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How to Avoid Serious Hair System Shedding?

Have you ever received a complaint of serious hair system shedding? So what your customer should do and can’t do to avoid this issue. Read on to find out.

Shedding is normal as your hair system ages. A new hair system for men may shed in the first few days simply because there are loose hairs that weren’t combed out before it was shipped to you. No need to worry about that. If you see a lot of shedding every time you comb and wash your hair, then you need to check your daily care routine to see if you have done these things that may cause shedding.


Why does shedding occur?

Unsuitable Conditioner:

Avoid using hair care products with high alcohol content, otherwise, it will cause hair breakage and fall out. Look for products specifically designed for the men toupee, or products with low alcohol.

Hair System Base is not completely dry

Many people may miss one thing when it comes to their hair drying system. Most clients only care whether the hair of hair replacement system is already dry. In fact, it is very important to ensure that the hair system base is completely dry. If your hair system base has been wet for a long time, not only the knots will become loose, but also it will damage the base too making its longevity shorter, whether it’s lace, mono or silk bases.

Excessive Combing

Excessive combing will cause hair to fall out and can also lead to premature thinning of the hair replacement system. Please remember to tell your clients to use a wide-tooth comb to comb their non-surgical hair systems from the hair ends gently.

hair system

Soak the hair system base with liquid for a long time

The liquid can be water, conditioner. Soaking the hair replacement system for an hour or more is not recommended. It will loosen the knot, after which you will see the hair shedding.

Over-bleaching of the knots

For some lace units, you may notice that the hair at the roots looks lighter than the hair elsewhere, which means the knots are over-bleached. Over-bleached hair is very fragile and breaks easily.

So it’s very essential to find a professional manufacturer to support your quality technology.

Goodyard Hair supply men’s hair systems to many hair salons, hairstylists, and online distributors with over 30 years of experience. It’s our mission to help men who are experiencing hair loss to regain not only their hair but their confidence.

All technicians in Goodyard possess years of exquisite workmanship to guarantee our hair systems own the best quality hair, the most comfortable base cap and the extremely perfect natural looking. All hair systems are made of 100% remy human hair quality , soft and natural. Various base styles can be provided at affordable wholesale price, such as full lace , poly skin , mono base , silk top base, and their combination. Welcome to look through our production video to learn more about us .

If you have any other good ideas on how to avoid serious hair system shedding. Welcome to leave your comments there and visit our website to get more information.

¿Cómo Limpiar Prótesis Capilares de Base de Encaje?

Aquí te voy a mostrar cómo limpiar el encaje de una prótesis capilar en 30 minutos. Tal vez esto suene un poco difícil porque lavar el cabello de encaje, secarlo y volver a peinarlo requiere muchos pasos y cuesta horas. Pero como saben, a veces simplemente no tenemos tiempo. Por lo tanto, para ahorrar tiempo y hacer que la limpieza de la prótesis capilar sea más eficiente, estoy a punto de compartir algunos consejos sobre cómo lavarla rápidamente.

Rocíe alcohol en la base

Necesita preparar una tela antes de trabajar en limpiar el encaje de la prótesis capilar. Claro, puede usar una tela u otra cosa que pueda encontrar para hacer esto.

El alcohol que estás usando puede ser del 70%, pero en realidad, el porcentaje no importa mucho para limpiar la prótesis. Puedes ponerlo en una botella con atomizador para que puedas rociarlo directamente sobre el encaje. Lo que tienes que saber es que normalmente puedes trabajar en la parte de abajo y no tienes que esforzarte mucho.


Frote suavemente pero con firmeza

Se recomienda al 100% que solo pueda frotar el lado de encaje en vez del lado del cabello. Porque demasiado frotamiento o demasiada fricción en el cabello de prótesis capilar definitivamente lo hará audaz y, obviamente, no querrá un sistema capilar agrupado. Debes ser gentil pero firme. Porque seguro que no desea que el encaje se vuelva áspero, por lo que solo necesita frotarlo suavemente. Luego, puede usar tanto alcohol como sea necesario, hasta que se limpia todo el pegamento.


