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Do Hair Systems Damage Your Hair?

Hair systems have been a go-to choose for individuals aiming to elevate their appearance and regain confidence in their hair. Whether it’s wigs, hairpieces, or wholesale hair toppers, these options provide a flexible approach to attaining preferred looks and masking hair loss. However, despite their appeal for instant makeovers, worries endure about their possible negative impact on natural hair.

In this blog, we explore the intriguing question: Do hair systems harm your hair? By delving into the nuances of hair systems and their impact on natural hair, we aim to illuminate this frequently debated subject. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of hair systems and uncover the truth regarding their effects on hair health.

hair system

What’s Hair Systems

Hair systems, also called toupees, offer non-surgical remedies aimed at combating hair loss or improving one’s hairstyle. These systems typically comprise synthetic or authentic hair affixed to a foundation, which is subsequently applied or merged with the wearer’s own hair or scalp. They offer a tailored and adaptable approach to achieving desired hair aesthetics sans the necessity of invasive procedures.

Different bases of hair system

Hair systems manifest in diverse types, characterized by their base materials and construction techniques. Common base varieties include:

Wholesale monofilament hair systems: Fashioned with a thin, breathable fabric resembling scalp texture, yielding a natural appearance.

mono base hair system

Wholesale lace front hair systems: Crafted from delicate lace material blending seamlessly with the wearer’s skin, ensuring a lightweight and comfortable fit.

lace base hair system

Skin base: Composed of thin polyurethane material mirroring scalp appearance, ensuring secure attachment and a natural look.

Silk base: Employing silk fabric as the base material, delivering a smooth and lifelike appearance, especially suitable for sensitive scalps.

Common purposes for use hair systems

Hair systems fulfill various functions, catering to individuals with diverse requirements. Some typical reasons for utilizing hair systems are:

Boosting appearance through increased volume, length, or texture in the hair.
Offering temporary or permanent solutions for those seeking hairstyle changes without resorting to chemical treatments or extensions.
Reviving confidence and self-esteem by achieving the desired hair aesthetics.

Potential Causes of Damage

Understanding the factors that could potentially harm your natural hair when using hair systems is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of key considerations:

Incorrect Installation or Removal

Improperly installing or removing hair systems is a leading cause of damage. Rushing through these processes or using incorrect techniques may pull or tug on natural hair, leading to breakage or follicle damage.

Excessive Tension on Natural Hair

The amount of tension applied to natural hair by the hair system is critical. Overly tight attachment or continuous pulling due to the weight of the system can result in traction alopecia—a condition where constant tension causes gradual hair loss.

color ring

Use of Poor-Quality Materials or Adhesives

When you’re talking about hair systems, what you’re using matters a lot. The materials and adhesives you choose are super important. If you go for low-quality stuff, it can mess with your natural hair .

Lack of Proper Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your hair system is super important. You gotta make sure you’re doing it right to keep it lasting long and your natural hair healthy. If you slack off on cleaning, conditioning, and maintaining your hair system, it’s gonna be a mess. Like, dirt, oils, and all kinds of gunk can pile up, and that’s not good for how it looks or for your real hair hiding underneath. So, you gotta stay on top of it and keep everything in excellent shape.

Tips for Preventing Damage

Here are some tips to help you keep your hair healthy when using hair systems.

Go for quality mens hair pieces manufacturers

Pick best hair system company made by trusted brands with good materials. Goodyard hair will be your first choice. Make sure the adhesives and tapes are gentle and won’t cause any problems for your skin. Spending a bit more on a quality system can save you from reactions and make it last longer.

Learn How to Put It On and Take It Off Right

Learn the right way to put on and remove your hair system. Doing it wrong can mess up your natural hair. And it will lead to breakage or even hair loss. Follow the instructions carefully, and you also can ask your stylelist for some advice.

Keep Up with Care

Take care of your hair system. Wash and condition it gently with mild products, and be careful when brushing or styling. Avoid using too much heat or chemicals that could harm the hair. And don’t forget to follow the schedule for maintenance to keep everything in good shape.

Real-Life Experiences

Here are real-life stories from men who have used hair systems, discussing their experiences with hair damage and how they mitigated it, opting for Goodyard hair systems and having a great experience:

James’ Journey to Hair Restoration

James had been battling hair loss for years, impacting his confidence and self-esteem. After trying various solutions, he turned to a hair system for a natural-looking remedy. However, James initially encountered issues with scalp irritation and hair breakage due to poor-quality materials.

