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Are Wigs Easy to Wear ?

In addition to women with hair loss who like to wear wigs, many girls are also keen to change their hair styles with wigs, because this does not need to spoil their hair.However, if the wig is not worn well, it is not only easy to fall off, but also affects the aesthetic effect! So ,are wigs easy to wear ? How to wear a wig correctly and beautifully, let’s take a look at it together.

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1.Take the wig cap, stretch it by hand, pull it from top to bottom to the neck, then pull it up to the position of hairline, and tie the tail of the wit cap.

2.Tie up your own hair and fix it with a hairpin. If it’s a piece of hair, you should tidy up your hair. For example, if the wig is slightly curly, then the overall shape of your hair should also be consistent, so as to ensure the authenticity.

3.Before wearing a wig, you should first straighten out the wig to avoid messy and knotted hair during the wearing process, which is more convenient for us to style behind.

4.Align the front end of the wig to the position and bring it up from the front to the back,

5、Adjust the size of the head circumference, and make slight adjustments by hand to ensure that the details and position of the wig are correct,

6.Fix the wig and comb your hair with a comb. If the hairstyle matches your image, it will be finished.

Wearing wig is not difficult after you get the correct method.If you want to make a human hair wigs from Goodyard Hair , welcome to send us your inquiry to

Maintain Tips for Human Hair Wigs

Women like to wear the wigs because they can let you change your hairstyle whenever you want and protect your natural hair at the same time.A human hair wig with good quality and fine workmanship is expensive. So it’s important to know how to maintain and care the wigs. Here we would like to introduce three ways to do it easily.


Wear and Use it Correctly

Wig wearing is a skill that makes perfect. Don’t pull the wig with brute force during wearing, just find the right position.When wearing wigs, we should also take care of our wigs. One is not to expose to the sun or be exposed to acid rain; the other is to use a comb with sparse crevices to comb the wigs. Pay attention to the less spray gel water, hair wax and other styling agents on the wig.

Wash Tips

The maintenance and washing methods of human hair wigs are very simple, just like washing our own hair. The first step of washing is to soak the hair with warm water. This process only takes a few minutes. In the washing process, you can add a soft shampoo for washing, and then gently grab the hair with your hands. Okay, don’t twist it by hand, too much force will cause the wig to fall out. After cleaning, you can use some hair care products to maintain your wig. After all, no matter how real the wig is, it will not be able to absorb nutrients from the body like real hair, so you have to go to the store for special maintenance every once in a while.


Correct Storage Method

After thoroughly washing the wig, dry it in a cool place and store it in a dry and ventilated place. This can extend the life of the wig. Do not stack the wig, which will cause creases in the hair.

Goodyard Hair can provide unique design and custom service to each clients. We’ll also share more maintain tips for our clients. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.

Which Wigs are the Best For Me?

There are various wigs on the market, and different people like different wigs. Some people like breathable wigs, some like realistic wigs, and some like comfortable wigs. One of the important factors is the wig cap. Therefore, we will introduce different wig caps at Goodyard Hair according to people’s preferences.

Breathable Wig Cap
The most breathable wig cap is lace cap .“Lace” refers to a fine, sheer mesh that the hair can be tied individually.This lace material has many small holes to make the wigs breathable. There are full lace wigs and lace front wigs. A full lace wig is made of a lace cap that covers the entire head and 100% human hair is knotted into this by the worker. The front lace wig is front lace and weft back ,not all hand-tied, so the price is cheaper than full lace wigs.

Realistic Wigs Cap
Silk top cap is the most realistic technology on the market today. Because the hair roots on the wig are hidden under the silk base, so you cant see any knots, it seems like the hair growing out from your own scalp and creating the best natural apperance.

Comfortable Wigs Cap
This mono top wig is made of a material called monofilament,which makes the wig be soft and comfortable, and very friendly to the sensitive scalp.
They are known as the best wigs for cancer patients because they provide the perfect combination of safety, fashion and comfort.28-3

Do you think which types of wigs are best for you? Welcome to share your ideas or questions below.

Who Make Wigs Near Me ?

If someone has thinning hair ,hair loss or just wants to try a brand new hairstyle,a wig will be a good choice. Human hair wigs are more popular among customers because they can provide best natural looking. Customers can buy the wigs from online stores or local hair salons. However, they may not be able to get their favorite hair color or hairstyles. Therefore, you can find out a hair factory who can make wigs for you per as your request.


As one of the wig manufacturers, Goodyard Hair provides a large number of 100% human hair wigs to North America, Europe and Australia. We not only provide stock wigs, but also provide customized services for each customer. Our wig collection can meet the needs of today’s women. They are made from the best Remy and Virgin hair, and blend well with their natural hair.