Enjuague del sistema capilar

Si todavía hay alcohol o pegamento adherido a la base y al cabello, ponga mucho desinfectante de manos en la base y lávelo. En este punto, cualquier pegamento u otros adhesivos restantes perderán completamente su viscosidad. Desliza suavemente el cepillo de uñas por el borde de la base y hacia afuera por el cabello; todo el residuo de adhesivo restante debe deslizarse fácilmente. Después de unos minutos de cepillado, enjuague su sistema con agua tibia a alta presión a través de la base. (Repita este paso una segunda vez) Si todavía hay residuos de adhesivo en su sistema capilar, probablemente no lo remojó en el solvente el tiempo suficiente. Regresa y repite ese paso.


Champú y acondicionador

Finalmente, después de enjuagar a fondo, vuelva a lavar la unidad, esta vez con un champú suave para equilibrar el nivel de ácido y finalmente acondicionar.


Su unidad ahora debe estar limpia y libre de cualquier residuo de adhesivo viejo y, estará listo para volver a colocarlo y comenzar a usar el sistema nuevo (como nuevo).







Men Hair Systems: Get Insight of Goodyard Unique Factory

Men hair systems are the best non-surgical solution for male hair loss. Our mission is to help men who are losing their hair regain not only their hair but also their confidence.

According to the business expansion,we are keeping exploring more skilled handmade resources in various areas, and creating training workshops to expand our production capacity for men toupee and women toppers. Here we would like to share our unique factory in Guizhou and the created amazing work.

toupee 21.3.9

After a long period of research and investigation, GOODYARDHAIR found that the Miao people are super good at various handicrafts, including the famous Chinese embroidery crafts. We were so impressed by their craftsmanship and careful work style, so we have expanded two factories here.

Miao People:

Miao has a long history, it is a group of peoples living primarily in the mountains. Not only in China, they are also living all over the world, mainly in the United States, France and Australia and Southeast Asia.The long-term living in the mountains has made Miao people particularly simple and kind, special love to nature. The Miao embroidery representing the highest embroidered techniques of the Chinese minorities. It is not only a form of display the beauty, but also a carrier of the history and culture of Miao.

Because the Miao People are good at hand-made technical work and easier to learn. Therefore, after our professional training and strict assessment, evaluation, qualified workers have become familiar with our handcraft and let us know more about them.

 What they create?

One of the products they make are men’s hair system, which is based on both lace and poly skin hair systems, especially because of COVID-19, there are very few lace hair systems on the market right now. Let’s introduce three popular styles they make.

Swiss Lace

The base is made entirely of transparent Swiss lace and comes with hand-sewn lines to ensure better shape and durability. Laces are lightweight, breathable and suitable for customers who live an active lifestyle or live in warm climates. Each hair is hand-tied to the lace to create a natural movement of the hair. All the knots in the front hairline have been bleached perfectly, providing an invisible knot effect for the entire piece.

5-Swiss Lace

This base has french lace with pu sides and back.It’s also one of the most popular style, mainly available in #1B colors.Fine bleached knots on the front 1″ hairline make the hair system look natural and undetectable.


The thickness of the base only measures 0.02-0.03 mm. The hair is v-looped throughout and the knots are completely invisible.So your customers wouldn’t notice it while wearing it. Available in many colors for immediate delivery.



By the way,we also can make women hair toppers in different colors and sizes. We also accept custom orders to support your business.

Salon Cooperation

If you’re a salon or hairstylist that offers hair systems attachment services, feel free to enquire about a partnership with us to receive exclusive benefits. We can accept custom orders in various colors and basic sizes. You will also receive our affordable wholesale prices and free packaging design services.

If you’re considering starting hair replacement system services for your clients, we offer business start-up packages that can help you start your business within budget and quickly.

If you have the demand for men hair systems , welcome to send us your inquiry to or visit our website to get more about us.



¿Por qué elegir prótesis capilar de base piel?

Los sistemas de reemplazo de cabello de base piel son modelos muy populares para los hombres. Muchos clientes nos consultan este estilo. Entonces, ¿por qué elegir los sistemas capilares de Skin base?

Una base de piel, como su nombre indica, se ve y se siente como su propia piel, especialmente los sistemas de reemplazo de cabello de piel fina es invisible e indetectable que nadie podría adivinar. El cabello se inyecta, se anuda o se inyecta en v-looped en la base, para que se vea como crecer del cuero cabelludo. Goodyard Hair suministra estos tres modelos populares de base piel en stock para envío inmediato.


