that offers hair systems attachment services, feel free to enquire about a partnership with us to receive exclusive benefits. We can accept custom orders in various colors and basic sizes. You will also receive our affordable wholesale prices and free packaging design services.

If you’re considering starting hair replacement system services for your clients, we offer business start-up packages that can help you start your business within budget and quickly.

If you have the demand for men hair systems , welcome to send us your inquiry to or visit our website to get more about us.




Si bien que cada vez más personas entienden que la prótesis es increíblemente cómodos, todavía exite un problema que nos estorba antes del compro, es que necesitamos probar varias opciones diferentes antes de decidirnos por una. La industria de prótesis capilares es enorme, y hay muchas opciones diferentes y variables. Es absolutamente imposible probar todas las opciones, por lo que la mejor manera es aprender conocimientos de esto, y luego decidir cuál preferimos probar basándose en saber cuál será probablemente la opción más viable para ti mismo.图片3

La mayoría de la gente parece pensar que los aspectos visuales son los que importan, lo que es completamente incorrecto. Las características visuales son bastante fáciles de decidir, ya que cada persona tiene claramente requisitos especiales, Incluso para las personas que prueban nuevos peinados, todavía tendrían algunas imágenes de referencia. A diferencia de los aspectos visuales, los aspectos estructurales o técnicos no son algo que la mayoría de la gente conozca o con lo que tenga experiencia.

Son las características técnicas las que distinguen a las prótesis capilares y te permiten decidir cuál es la mejor, la más asequible y la más cómoda para ti.

Los aspectos más importantes a la hora de elegir un sistema se encuentran a continuación:

Tipo de base

Hay muchos modelos diferentes de bases disponibles para sistemas capilares. Se pueden dividir en tres tipos principalmente: base de Mono, base de encaje y base de piel. Los tres tienen sus propios beneficios y cualidades que los distinguen. Puedes elegir la prótesis capilar perfecto por ti mismo conociendo las caracter y cualidades de estos tipos de base y con lo que te sentirías más cómodo.


Método de fijación

El método de fijación que elija afectará enormemente su comodidad y longevidad. Dependiendo de cuáles sean sus requisitos, los métodos de fijación son permanentes, semipermanentes y temporales. Cuanto más firmemente esté colocada la prótesis capilar, más seguro y cómodo te sentirás. Pero la elección también depende de cuánto tiempo planeas usar tu sistema capilar.

Densidad de cabello

La densidad de la prótesis es un punto que los novatos a menudo pasan por alto, pero te darás cuenta de su importancia al usar el sistema capilar. Por un lado, la densidad está relacionada con la naturalidad. En diferentes partes del mundo la gente tienen diferentes características de densidad. Además, la densidad de cabello de cada individuo son diferentes antes de la alopecia o caída de cabello. Elegir una prótesis capilar con densidad adecuada te ayudará a parecer más natural.

Por otro lado, el clima en cada país es diferente, y el trabajo y las actividades de cada uno también son diferentes, por lo que algunas personas necesitan toupees con muy buena permeabilidad al aire, como las personas que hacen deporte con regularidad y las que viven en climas cálidos y húmedos.

Color de cabello

El último pero muy importante punto es el color del cabello. Elija el color que es el mismo que tu propio cabello, que es lo más te conviene, asegura de que nadie pueda ver que estás usando una prótesis capilar.



The Guide on Goodyard V-loop Skin Hair Systems

One question that often pops up during the inquiry is, “do you use v-loop all over the base?”. Most customers assume that a v-loop is the best technique for a skin hair toupee. In reality, it’s more complicated than that. We’re telling you everything you need to know about the v-loop technique and why it’s not the best method for skin hair systems.ultra thin hair systems

The V-loop technique is used exclusively on ultra-thin or super-thin skin bases. It works by looping the hair onto the skin base, like a ‘shape, giving the method its name. It is a ventilation method that produces no knots, giving the appearance of the hair growing from the scalp. The direction of the hair allows you to comb it in any way, including backwards. It creates a more realistic hairline due to the gradual density at the front.

At Goodyard Hair, we use the v-loop technique on the front hairline section.

V-Loop Hair System

The base design of the v-loop technique is an ultra-thin skin base, which is extremely lightweight and clear. The thickness can be as thin as 0.03mm, creating a base that you’ll barely feel.

The hair isn’t knotted into the base, as it usually is for most hair replacements, and instead is v-looped into the base. The hair is weaved through one hole and out the other, creating the ‘V’ shape from the side view. This technique means that you won’t see any knots on the base. The process we use ensures the hair is fixed to the base to avoid any shedding. As there is no knotting involved, it doesn’t instantly appear to be a hair system to those who aren’t familiar with v-loops.