Most of the human hair wigs we design for women are 100% hand-tied caps to create the illusion of real hair growth. That wig caps also have different styles, such as full lace wigs, lace front wigs, silk top wigs, mono top wigs and so on. Click here to see more cap constructions.

Goodyard Hair is providing wigs to hair salons, wholesalers and a few individual users. If you want to order a human hair wig, please send your inquiry to

Do You Want a Topper with Both Natural and Comfortable?

Hair topper piece are designed to add gorgeous volume and coverage at the crown, which is a good choice for women with hair loss problem. Which kind of topper is both natural and comfortable ?especially for the ladies with sensitive scalp . Here we would like to recommend the monofilament hair toppers to meet customers’ both requirement.

The Mono Base is made with a ultra-fine mesh material ,in which each hair is hand-tied, creating the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted and allows you to part the hair in any direction.The monofilament hair toppers are also soft and very comfortable to wear and dont irritate your head. For ladies with sensitive scalp ,it will be the best choice.

All mono hair toppers at Goodyard Hair are 100% virgin remy human hair that offers the most natural look and fee. The hair is less likely to tangle and can be styled with heat tools like your own hair.


Different base design are available for different customers’ request, such as full mono top , mono top with lace front or mono top with weft back etc.A variety color are available for you to choose including beautiful balayge colors.


If you have any questions or experience with monofilament hair toppers, welcome to leave your comments below or look through more hair toppers

on our website .


Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standard and pursuit of beauty, the demand of hair products is increasing day and day. Everybody wants to get the best quality hair with the perfect hair styles to make up themselves more sunny more attractive

GOODYARD HAIR has got the demand along with the business orders from our customers from the ending market.

So what are the best suitable hair products for you to select from GOODYARD?


1、HAIR EXTENSIONS – This is the most common hair products in salons with huge demand. GOODYARD are supplying luxury human hair extensions to more than 50 countries and areas in America, Europe and Oceania. The mature technical can make sure the consistence of the hair quality.



Differ from basic extension business, we are recommending the NEW BUSINESS for hair salon and stylists!  This is a new product but more and more popular in Hair Store and Salons. Some stylists prefer to use Hair extensions and Toppers together to create hair styles, make the hair more volume, easier application and natural looking.



Ready to Wear Wigs – If you are managing a Wig Boutique,GOODYARD would like be your partner, as we are stocking various Trendy wigs

Semi Finished Wigs – Recommend to Salon and Stylists. Allow you to make hair styles as per client’s request.

Customized Wigs – Demand is also welcomed. Our R&D department will make the styles as per your exact request.


Join GOODYARD to get the best service and products NOW!


This Spring in 2016, GoodYardHair released a new collection of high-end synthetic wigs.All the wigs are designed by Abeir Awad, who is a world famous top designer in hair industry. There are totally 7 styles in this collection, all adopt high quality KaneKalon fiber, natural color and feeling, 100% exactly similar to the human hair but easy maintained, in a wide range of color choices. Please kindly view more details below.


Haute short style, yet ready to wear. Features a soft fringe blended in heavily texutred layers and disconnected ends throughtout to achieve a feathery, delightful silhouette and endless versatility.



Super sleek eye catching angled bob. Features a side swept fringe and jagged cut front to achieve a low-fuss style. With the chin-length cut, you can show off your shoulders and decolletage perfectly for elegant evenings. The “bob” cut is one of the most popular shor haircuts that is always on trend.



A sexy, captivating style with long,face framing subtle layers. Slight texture is created by soft layers around the back and side which compliment the length and create a perfectly shaped style.



Casually tousled style with customized razored layers for natural fullness in the crown. Long layers along the fringe enhance the sultry effect. Flipped finished tiers and arched ends compliment the versatility of the celebrity style.



Unique,yet retro,chin length bob featuring a side swept fringe horizon, angled sides graduated into a tapered nape and stacked layers through the crown to maximize texture and tousled movement.



short and “edgy” style, with point-cut layered and feathered fringe that can be tamed or tousled. Nape-hugging tapered edges combien to add Allure to this timeless silhouette.



A trendy look features a wispy cut with progressive mixed layers with heavily texturized beveled ends. A side swept fringe is razor-sliced to achieve defined layers. Tapered back with flipped flared ends. A quick shake and go style.