La base de modelo NG es de polipiel últra delgada de 0.02-0.03 milímetros, que es la piel más delgada que tenemos ahora, es cómoda y suave para el cuero cabelludo. La técnica ¨V-loop ¨ se aplica en toda la capa de polypiel. El período de reemplazo es de solo 30 días con el cuidado adecuado. Generalmente, la base mide 8¨*10¨, y le permite recortar a cualquier medida que necesita.1-NG


El diseño del modelo Mirage es de polypiel delgada de 0.04-0.05mm con una extensión de poly que le permite recortar. Una parte de 1/8 ¨ en forma de V-loop en frontal crea una línea del cabello más natural y realista. En todo el resto de la capa, cada cabello es un solo pelo anudado a mano. Tiene una densidad media de 95% que le ofrece un aspecto muy natural y puede durar de 60 a 90 días con el cuidado adecuado.2-Mirage



Este modelo está fabricada en material de skin en toda la capa, de grosor de 0.12-0.14 mm, por eso, tiene la característica de ser muy duradero. Puede durar 60-90 días con el cuidado adecuado. El tamaño de la base también es de 8 ¨ * 10 ¨ y tiene una densidad media del 130%. 3-Skin



Euro-injection es un modelo con cabello inyectado en la base de polipiel. Está hecho de cabello humano virgen europeo de alta calidad que es súper suave y fino. El cabello inyectado no deja nudos en la base por lo que es muy realista. Generalmente, La longitud del cabello de este estilo es de 8 a 9 pulgadas.



¿Qué tipo de sistema capilar para hombres estás buscando? Bienvenido a dejar sus comentarios o conocer más modelos en nuestro sitio web.

Hair Systems Supplier: What You Can Expect from Goodyard Hair in 2021

We just come back to work after our traditional Chinese Spring Festival Holiday, and we believe 2021 will definitely be an improvement on last year. The ongoing pandemic has affected all industries and so has the hair industry. We sincerely thank our customers for their patience and understanding. What you expect from Goodyard Hair in 2021? Let’s read more on this post.

Inventory levels

Our current goal is to have our stock hair systems back to the level before COVID-19 and we’re doing our best to do that. Due to COVID-19, the entire supply chain is still facing great challenges, such as the shortage of hand-tied workers. In order to increase productivity and keep more inventory to meet customer demand, we have expanded another handmade workshop in Guizhou, specializing in the production of men hair system, such as the lace or Pu men toupees and men frontal hair pieces for receding hairline.

The local people are very friendly and good at embroidery, which requires patience and care. As a result, they are better at hand-made technical work and easier to learn. After rigorous training and assessment, please take a look at these beautiful ladies, they are now proficient in the process of hand-tied work. And we are also recruiting more workers, which is expected to reach more than 300. You will be pleased to know that we are gradually building our stock levels and look forward to seeing some of our lace or poly skin hair systems back in stock . Once again, we ask you to wait patiently. At the same time, our customer service will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable temporary hair system until your favorite is back in stock.


New Design

Now, we are launching our newly designed hair system, called self-adhesive skin hair system. It’s a very specially made poly hair system replacement. The advanced technique it uses and how easy it makes your wearing experience make it really stand out from others.

The base of this systems is about 0.06mm thick. After applying heat on it using an electric iron or a blow drier, the base will become super-sticky, and you have no need to use any tape or liquid adhesive to attach it. You can simply put the hair system on your scalp,and it will be fully secure on your head.It also offers you a really natural looking hairline and scalp all over the base. With proper care, it can last four to six months.

As a professional hair system manufacturer, we are committed to providing best hair systems to hair salons, hair stylists and online distributors.We provide both stock and customized hair systems in various base and colors.Welcome to visit our website to learn more about us. Any questions,please leave your comments there.

Why Men Hair Systems are So Popular in the Barbershop on 2020?

Men hair systems become very popular in barbershop in recent years. While some barbershop owners want to ask ,is it feasible to introduce men wigs into barbershops? it makes money?

Here we would like to share our analysis and help you make your own judgment .

Five advantages in introducing men hair systems as following:

1.Barbershops can provide better services: Hair Systems are products that emphasize service and experience. Whether the customer is satisfied with the hairstyle, the hair stylist takes care of at least 60%. The cutting, dyeing, styling, and care of the systems are originally the strengths of hairdressers. They usually have better understanding on hair and customers’ need.