Determined to find a solution, he researched reputable manufacturers and chose Goodyard hair system. With Goodyard, James experienced a remarkable transformation. The high-quality materials and gentle adhesives not only minimized scalp irritation but also strengthened his natural hair. James now confidently wears his Goodyard hair system, knowing he made the right choice for his hair health.

skin hair system

Michael’s Story of Confidence Restoration

Michael’s journey with hair systems began after noticing significant hair thinning, affecting his confidence in social and professional settings. Upon trying a hair system, Michael faced challenges with scalp irritation and hair damage from prolonged wear.

Seeking a solution, he opted for a Goodyard hair system, known for its superior quality and comfort. Choosing Goodyard proved to be a game-changer for Michael. The hypoallergenic adhesives and breathable base materials alleviated scalp irritation, while the durability of the system prevented further hair damage. With his Goodyard hair system, Michael regained his confidence and embraced his renewed appearance with pride.


In conclusion, we’ve explored the intricacies of using hair systems and whether they cause damage to natural hair.

Hair systems provide a flexible remedy for individuals dealing with hair loss or aiming to improve their appearance. Despite offering immediate advantages, they can pose risks to natural hair if not adequately maintained or if composed of inferior materials.

Factors such as scalp irritation, hair breakage, and traction alopecia can occur if proper installation techniques and maintenance routines are not followed.
Choosing one of reputable hair manufacturers like Goodyard and you will get a happy experience with hair system.


Hoy en día, cada vez más hombres se enfrentan al problema de la alopecia y la calvicie. Algunas personas eligen el trasplante de cabello, mientras que otras eligen llevar prótesis capilar. En mi opinión, optar por comprar sistema capilar es una forma económica y que ahorra tiempo. Entonces, ¿a qué debemos prestar atención cuando elegimos prótesis capilar?

I.Elige tu prótesis capilar según el color de tu piel.

1.Ligeramente blanco: aunque el color de la piel ligeramente blanco es naturalmente hermoso, si la prótesis capilarno se selecciona correctamente, se verá muy poco saludable. Recuerda que los colores rojizos y suaves como el marrón claro harán que tu rostro sea muy vívida.

2.el color de piel amarillo: amarillo puede elegir negro natural y marrón claro y otros colores más profundos, lo que hará que la piel amarilla parezca mucho más blanca. Nunca elijas el color del cabello amarillo, hará que la piel que no es bonita se vuelva aún más fea.

3.Color de piel natural: este tipo de piel es el mejor, se ve saludable y brillante, y hay muchas opciones para elegir los colores de cabello, como amarillo, marrón rojizo, rojo vino, morado oscuro y café oscuro.


II.Elijaun sistema capilar para hombre según la forma de su rostro.

1.Cara alargada: si desea que su cabello sea permanente, puede optar por recortar el cabello en la barbilla y rizarlo en una bola o rizo. Asegúrese de evitar cortar el cabello muy corto o mantenerlo lacio. En resumen, la cara más larga debe ensancharse con el peinado adecuado.

2.Cara cuadrada: puede usar un peinado rizado o hasta los hombros para que se caiga de forma natural. La ventaja de hacer esto es cubrir las deficiencias. No elija un peinado recto que crezca deliberadamente hasta la barbilla. Esto alargará tu rostro.

3.Cara ovalada: evite cubrir toda la frente con flequillo, al menos exponga parte de la frente y tome la parte superior del el cabello como el énfasis (como el aumento esponjoso), para que la cara se vea delgada.

4.Cara redonda: toda la peluca de ondas grandes, con algunos flequillos curvos, se ve mejor, lo que resaltará en la parte inferior de la frente con líneas suaves y hará que toda la cara se vea vívida y llena de línea aerodinámica.

5.Cara en forma de corazón: Es mejor elegir el tipo de cabello medio y largo. La parte más ancha de las mejillas debe cubrirse con cabello corto rizado y esponjoso para mantener el flequillo en la frente para que la sensación general sea muy armoniosa.


III. Otros aspectos de la elección de la pieza de cabello para hombre

1.Elija el tamaño de la peluca. Generalmente, hay 2 tamaños de pelucas, pequeñas de 52 a 54 cm, medianas de 55 a 57 cm, el cabello corto puede elegir el tamaño estándar y se recomienda que el cabello largo sea de mayor tamaño.

