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Second Day Hairstyles

We all know that washing your hair every day isn’t the best remedy for your hair but sometimes, it’s our only option right!? Not quite, gals… There are hairstyles literally made for second day hair. You know, when your hair isn’t as fresh and flowing as the day before. Read on for some second day hairstyle inspo and let your hair recuperate for a day longer…

Okay, so the day after washing your hair it tends to look a little shall we say, frizzy? Gah. Don’t worry though, wavy ponytails are perfect for this kind of hair day. Generally, the messier the ponytail looks – the better. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to achieve too. Simply scoop your hair up into a ponytail and using a large barreled curling tong on the end of your ponytail. Once cooled down, ruffle up your ponytail for a super effortless finish.


Now if your hair is beyond the brink of return, like it seriously needs washing. One more day won’t hurt so throw your hair up into a topknot and you’re good to go. This hairstyle is perfect for giving your hair a day off as no styling tools are needed to create this hairstyle. Perfect if you are in a rush heading out, too! Need we say more!?


Finally, a favourite of pretty much everyone’s right now – dutch braids. These braids are everywhere right now and are so versatile, we can see why. Dutch braids can be dressed up or dressed down which we love plus they look super chic and on trend. Just like topknots, braids are perfect for giving your hair a day off and concealing that second day hair you’re trying to hide. Braids are much easier to create on dirtier hair so this hairstyle is totally made to be a second day hairstyle.


Fashionable Hairstyles for Christmas

Hey Fashionistas! Do you begin to prepare for the Christmas Eve? Do you decide what dress you will wear? What make up you will put and what hairstyle you will make? If you haven’t decided yet, you are in the right place. Today I will show you some fashionable hairstyles which will help you prepare for Christmas!

Nowadays hair extensions are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Using hair extensions to enhance the length, color and volume, which can really change your looking in a just few minutes and create a perfect style while attending all your personal events during the Christmas period.


Braided hairstyles make space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique. Besides, you can try with highlights, natural or curly texture, clips, patterns, shapes, etc.


Clip in hair extensions for Christmas parties are extremely popular and instantly add the glamour look, making you feel extra special in the spirit when you go out.


Ombre hair extensions are one of the most popular styles this year. If you want to change your style into Two-tone or Three-tone colors like the above pictures, using a hair weft is a good idea.


Volume hairstyles will let you become the most glamorous one on Christmas Eve, wave or curl can help you make that more visual.


A ponytail can also be a fashion statement; sometimes meaning sporty, other times a low pony tail sends signals of a chic personality.


Over the years we’ve watched in awe as Vanessa Hudgens’ hair has changed so much。From super short to super long (not to mention everything in between), Vanessa Hudgens’ hair has been spotted rocking pretty much every single ‘do in the book.
Let’s take a look at some of Vanessa Hudgens’ hair’s most memorable moments, shall we?

Back in 2011, Vanessa Hudgens’ hair went – apparently – short, when she graced the red carpet at the premiere of her movie Sucker Punch with a beautifully chic faux bob. We absolutely loved this shoulder-grazing look on Vanessa, so we were especially pleased when she went on to chop off her locks for real! Styled into a Frankie Sandford-esque pixie cut, Vanessa Hudgens’ hair was the epitome of laid-back, girly chic – but as it was for a film role, it didn’t stick around for long. In fact, as her tresses grew back, the crop was swiftly replaced with a luxuriant lob. It was shiny, it was healthy-looking, and it complemented her face shape perfectly (and we weren’t jealous at all).

When Vanessa Hudgens’ hair had grown back to its former jaw-dropping lengths (with the help of a good few extensions, we suspect), little did we know it at the time, but in 2013 we were in for a bevy of texture-based treats from the brunette starlet. From relaxed, boho waves to a mane of beautifully thick, side-swept ringlets, Vanessa Hudgens’ hair was always perfectly primped and preened. She even decided to ditch her trademark curls in favour of super sleek, straight hair for the amFAR Inspiration Gala – and of course, she pulled the look off with finesse. We weren’t at all surprised – simple and stylish is what Vanessa Hudgens’ hair does best!

Next up came Vanessa Hudgens’ hair’s foray into the world of ombré. Starting off with a crown-like dip-dyed braid that split public opinion (for the record, we loved it), Vanessa then moved on to a colourful-as-can-be ombré homage to autumn leaves (as you do). It was weird, but the combination of auburn, brown and burnished yellow tones certainly worked! We wonder if Vanessa’s previous dabblings with the dye bottle inspired her latest ‘mermaid hair’ creation? Whatever provoked Vanessa Hudgens’ hair’s latest blonde incarnation, it’s most definitely got our Dirty Looks seal of approval; long, flaxen and tousled is totally our thing!

New Fashion –Ombre Hair Extension

The Ombre hair extensions have become the new fashion trend in recent years. It is also set on track to maintain its popularity throughout the coming months. Ombre hair has been in style for a couple of seasons and its no wonder! Ombre hair looks great on everyone, from pale beauties to dark skin tones. It helps to add volume and texture to your hair while also highlighting your face and brightening your complexion.

From music videos to Magazines, maybe you have seen the hair of models in bright ombre signal colours! Still unsure what ombre hair is? Let me explain.

Ombre hair is a hairstyle where the hair appears to have gradually changed colour. Mostly, the color changes are from dark to light. We think ombre hair is the perfect solution if you are wanting to spice up your look without a complete color change. The play of the two shades make bobs look up-to-date, and even sexy beach curls appear sophisticated and polished

Our Ombre hair extensions are now available in various kinds, including wefts, clip-ins, pre-bonded tips and micro ring extensions. We also supply these at factory price from our webiste.

Here are some of our Ombre hair extensions from Goodyardhair. ( )

These Ombre Hair Extensions will give you gorgeous colored looking hair in minutes, So believe us when we say that ombre hair extensions will be a good choice for you to make you both fashionable and beautiful everyday.

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