2.The cost to do this project is very low. The barbershops don’t require site costs, additional labor costs, additional tools and equipment costs;

3.The barbershop does not worry about customers: the barber shop and the barber bring a group of loyal customers, there maybe some customers suffering from hair loss, white hair, or thinning hair problems.So , the men hair toupee is a good solution for them to solve these issues.In addition, as long as the hair systems are put on the model head, they will attract lots of people to try it.

4.For most barbershops, competition in traditional cutting, ironing and dyeing projects has become fierce, and it is difficult to make a profit breakthrough.Competition in the hairdressing industry is getting fiercer. New barber shops are opening every day, and some barber shops are closing down every day. Every industry needs to inject fresh blood at all times to achieve sustainable development. The men hair system is a very good breakthrough point for barber shops.


5.The profit of selling men toupee is very substantial. For barbershops, they can get more cheaper wholesale price when order few pcs per time from hair manufacturer, then they can show different color or styles for their clients. Goodyard Hair are the manufacturer of men hair systems with over 30 years experience. We supply many different base design and colors to hair salons, barbershops,or wholesalers with factory price. Both stocks and customized toupees are available at Goodyard Hair. Welcome to look through our different styles on our website:

The men hair system project will be another big opportunity in the hairdressing industry after the perm and dye project, and it will surely become a new profit breakthrough point for the barbershop.Now, with the increasing number of men’s hair loss, men’s hair systems are becoming more and more popular, so it’s also a good chance for barbershops to expand their business.


Do you have the interests to try our men hair systems? We’ll also can show our trainning courses as well.Welcome to contact us by email or whats app:+8615092036412.


Tape or Glue ?

First things first, it’s a wise choice to have Goodyard hair replacement systems for your clients or yourself. We concentrate on working in hair and beauty industry for more than 30 years, that rely on and proud of our serious quality control.

Base on that, multiple options are available for choosing the bonding method and product applying on different bases of your Goodyard hair system.

There are some relatively new hairstylists of hair replacement systems are confused with using tape or glue and most of people think tape can be easier to apply onto the hair system while glue is more strong than tape.


Tape or glue? Actually it depends.

Tape is old school and glue is new school. The best bonding method for attachment is distinct for each person. Factors like your hairstyle, what base type you choose and how long you intend to wear your hair system determine what is the best for you. Keep in mind that your choice of bonding methods can change over time. If you try something and aren’t happy, you can try something different on your next attachment.


Basically, use glue in frontal if you’d like to expose your hairline, which will make it more undetectable. Vice versa, use tape if you’re used to not exposing your hairline. Why? Tape is less maintain and easier to apply but it’s not as invisible as glue, especially with the edge of your hairline.


Generally, for the skin base that is attached with glue or tape both are okay. But it seems glue seeping into the lace is a problem. The solution is to put glue on your scalp only(never on the base), and to leave it till it’s dry and just slightly tacky before applying the hair system or you can speed it up with a hair dryer.

For light density of the base, glue also will be the best choice due to tape may shine on your scalp through the base.

Make sure you do not use tape on ultra thin skin bases. Because the base material is so thin, it can easily get damaged when you remove the tape for cleanup. Additionally, the tape creates a thicker edge on the base, which defeats the purpose of using ultra thin skin.

Lifestyle with hair systems

If you choose to bond your hair system and remove it daily (or every one to three days), you’ll want to choose a low-tack tape that is still secure, but designed for short-term use, so you can safely remove it from your scalp without damaging the base or scalp. And it’s easy to apply with out messy your hand.If you choose to bond your hair system and remove it in two weeks or even longer time, you’ll want to use glue.


Here’s some pros and cons of tape and glue, you may have a general idea what to choose.



  • Quicker prep time than liquid adhesive
  • Easy to apply tape to the system
  • Easy to remove tape from the system
  • Easy to remove residue from scalp


  • A slight edge detection
  • Certain tapes applied to lace bases can shine through lighter densities
  • Base cleanup time varies
  • Does not always create an undetectable front hairline



  • Can be easier to do the actual attachment for some
  • Better for creating an undetectable front hairline
  • Less (or no) shine
  • Virtually no edge detection when used with lace and thin skin
  • Easy to touch up front hairline between attachments


  • Longer attachment prep
  • Can be messy during prep
  • Can seep through lace
  • Can turn white when you sweat and show through lace with low densities
  • Some can be very difficult to remove from your scalp
  • Cleanup time varies


Besides, Body chemistry and environmental conditions, like oily skin, humidity and excessive sweat, cause adhesives to work differently with each person’s skin. Due to all the variables involved, which type of adhesive to use is a decision you’ll determine through trial and error.