2.Pelo de tejido químico: fácil de anudar, de pelo corto, fácil de anudar después del lavado, básicamente desechable. Cabello 100% real: larga duración, lavable, soplado, cortado, teñido y permanente. Si lo usa durante mucho tiempo, se recomienda elegir cabello genuino.

3.Observe todo el mecanismo de la calidad del proceso: todos los procesos de producción están mecanizados, lo que tiene las ventajas de bajo costo, baja fidelidad y poca permeabilidad al aire.

Las pelucas de tela química con decenas de dólares generalmente se tejen a mano mediante este proceso: adoptan un cuero cabelludo simulado, que es liviano y delgado, realista, transpirable y cómodo.

Hay pérdida de cabello y canas, que deben usarse durante mucho tiempo. ¡Lo más apropiado es elegir todo el proceso de tejido a mano! Adecuado para llevar todo el año.

4.La barra de pelo de los hombres se corresponde con la cara del usuario. Debido a que la cara de cada persona es diferente, dado que el cabello real se puede moldear y recortar repetidamente, se recomienda comprar cabello real. Incluso si el peinado no es el adecuado, podemos pedirle a nuestro peluquero de pelucas Lavividhair que le ayude a hacer el peinado que más le convenga.

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Replacement System

When you dive into the incredible world of the hair replacement system you realize a men’s toupee that looks fake is worse than being bareheaded. The procedure of digging for the best hair system for men can be overwhelming, but it’s nothing to fret about since we’ve got you covered, no pun intended. Thanks to the internet, clients know exactly what a good hairpiece looks like and so expect nothing but the best. Help your clients go from no hair to a full head of hair with this complete hair replacement system guide.

toupee 21.3.9

Here is what you should look for in a great hair system for men:

  • Know your budget

You must budget the hair replacement system in accordance with your client’s preferences and demands.  Usually, the price can match the quality. It’s better to consult your client and wholesale hair system before setting out to buy the hairpiece.

  • Analyze the Lifestyle

Try finding a hair system supplier that reflects your customer’s lifestyle to provide them with a hair replacement system that’s versatile and apt. Review your available choices and talk to your client.

  • Find the perfect color match

Choosing the most suitable color for the hair replacement system can mean the difference between a flawless finish and something utterly unnatural. The hair system for men should blend in perfectly, hence, the sections of natural hair are sampled against the color ring provided by the supplier in broad daylight to eliminate chances of a mismatch. Colour correction and the addition of grey hair to a men’s toupee can uplift the hair replacement system and make it more realistic.

  • Choose the right base

Everyone wants a hairpiece that is as natural-looking and durable as possible. The more natural a hair replacement system is, the more harmoniously it blends in. A great hair system supplier should have a plethora of base materials and colors to match your client’s preferred hairstyle, desired density, and lifestyle. Since the most seamless hair system for men is the least durable you must talk through such details.


  • Contact the right wholesale hair system supplier

Whether you’re a hairstylist or salon owner you want to contact a reliable service provider. Look for hair system suppliers that are well renowned for exceptional services and transparency, ensuring quality-price balance. A great wholesale hair system will ensure strict quality control and flexible repair policies for compromised men’s toupee, to make every penny worth each time.

  • Find a hair system supplier that concludes the issues and not your business

Nothing feels great if it’s time-consuming and potentially tedious. Great hair system suppliers should have an efficient team of manufacturers so they are always quick to act while ensuring quality will never be compromised. You want wig suppliers that can fulfill bulk orders and provide rush services in case it’s urgent. Help clients to keep their insecurities at bay, to guarantee loyal and consistent customers.

Choosing the Best Men’s Hair Systems for Summer

Summer might be our favorite time of the year, it’s also a challenge for men who wear the men hair systems.If you’re a hairstylist or salon owner that specializes in hair systems, it’s very important to find the right men’s hair systems for your clients when the temperature rises in summer.

At Goodyard Hair, we strive to create hair systems that work all year round.  Here are a few reasons why our men’s hair systems are the perfect choice for summer.

1.Undetectable front hairline

The biggest challenge you’ll face while choosing men’s hair systems is finding one that gives your clients a natural look. No one wants to make it obvious that they’re wearing a hair system. Our hair toppers are made using an undetectable front hairline and perfectly bleached knots. They’re easy to wear and create a seamless look between your client’s natural hair and the hair system.lace (1)

2.Breathable lace bases

At Goodyard Hair, we offer different bases for our men’s hair systems to give you a full spectrum of choices. We recommend choosing our lace base for summer. These bases are soft against your scalp and breathable, quickly absorbing sweat to keep your hair system fresh. It offers a transparent and invisible look, ticking every box.
men hair system
3.Beat the rush

Not everyone can order their stock months in advance. With summer in full swing, you might be needing immediate stock to start filling your shelves or online inventory. As the leading hair system factory, we’re able to offer immediate shipment of our products at a competitive wholesale price.