For more styles and information, pls kindly visit


How to Cut a Lace Wig

Creating a lace front wig is a long, meticulous process that can take several hours to several days. Once the wig is complete, the excess lace that hangs over the forehead must be trimmed back into the wig for the most natural look. This is a delicate process that takes a steady hand, a good pair of scissors and a lot of patience. Since a lace front wig does not reach all the way around to the nape of the neck, this process will be shorter and a little easier than a full wig.
1. Find the center of the front of the lace wig and slide the thin hair clip vertically to mark the position. There should be two even lace pieces on each side of the clip.
2. Clip the hair on either side of the center-marking clip back using the two large hair clips. This will keep any stray hairs from being cut.
3. Cut away about a quarter-inch of the lace all around the front and sides of the wig. Do this using long, fluid scissor strokes to avoid jagged edges. It is best to cut away small portions of lace instead of all of it at once, since cutting away too much lace will ruin the wig.
4. Remove the center-marking clip. Keep the hair clipped back, adjusting the clips as necessary.
5. Cut the lace back towards the beginning of the hairline in the front. The lace that is on the forehead will be the most visible, so it should be cut back all the way to the hairline. Pull the lace tight with your fingers while cutting to ensure even, smooth strokes.
6. Trim the sides of the lace front wig so that only about an eighth-inch of lace protrudes out from under the hairline. It is not necessary to cut the lace all the way back on the sides, since this part is not as visible as the forehead area.

Ombre & Rainbow Color Hair Trend In This Spring and Summer

The Ombre & Rainbow color hair trend has been spotted on dozens of ladies, even those celebrities. Darker roots and lighter ends are the most amazing features.Colorful hair just as the amazing rainbow is loved by most of young ladies. More and more girls fall in love with this hair color trend and now it’s gone global. Now I’d like to share ombre & rainbow hair color for you here. Are you considering sharing your ombre or rainbow hair color in this spring and summer?

Ombre color hair

ombrehair2 ombrehair3 ombrehair4 ombrehair5 rainbowhair3 rainbowhair4Colorful Rainbow hair

ombrehair1rainbowhair6 rainbowhair5 rainbowhair1 rainbowhair2

Getting Started With Beauty

Hillary Clinton announced her second run for the presidency in April. She is getting ready to do something now. Then how about you? It’s spring, a new start of everything. Are you ready to do something too? Then why don’t you start your beauty with your hairstyle, beauties? Now, let’s begin with color!

Do you know that the #GrannyHair# is becoming a hot tag on INS now? Have you tried this unique color before? I think most of you are tired of the common color, then why don’t you try the granny hair right now? Actually, this granny hair is an ombre gray to white color hair. This color makes you sexy. Compared with the yellow color which makes your hair look sere, or the reddish brown which makes your face look yellow, ombre gray to white is the best color to make you look perfect.

There are also other color which are also very hot. For example, ombre blond to pink, two tone color; Ombre blond to purple to black, the three tone color; Blond color, etc. If you don’t know which color to choose, then the brown color is a good choice. Brown color can bring you a low-key luxury. Brown hair appears more dense, shiny and healthy. And there’re many choices for brown: light brown, dark brown, golden brown, coffee, maroon, chocolate, and etc. It’s better to decide the exact color with your hairstylist. So it’s a big chance for salons and wholesalers, why don’t you got a big inventory of wigs and hair extensions with those colours? I believe they will be the hot sell in this Spring!

Changing the texture or the style of your hair is also a good idea. Wavy, curly, loose curl, straight, natural straight; short bob, long, medium. You can change your hairstyle with any combination you like, especially with a wig or hair extensions.

We’re getting ready to do something too. We’re looking for trendy styles of each fashionable season, cutting techniques and color trends. Realize them with our skilled worker. Stand in the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry. We’ll expand our business to more area of the world. We’ll use our fashionable and top quality products to give you the best experience!

You can do more than just get by, you can get ahead. And stay ahead! So, are you getting ready now? Just do it!

How to Make A Wig With Hair Wefts & Lace Closures

Most people like wigs, not just for covering up flaws, but most for fashion and beauty. And some people especially love to DIY their own wigs with lace closures and hair wefts. It is much cheaper than a human hair wig and also gives people more sense of achievement. For the full head hand made wig, need 3 hair wefts and 1 piece of lace closure. Now I’ll show you how to make the wigs by yourselves.

First you’ll need a foamed plastics model head. Put the cap on the head. Make the lace closure fixed to the cap.

Now, started by sewing the closure down to the cap.

Sew the weft under the edge of the cap so it can be worn in a high ponytail.

Sew using the loop & pull method for secure wefts. Never sew threw wefts!

Secure your wefts before flipping.

Apply tracks in a upside down U shape, it creates smoothness.

Make tight neat loop & pull stiches

Your tracks should be in the upside down U shape not straight across

Sew the last track all the way around & attach it to the closure.

Be sure to make stitches tight and small

Cut the U shape piece of cap from under the closure.

Ending results! You can add some large curls or cut some layers.

After reading it, then would you like to try to make your own hand made wigs? Do it right now!