Mirage Hair System

The main drawback is that the NG poly skin hair system has a lifespan of 2-3 months with proper maintenance. The thinness of the base means it’s particularly delicate. V-looped hair is more likely to shed than other ventilation methods as the hair is looped into the base with another layer of polyurethane securing the hair root. This manufacturing process means the hair is more likely to become loose and fall out.

By comparison, our Mirage hair system uses v-looping for the front 1/8 of the base, while the hair is knotted along the rest of the base. We use the v-loop on the front hairline to create the most natural look. The knotted hair in the back is stronger and won’t shed as quickly.

V-looped hair is suitable for the front hairline instead of being used over the whole base. If you want the most seamless look, you could decide to go with an all v-looped base, knowing that you’ll get a limited lifespan.

At Goodyard Hair, we offer both the V-Loop and knotted hair systems. We have other styles in stock, including full lace and a combination of lace and pu, and mono hair systems. As a wholesaler, we also accept custom orders if you have a specific design in mind for your salon or store. You’re welcome to send us an inquiry if you’re interested in purchasing any of these hair systems. You can send any questions to


Are you looking for stock hair systems? Especially for lace hair systems because many hair system suppliers already sold out this style. Due to COVID-19, the production for making new lace hair systems is much longer than before, many hair system factories in china also update new stock of lace toupee more slowly than before. Glad to tell you Goodyard hair system supplier is working hard to solve this problem and the hot-sale men hair systems style will be ready soon. Let’s read more there.

Why choose Goodyard hair systems?

Good quality is always the key to our hair system business, so it is also the first important thing we need to consider. All men hair systems are made with exquisite handcarts and strict quality control. You can see the difference between ours and unsatisfactory quality on the market.3.10

Features of Goodyard Quality
Tiny undetectable hair knots
Each knot with 1-2 strands of hair
Invisible hairline
Natural density distribution
Soft & Comfortable application experience

Features of Unsatisfactory Quality
Super big hair knots
Each knot with 3-4 strands of hair
Visible & Rigid hairline
Coarse & Rough application experience

What styles will be ready?

Due to the high demand for lace hair systems for men in the market, many of our customers are also looking for stock lace hair systems, so we mainly prepare some new stocks of lace models.As we all know,the lace men toupee is both invisible and breathable, it’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear, so even if the price is slightly higher than poly skin or monofilament base, they are also very popular.

Here we would like to recommend three coming styles:
Swiss Lace :

This style has a base made entirely of transparent Swiss lace, with hand-sewn lines to ensure better shape and durability.Swiss lace is the thinnest and lightest lace available on the market. Each hair is hand-tied onto the lace base, creating natural hair movement. All the knots in the front hairline are perfectly bleached and the hair looks just like it is growing out from your scalp. The ready swiss lace hair systems will be 7*9”,#1B and made of indian remy human hair quality.




The lace hair system is a base combined with lace and poly. The center of the base is made of lace, 1” of Pu around the perimeter of the base. There is also half an inch of lace in the front of the base providing your clients with a natural hairline. The thin PU around the perimeter also makes it easy to attach and remove the tape or glue.




The base size of omilliance skin hair system is 8”x10” and it has PU skin in the back and 1″ of French lace in the front. The French lace in the front has bleached knots, giving you a natural-looking hairline and the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp. The Skin PU in the back makes the hairpiece durable and easy to apply and remove.




There are also various other lace or Pu base styles in stock now. Welcome to contact us get the stock list and wholesale price and visit our website to get more information.

Hair Systems Supplier: What You Can Expect from Goodyard Hair in 2021

We just come back to work after our traditional Chinese Spring Festival Holiday, and we believe 2021 will definitely be an improvement on last year. The ongoing pandemic has affected all industries and so has the hair industry. We sincerely thank our customers for their patience and understanding. What you expect from Goodyard Hair in 2021? Let’s read more on this post.

Inventory levels

Our current goal is to have our stock hair systems back to the level before COVID-19 and we’re doing our best to do that. Due to COVID-19, the entire supply chain is still facing great challenges, such as the shortage of hand-tied workers. In order to increase productivity and keep more inventory to meet customer demand, we have expanded another handmade workshop in Guizhou, specializing in the production of men hair system, such as the lace or Pu men toupees and men frontal hair pieces for receding hairline.

The local people are very friendly and good at embroidery, which requires patience and care. As a result, they are better at hand-made technical work and easier to learn. After rigorous training and assessment, please take a look at these beautiful ladies, they are now proficient in the process of hand-tied work. And we are also recruiting more workers, which is expected to reach more than 300. You will be pleased to know that we are gradually building our stock levels and look forward to seeing some of our lace or poly skin hair systems back in stock . Once again, we ask you to wait patiently. At the same time, our customer service will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable temporary hair system until your favorite is back in stock.


New Design

Now, we are launching our newly designed hair system, called self-adhesive skin hair system. It’s a very specially made poly hair system replacement. The advanced technique it uses and how easy it makes your wearing experience make it really stand out from others.