If you’re looking to make the most of the summer months and bring a new product to your customers right away, we have the facilities to make it possible. You don’t have to wait months for the product to enter production, and our team will provide you with an accurate time frame to work with.

4.Per-cut service

Does your salon or store cater to a specific demographic?  Our pre-cut service puts you in control and allows you to submit unique requests to create tailored hair systems for your client.

Our men toupee factor offers both custom and stock toupees – giving you a full range of options to choose from. Whatever your budget or client, our product range will have something to offer for your clients.

5.We’re here to help

Do you need a helping hand? Our talented team is here to help you choose the right hair systems for your clients, recommending different combinations and color options. Whether you’re a hairstylist offering your first product or looking to expand your range, our customer service team is here to recommend styles and answer all your questions.

You can find out more about our hair systems and our different style options here.


Diferencias entre cuatro modelos similares

Para las Personas que están investigando el sistema capilar de los hombres, una vez que hayan tomado la decisión de probar uno, lo primero que tiene que hacer es elegir un modelo que se adapte a si mismo.

El sistema capilar para hombres se compone de dos partes: la base y el cabello. Simplemente hablando, el cabello se anuda en la base para hacer un sistema de cabello estable.

La mayoría de los sistemas de cabello están hechos de cabello humano indio y esto hace que su elección sea mucho más fácil.

Aquí están las diferencias entre cuatro sistemas capilares con bases similares.

Estos cuatro estilos son NG, Mirage, Thin skin y Skin.

skin pu toupee

Espesor de base

¿Qué diferencias puedes notar al mirar estos cuatro modelos? Todas estas cuatro bases están fabricadas con la misma material de piel (poliuretano) pero en diferentes espesores. NG tiene la piel más fina, mientras que Skin tiene la piel más gruesa entre ellos. Aquí están sus grosores:

NG: 0,02-0,03 mm

Mirage: 0,04 – 0,05 mm

Thin Skin: 0.08 – 0,10 mm

Skin: 0,12-0,14 mm

Cuanto más delgada sea la base, menos la sentirás en tu cabeza.

NG tiene una base de 0.02-0.03 mm. ¿Te imaginas cómo un artesano hace una base tan delgada? Requiere una técnica delicada para lograr, un manejo cuidadoso y la mayor cantidad de tiempo para terminar. NG tiene un 10% de probabilidad de fallar. Una vez que falla, todo el proceso debe reiniciarse. Con una base tan delgada, debe manipularla con mucho cuidado, especialmente al aplicarla y quitarla.

NG es la elección de la mayoría de los empresarios. Con la línea del cabello indetectable y el ajuste ceñido, ya no necesita preocuparse por su cabello.

Mirage es un poco más grueso que NG y es una buena alternativa a NG.

Thin Skin y Skin tienen una base comparativamente más gruesa, aunque seguramente durarán más y son más rentables considerando el uso más prolongado que obtendrás de ellos.



Esta imagen muestra los diferentes densidades de cabello.

Aquí están las densidades de estas cuatro bases:

NG: 90% de densidad claro a medio claro

Mirage: 95% de densidad media claro

Thin Skin: 115% de densidad media claro a media

Skin: 130% de densidad media

El concepto es simple. Cuanto más gruesa es la base, más cabello puede contener.

Vida útil

Cuanto más gruesa sea la base, más durará.

NG: 1-2 meses

Mirage: 2-3 meses

Thin Skin: 3-6 meses

Skin: 3-6 meses

Apariencia realista

En comparación con las unidades de cabello de encaje, estos 4 estilos de base piel tienen un aspecto más realista porque no hay nudos. Compruebe cómo se ven estos 4 estilos en persona a través de las imágenes de abajo. De izquierda a derecha, llevan los sistemas capilares NG, Mirage, Thin Skin y Skin.