In fact, most people would like to get it at salons or buy the wefts with lace closures at shops and then get them made into wigs at salons. So I believe it’ll be a hot seller at salons and hair stores. Why don’t you get some inventory of them? Don’t hesitate to make an order of the wefts with closures at! Even samples are available. Always there waiting for you 😀

The History of Wigs In Medieval Europe

Wigs in Europe are came from ancient Egypt. The vanguard of men who wore Romanesque wigs in the 17th century is theFrench King Louis XIII. He wore wigs to hide the scar on his head. And then his courtiers began to wear wigs to curry favor with him. His son who inherits his throne also wears wigs because of his scant hair. Then his subjects emulate him one after another. There are more than 45 kinds of wigs in that time, even the people with thick hair prefer to follow this fashion. Wigs then become the symbol of the great era of the monarchy.

People in ancient Greek and Roman always think the bald man was punished by God. The Romans even prepare to let the parliament pass the “Baldy Act” to forbid bald men to run for senator, bald slaves can only sell for half price. In order to protect themselves from discrimination, bald men wear wigs to hide this flaw. Wigs got further popularization, in the Roman empire period, many Europeans, even the emperor wear wigs. The hair of the enemy soldiers and civilians always was given to the palace as trophies.

Some nobles will also cut the hair of slaves to make wigs. Married women must cover their hair as the custom in that time, some poor of them will also sell their hair for money. Some poor peasants also braid their hair and cut them to sell to the wigs market when it grows long enough.

The History of “Wigs” Around The World


Wigs, ancient Chinese interpretation is 鬄、髢(dì)、髲鬄(bì), refers to the artificial hair that is not growing naturally from one’s head. They are wore for different usages. “DI” is the generic terms of wigs, and “BI” is the specific name for wigs made by human hair.


In Asia, wigs has appeared in China for a long time. They are repeatedly mentioned in “The Book of Songs”.

44 In the Spring and Autumn period(770 BC – 476 BC), wigs became prevalent in China.

d Traditional hairstyles of Japan are also always combed with the hair products.


In Korean Peninsula, wearing buns became popular in Koryo Dynasty (918 AD- 1392AD).

fMoreover, in Africa, ancient Egyptians began to wear wigs since more than 4 thousand years ago. It is one of the earliest nations who began to use wigs, and then spread it to Europe.


One of The Most Popular Wigs – Lace Front Wig

Recent years, Lace Front cap style is more popular with many people because they create the look of natural hair growth along the front hairline. This adds to the realistic appearance and allows for styling away from the face. The lace front is constructed with a fine, sheer material to which hair is individually hand-tied.


Why We Love Lace Front Wigs

*1  Natural Looking Hairline

The nearly invisible sheer lace front blends seamlessly against your skin, no one will know this secret. Lace fronts are among the higher quality and it shows a natural hair growth along the hairline.

*2  Incredible Styling Versatility

Unlike other wigs, a lace front allows you to style your hair away from your face, revealing a completely realistic hairline. Many brides prefer to wear their hair off the face in an updo on their big day. So lace fronts are the top choice when it comes to wigs on any special occasion.

*3 More Accessible Than Ever

In the past, lace front were expensive only used on professional film. But today, there are much more affordable and common. We can see more and more lace fronts appear on the market, it is not just because of the price becoming more populist, but also it can bring us a better image.


3 Tips For The Perfect Lace Front

*1 Hide Your Own Hair

If you have your own hair, we recommend pulling it back and securing it under a nylon wig cap. You don’t want any of your hair to be exposed underneath the lace front. If you don’t have your own hair, simply place the lace front where your natural hairline would be.

*2 Match Your Skin Tone

If the lace material is lighter than your skin tone, you can use a damp bag to dye the material to match. The more you dab onto the material, the darker the color. Or you can simply use makeup to blend it in.

*3 Handle With Care

Keep in mind that lace is a very delicate material and should be handled with care, especially when you take your wig on and off or wash it. If you need to trim the lace, we recommend taking your wig to a professional and only using pinking shears.


What Is The Jewish Wig?

Jewish wig is a strong part of our factory. The high quality hair and comfortable cap workmanship make us very popular among wig supplier. Here is a brief introduction of skin top workmanship of Jewish wig for your reference:


The skin top of Jewish wig has three layers. The hair is knotted/tied on the middle layer. The hair of Jewish wig is pulled out from the outer layer, which is made from Chinese silk. It seems the hair is growing on the scalp. We can’t see the knots from the outer layer because it has covered the konts that is tied on the middle layer. The inner layer is a kind of net witch makes it comfortable for customers to wear. This working procedure is the most technical one among the produce of all kinds of wigs, and has the most natural looking.


There are two kinds of cap constructions of Jewish wig, one is half hand tied skin top and half machine wefts, the other is full hand tied with skin top.


Single Knots of Jewish wig are hard to detect, but easy to shed. By contrast, Double Knots are hard to shed, but easy to detect. To compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of knots, we always recommend single knots first, whose hair just looks like grow from the scalp.

Baby hair is the fine hair that grows naturally along the hairline. The fine baby hair along the hairline gives an even more natural look to make sure you will receive the best quality products that you are looking for.

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