The base of this systems is about 0.06mm thick. After applying heat on it using an electric iron or a blow drier, the base will become super-sticky, and you have no need to use any tape or liquid adhesive to attach it. You can simply put the hair system on your scalp,and it will be fully secure on your head.It also offers you a really natural looking hairline and scalp all over the base. With proper care, it can last four to six months.

As a professional hair system manufacturer, we are committed to providing best hair systems to hair salons, hair stylists and online distributors.We provide both stock and customized hair systems in various base and colors.Welcome to visit our website to learn more about us. Any questions,please leave your comments there.

Find the Best Hair Loss Solution for Your Clients

Hair systems are increasingly becoming a viable option as the solution to people’s hair loss problems. At the same time, the wearers of the hair system have a strong need for a skilled and experienced barber or hairstylist to do the haircuts or hairstyling for the hair systems. So, have you also thought about providing hair system services to your customers?

Therefore, finding a reliable partner to support your business is really important. Welcome to choose Goodyard Toupee Manufacturer. We are also looking for salon owners, hairstylists, and wholesalers to do business with us.

Let us see what we offer for your hair system business.

Strong Customer Insight

Goodyard Hair has been a leading supplier of hair systems with years of experience since 1984. We work with many hair salons to provide non-surgical hair replacement systems for their customers, such as from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and some South American countries. Therefore, we will learn about the needs of customers from salon owners or hairdressers. For example, which base styles are the best selling product in your market? Lace, poly skin, monofilament, or a combination of them? Which color is more popular? Which of our stock hair systems can meet the needs of your customers? By working with hair salons or barbershops, we will know which base designs we can recommend to our customers, and which styles of stockings we are suitable for can be delivered immediately. When there is a new demand or color, we will quickly understand the market demand and develop new products in time.

Flexible supply chain

In addition to the stock men’s toupee we supply, we also customize men hair systems according to customers’ special requirements, including basic size, hair density, hair length, hair color, gray hair, etc., to ensure that your customers can get truly perfect and personalized hair replacement system. We have also expanded our another workshop in China, Guizhou will expand productivity and provide our customers with hair replacement systems as soon as possible.


Great Teamwork

When we received the inquiry system from customers, each department of our company will work together to provide you with the best service. From the beginning, our sales team will answer your requests and questions within 24 hours. Whenever you place an order, whether it is a stock or customized hairpiece, we will notify the production manager, and then he will arrange a new order production or let our workers carefully check the ready toupee before shipment to ensure the best the quality of. After that, we use fast international express, such as FedEx, DHL or UPS, to let you receive the goods in 5-7 days.

So, are you ready to choose the non-surgical men hair systems for your clients? Welcome to visit our website and send your inquiry to

Hair System Supplier: What Support Can We Provide for Your Business?

Hair systems are becoming more and more popular in hair salons and barbershops. They are also called toupee, men wigs or hair units. They are non-surgical hair loss treatments for men’s hair loss without pain, plus providing a very natural appearance. If you are looking for a supplier of wholesale men hair systems, please keep reading to see what support we can provide for your business with hair replacement systems.

Products: Our stock has more than 30 styles for you to choose from. We have the resources to choose the high quality and safe materials to produce the hair systems on the market. All hair is made with our exquisite hand-made to ensure natural and comfortable hair replacement systems. We provide popular four-base hair systems, such as lace hair system, skin hair system, monofilament hair system, and silk top hair system, and their combinations. Welcome to look through the popular toupee styles on our website Some styles are also available in stock with different colors and can be shipped immediately. Usually, you will receive the toupees in about 7 days. Due to COVID-19, inventory is very limited and will be sold out soon. Therefore, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry to get the style you need.


Inventory: Goodyard Hair has multi workshops to prepare more inventory for our customers instead of waiting long time to customize. Due to the COVID on 2020, the shortage of domestic professional hand-tied workers has made the production time for custom order much longer than before. Therefore, in order to improve production efficiency, we have expanded another workshop. The workers have undergone strict training, and now they can produce qualified hair systems for our clients.
Customization OptionIf you dont choose the suitable men toupees for your clients. Then you can place the customized order with us. All the base and color can be customized according to your customers’ need.  We can design anything our customers need.  This flexibility and service are one of the reasons why our products are exported to both European and American markets.

Wholesale Price: As a professional hair system manufacturer with many years of experience, we have our own factory, which can control low costs, such as reducing unnecessary costs and intermediary fees. As a result, we can offer more competitive wholesale prices for hair salons, online distributors, and babershop.

Professional Services. We have a well-trained sales team to provide the service from pre-sale to after-sales within 24hours. We’ll also often recommend our stock items to our clients and new products to help them expand their hair system business.

It’s our mission to help your clients who are experiencing hair loss to regain not only with their hair,but with their confidence. Looking for a reliable partner to support your hair systems business? Welcome to leave your comments or send us your inquiry to .

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