Ahora, debería tener una idea general sobre las diferencias entre estos cuatro estilos de base piel. La principal diferencia es el grosor de la base. Las bases más gruesas pueden contener cabello de mayor densidad y tener una vida útil más larga y son más económicas. La base más delgada sostien cabellos de menor densidad, generalmente tiene una vida útil más corta, pero una mejor experiencia de uso y más cómoda y realista. Si está buscando una línea frontal realista, NG y Mirage es la mejor opción. Muchos caballeros usan Google para buscar soluciones a sus problemas de pérdida de cabello, y el sistema capilar de Goodyard Hair les brinda soluciones económicas y no quirúrgicas.

Si aún tiene problemas para elegir un modelo adecuado para usted, no dude en contactarnos, nuestros expertos están listos para ayudarle.


Are you looking for stock hair systems? Especially for lace hair systems because many hair system suppliers already sold out this style. Due to COVID-19, the production for making new lace hair systems is much longer than before, many hair system factories in china also update new stock of lace toupee more slowly than before. Glad to tell you Goodyard hair system supplier is working hard to solve this problem and the hot-sale men hair systems style will be ready soon. Let’s read more there.

Why choose Goodyard hair systems?

Good quality is always the key to our hair system business, so it is also the first important thing we need to consider. All men hair systems are made with exquisite handcarts and strict quality control. You can see the difference between ours and unsatisfactory quality on the market.3.10

Features of Goodyard Quality
Tiny undetectable hair knots
Each knot with 1-2 strands of hair
Invisible hairline
Natural density distribution
Soft & Comfortable application experience

Features of Unsatisfactory Quality
Super big hair knots
Each knot with 3-4 strands of hair
Visible & Rigid hairline
Coarse & Rough application experience

What styles will be ready?

Due to the high demand for lace hair systems for men in the market, many of our customers are also looking for stock lace hair systems, so we mainly prepare some new stocks of lace models.As we all know,the lace men toupee is both invisible and breathable, it’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear, so even if the price is slightly higher than poly skin or monofilament base, they are also very popular.

Here we would like to recommend three coming styles:
Swiss Lace :

This style has a base made entirely of transparent Swiss lace, with hand-sewn lines to ensure better shape and durability.Swiss lace is the thinnest and lightest lace available on the market. Each hair is hand-tied onto the lace base, creating natural hair movement. All the knots in the front hairline are perfectly bleached and the hair looks just like it is growing out from your scalp. The ready swiss lace hair systems will be 7*9”,#1B and made of indian remy human hair quality.




The lace hair system is a base combined with lace and poly. The center of the base is made of lace, 1” of Pu around the perimeter of the base. There is also half an inch of lace in the front of the base providing your clients with a natural hairline. The thin PU around the perimeter also makes it easy to attach and remove the tape or glue.




The base size of omilliance skin hair system is 8”x10” and it has PU skin in the back and 1″ of French lace in the front. The French lace in the front has bleached knots, giving you a natural-looking hairline and the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp. The Skin PU in the back makes the hairpiece durable and easy to apply and remove.




There are also various other lace or Pu base styles in stock now. Welcome to contact us get the stock list and wholesale price and visit our website to get more information.

Hair Systems Supplier: What You Can Expect from Goodyard Hair in 2021

We just come back to work after our traditional Chinese Spring Festival Holiday, and we believe 2021 will definitely be an improvement on last year. The ongoing pandemic has affected all industries and so has the hair industry. We sincerely thank our customers for their patience and understanding. What you expect from Goodyard Hair in 2021? Let’s read more on this post.

Inventory levels

Our current goal is to have our stock hair systems back to the level before COVID-19 and we’re doing our best to do that. Due to COVID-19, the entire supply chain is still facing great challenges, such as the shortage of hand-tied workers. In order to increase productivity and keep more inventory to meet customer demand, we have expanded another handmade workshop in Guizhou, specializing in the production of men hair system, such as the lace or Pu men toupees and men frontal hair pieces for receding hairline.

The local people are very friendly and good at embroidery, which requires patience and care. As a result, they are better at hand-made technical work and easier to learn. After rigorous training and assessment, please take a look at these beautiful ladies, they are now proficient in the process of hand-tied work. And we are also recruiting more workers, which is expected to reach more than 300. You will be pleased to know that we are gradually building our stock levels and look forward to seeing some of our lace or poly skin hair systems back in stock . Once again, we ask you to wait patiently. At the same time, our customer service will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable temporary hair system until your favorite is back in stock.


New Design

Now, we are launching our newly designed hair system, called self-adhesive skin hair system. It’s a very specially made poly hair system replacement. The advanced technique it uses and how easy it makes your wearing experience make it really stand out from others.

The base of this systems is about 0.06mm thick. After applying heat on it using an electric iron or a blow drier, the base will become super-sticky, and you have no need to use any tape or liquid adhesive to attach it. You can simply put the hair system on your scalp,and it will be fully secure on your head.It also offers you a really natural looking hairline and scalp all over the base. With proper care, it can last four to six months.

As a professional hair system manufacturer, we are committed to providing best hair systems to hair salons, hair stylists and online distributors.We provide both stock and customized hair systems in various base and colors.Welcome to visit our website to learn more about us. Any questions,please leave your comments there.

Why Men Hair Systems are So Popular in the Barbershop on 2020?

Men hair systems become very popular in barbershop in recent years. While some barbershop owners want to ask ,is it feasible to introduce men wigs into barbershops? it makes money?

Here we would like to share our analysis and help you make your own judgment .

Five advantages in introducing men hair systems as following:

1.Barbershops can provide better services: Hair Systems are products that emphasize service and experience. Whether the customer is satisfied with the hairstyle, the hair stylist takes care of at least 60%. The cutting, dyeing, styling, and care of the systems are originally the strengths of hairdressers. They usually have better understanding on hair and customers’ need.

2.The cost to do this project is very low. The barbershops don’t require site costs, additional labor costs, additional tools and equipment costs;

3.The barbershop does not worry about customers: the barber shop and the barber bring a group of loyal customers, there maybe some customers suffering from hair loss, white hair, or thinning hair problems.So , the men hair toupee is a good solution for them to solve these issues.In addition, as long as the hair systems are put on the model head, they will attract lots of people to try it.

4.For most barbershops, competition in traditional cutting, ironing and dyeing projects has become fierce, and it is difficult to make a profit breakthrough.Competition in the hairdressing industry is getting fiercer. New barber shops are opening every day, and some barber shops are closing down every day. Every industry needs to inject fresh blood at all times to achieve sustainable development. The men hair system is a very good breakthrough point for barber shops.


5.The profit of selling men toupee is very substantial. For barbershops, they can get more cheaper wholesale price when order few pcs per time from hair manufacturer, then they can show different color or styles for their clients. Goodyard Hair are the manufacturer of men hair systems with over 30 years experience. We supply many different base design and colors to hair salons, barbershops,or wholesalers with factory price. Both stocks and customized toupees are available at Goodyard Hair. Welcome to look through our different styles on our website:

The men hair system project will be another big opportunity in the hairdressing industry after the perm and dye project, and it will surely become a new profit breakthrough point for the barbershop.Now, with the increasing number of men’s hair loss, men’s hair systems are becoming more and more popular, so it’s also a good chance for barbershops to expand their business.


Do you have the interests to try our men hair systems? We’ll also can show our trainning courses as well.Welcome to contact us by email or whats app:+8615092036412.


Tape or Glue ?

First things first, it’s a wise choice to have Goodyard hair replacement systems for your clients or yourself. We concentrate on working in hair and beauty industry for more than 30 years, that rely on and proud of our serious quality control.

Base on that, multiple options are available for choosing the bonding method and product applying on different bases of your Goodyard hair system.

There are some relatively new hairstylists of hair replacement systems are confused with using tape or glue and most of people think tape can be easier to apply onto the hair system while glue is more strong than tape.


Tape or glue? Actually it depends.

Tape is old school and glue is new school. The best bonding method for attachment is distinct for each person. Factors like your hairstyle, what base type you choose and how long you intend to wear your hair system determine what is the best for you. Keep in mind that your choice of bonding methods can change over time. If you try something and aren’t happy, you can try something different on your next attachment.


Basically, use glue in frontal if you’d like to expose your hairline, which will make it more undetectable. Vice versa, use tape if you’re used to not exposing your hairline. Why? Tape is less maintain and easier to apply but it’s not as invisible as glue, especially with the edge of your hairline.


Generally, for the skin base that is attached with glue or tape both are okay. But it seems glue seeping into the lace is a problem. The solution is to put glue on your scalp only(never on the base), and to leave it till it’s dry and just slightly tacky before applying the hair system or you can speed it up with a hair dryer.

For light density of the base, glue also will be the best choice due to tape may shine on your scalp through the base.

Make sure you do not use tape on ultra thin skin bases. Because the base material is so thin, it can easily get damaged when you remove the tape for cleanup. Additionally, the tape creates a thicker edge on the base, which defeats the purpose of using ultra thin skin.

Lifestyle with hair systems

If you choose to bond your hair system and remove it daily (or every one to three days), you’ll want to choose a low-tack tape that is still secure, but designed for short-term use, so you can safely remove it from your scalp without damaging the base or scalp. And it’s easy to apply with out messy your hand.If you choose to bond your hair system and remove it in two weeks or even longer time, you’ll want to use glue.


Here’s some pros and cons of tape and glue, you may have a general idea what to choose.



  • Quicker prep time than liquid adhesive
  • Easy to apply tape to the system
  • Easy to remove tape from the system
  • Easy to remove residue from scalp


  • A slight edge detection
  • Certain tapes applied to lace bases can shine through lighter densities
  • Base cleanup time varies
  • Does not always create an undetectable front hairline



  • Can be easier to do the actual attachment for some
  • Better for creating an undetectable front hairline
  • Less (or no) shine
  • Virtually no edge detection when used with lace and thin skin
  • Easy to touch up front hairline between attachments


  • Longer attachment prep
  • Can be messy during prep
  • Can seep through lace
  • Can turn white when you sweat and show through lace with low densities
  • Some can be very difficult to remove from your scalp
  • Cleanup time varies


Besides, Body chemistry and environmental conditions, like oily skin, humidity and excessive sweat, cause adhesives to work differently with each person’s skin. Due to all the variables involved, which type of adhesive to use is a decision you’ll determine through trial and error.

If you don’t do the glue adhesion currently, you could really make a mess of it and have a nightmare on your hands. All you need to do is just follow the instructions and practice more or just use tape first if you are new to apply hair systems.

Don’t you worry too much, Goodyard will always support you with any questions and problems related with your hair systems.

Way to STOP hair loss

Hair loss can be bothersome for many reasons. Not only it can mean a wide range of health problems may be occurring, but it is also such an important component of self-esteem. If there’s any type of hair loss happened, you will have to pay close attention to what’s going on. Although it’s natural and normal most people shed as much as 100 strands of hair per day, but which seems more than that should be considered a concern.

If you have any amount of hair loss, you are likely to be worried about why and how to overcome it. Goodyard hair wigs, replacement systems, toppers and extensions may offer you a comprehensively non-surgical solution.



Nevertheless, besides going to your doctor or a specialist, following strategies for taking care of your hair is vital to stop hair loss.


Factors that need to be taken seriously If you are using a lot of chemicals on your hair or a lot of heat to style it. Pull back from using chemicals for a while to see if that helps to improve your hair quality. That includes hair dyes, perms, and chemical straighteners. It’s important to look at what you are doing to minimize damage to your hair, which means reducing any stress and strain on your hair.


Protein is important for many functions in the body, and hair loss is one of them. A meal that is rich in healthy proteins can help to encourage hair growth. This includes lean meats as well as fish and soy products. And also, it’s essential to vary the types of protein you get as well.


Using all natural products to wash your hair can help. This is one of the best ways to improve your hair quality and your scalp health. It is always important for you to invest in high quality hair products whenever possible, especially if you have a lot of damage to your hair as it is. All natural products can be helpful because they reduce the stress on your skin. They also work well to improve the overall health of your hair..


There are some cases in which the use of essential oils applied to the scalp can work to promote hair growth while also working to reduce hair loss. There are many options that may work, but some of the most common include the use of jojoba, lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender. These products can work to heal the skin and help to stimulate healthy hair growth as well.


For some people, Medications is very important for reducing hair loss. If you have a family history of hair loss or have the possibility of developing alopecia, it is a good idea to work closely with a dermatologist or hair loss professional to determine if treatments can be helpful. There are several treatments on the market that may help, including surgical hair transplant and non-surgical hair replacement. Using them sooner rather than putting them off can make a big difference.


In addition, a regular life schedule is vital for your hair.

Sufficient sleep duration and eating more nutrients like fruits and vegetables will help. Some food that are very good to prevent hair loss include Vitamin D, Biotin, and Ginseng. Avoiding long time exposure under ultraviolet ray will also help.

Anyway, though hair loss is troublesome but also not a big deal. Goodyard just offering you a option to complete your scalp – with more than 30 years experience in hair work industry, we have multiple solutions for your hair loss, including hair replacement, hair topper, hair extensions…

We always take care of your hair.

Salon under Post-lockdown in Europe

Hairdressing brings customers in much closer contact with workers than retail, as close as Goodyard hair systems with the scalps. Reopen become more difficult, but hairdressers are feeling their way out.

Across Europe, hairdressers have been among the first businesses allowed to open when lockdown restrictions have been eased. “Vanity is definitely greater than fear”


Germany has become one of the latest country to reopen its salons but with strict quarantine rules: No waiting area, no magazines, no dry cuts, and face masks for both customer and hairdresser.

The rules issued by the German ministries for economy and for social affairs also include 1.5m distance between customers and ideally no blow-dry. Gloves must be worn until a customer’s hair is washed, but can be removed for the cut itself. No talking face to face, the rules say. Any communication about cut or color must be done via the mirror and kept to a minimum.

“Pretty funny. Lots of people have cut their own hair. Some have been coloring it themselves. We’re doing mostly repair work today,” A stylist says.


In Spain, salons also have re-opened, but must run at a maximum of 30% normal capacity and by appointment only.

In Denmark, one of the largest online booking systems crashed when the reopening of salons was announced, which one newspaper put down to the high volume of unkempt citizens desperate for a cut.

There’s certainly no shortage of business though. In many salons in Europe it can be difficult to get an appointment at the first weeks of post-lockdown.

But how easy are these rules to follow and how might they change our haircuts?

Most of the rules sound sensible but are challenging to follow, particularly cutting a customer’s hair while they’re wearing a face mask.The mask’s string will get in the way of cutting layers or cutting hair near the ears.


Whether getting a haircut was a relaxing or a stressful experience before the pandemic, it seems likely that post-lockdown will look very different. It may mean longer appointment times and fewer services, may be without head massage, shampooing and drinks service.

Social distancing rules may lead to salons can’t serve as many clients as before and whatever new measures are introduced when the time comes, it seems clear that costs will increase.

And what about the haircut gossip? It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.



Is a Mono Hair System Suitable for Me?

For those looking for men hair units, the monofilament hair systems is also kind of popular style on the market. So whether it’s suitable for me? Here find more on this post.

The monofilament hair system is also called mono hair system. If the lifespan of a hair systems is the important factor you consider, then the mono hair replacement system will be a good choice for you because they are stronger and more durable than others. If you also look for natural appearance, we would like to recommend the styles like our stock Versalite model at Goodyard Hair.


This is a durable and natural base design .It has 4”*4”fine mono in center and poly skin in perimeter, formatted into 2 layers.Both are stronger material and make the hair system last longer and easy to stick the tape. 1” french lace front with bleached knots creates the realistic and invisible hairline. It’s made of high quality Indian remy human hair. Base size is 8*10” and medium density 130%. The base size also can be customized if you want smaller or larger base size. Various colors area available, such as natural black,1#, 1B#, 2#, 3# and with grey hair etc. You can look through more mono toupee options on our website: example,Bond,Apollo and Fine Mono.However, it’s not suitable for hot weather because the base is thicker and not breathable as lace hair systems .

9-Apollo 15-Fine Mono 16-Bond


Do you think the mono hair system suitable for you ? Welcome to leave your comments or follow our instagram #goodyardofficial to get more information about men hair.

How to Customize a Men Toupee from Goodyard Hair ?

Nowadays, many toupee in stock are sold out very quickly in all factories in China and and the new inventory can’t be updated quickly. So how to customize the men toupee you want from Goodyard Hair ?


Usually, when placing a custom order, the following necessary information will be required:hair length, hair material, hair color, hair density, base size, base design etc.

The common hair length for men hair toupee is 6inch ,some customers like longer hair ,such as 8” ,10” which we also can make them. The toupee is usually made of Indian remy human hair that’s soft and natural . Some customers want European hair because they are thinner and softer. They can also be customized in our factory .

The hair color is a very important item for us to make a toupee to suit your unique need.There are over 63 different colors on our color swatch for your choice ,such as the natural black color,#1,#2,#3,#4,#5 and other popular colors ,or please send us your hair color sample to copy correctly . If you want to see more our men hair unit color, please click here to view more.


The base design is also called base construction. There are four popular base materials on the market , Skin Pu, lace, mono and silk top or their combination .So let us know the base design and size. You can please give us the description, send us picture or your template ,all method is ok.

5-Swiss Lace10-Q62-Mirage15-Fine Mono

Would you like to customize a men toupee from our factory? Welcome to send us your inquiry to our or follow us #goodyardhairofficial .


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