If you don’t do the glue adhesion currently, you could really make a mess of it and have a nightmare on your hands. All you need to do is just follow the instructions and practice more or just use tape first if you are new to apply hair systems.

Don’t you worry too much, Goodyard will always support you with any questions and problems related with your hair systems.

Why Choose Full Lace Hair System from Goodyard Hair?

Lace hair system is one of our popular styles at Goodyard Hair,especially on the summer season.In this post ,we’ll share why customers love the full lace hair replacement systems. When it comes to the more breathable hair unit for men, lace hair system takes first place, best suited for hot weather. It’s also one of the most best-selling hair systems on the market because it’s undectable ,soft and comfortable to wear. Our lace hair systems come with single and bleached knot on the front, making the hairline look as natural as possible.
There are two main Lace types, French Lace and Swiss Lace. Both are breathable and provide natural looking. Swiss Lace is lighter, thinner and softer than French Lace. Our these two full lace men toupee are 8*10” and can be cutted into smaller size in our factory without extra cost.They are both made of Indian remy human hair, soft and natural .They carry the hair density of Light to Medium Light 90%. Please contact us double check the color avaiable because the stock toupee are sold out quickly everyday.You also can place a custom order to get the color you want.
Do you also want to get full lace men hair systems? Welcome to leave your comments or look through our website and send us your inquiry:)

The Best Natural Looking Men Hair System

The hair systems become very popular for men suffering from hair loss.If you are looking for a hair replacement system with an extremely natural and undetectable looking, then don’t miss silk top hair systems. There are two type of silk top hair systems at Goodyard Hair.One model we call I-Lace,the base design of this piece is silk top with 1” Pu sides and back ,1/2” lace front which makes an invisible front. The silk top base looks like your own scalp which is very realistic. Look at below picture how natural it is. The Pu perimeter is helpful for you to stick tape or glue easily.This is one of our hot-sale style, base size varies from 6*8”,7*9”,8*10” etc. The other silk top model we call M-lace. The base design is silk top in middle with 1” thin Pu around. The body silk base is entirely knotless and it seems like the hair grows out of your own scalp. It’s also very durable that can last 3-6 months under proper care.   18-M Lace
We also supply many other popular toupee style for men ,such as lace, mono and pu bases. Welcome to look through our website to get more styles you need.

Replacement Period of Different Hair Systems

A common question about the men hair systems is how long does it last. In this post,we would like to share the replacement period for different hair systems. There are four popular base materials at Goodyard Hair. It’s lace, mono top ,skin and silk top. So their lifespan is also different. Lace  Hair Systems The lace hair systems are breathable and provide natural looking.Especially the swiss lace is very fragile and delicate with short lifespan .The full swiss lace and french lace hair system usually can last 2-3 months under proper care. But some combination of lace with Skin pu will last longer,their lifetime is around 3-6 months, such as our stock toupee Q6, Australia, Octagon, Holly Wood. 5-Swiss Lace Mono Hair Systems The mono base is strong enough to carry higher hair density and very durable as well. The mono hair systems maybe your first choice if you want a hair unit with longer replacement period.They can last 3-6 months if you take care of them properly. Examples of mono base systems in our stock are:Bond, Versalite, Apollo,Fine Mono. 8-Versalite
Skin Hair Systems Skin base systems vary a lot in thickness and therefore the lifespans vary. Thinner skin bases are less durable but they have an undetectable hairline .For example, our skin NG style only can last 30days, but it’s still hot-selling because it’s invisible and comfortable .The other skin style usually can last 60-90days ,such as our style of Skin,Mirage, Euro Injection. 2-Mirage
Silk Top Hair Systems The silk top hair systems consist of three layers which is thicker and durable. It also provide the best natural looking appearance like the hair growing from your own scalp. Example of stock silk top toupee: M lace and I Lace which they usually last 3-6months. 17-I Lace Except choosing the right base you want, it’s also important for customers how to treat the hair system properly to make the hair systems last longer. This includes how to style, brush, wash and what products you use. If you have any good ideas or suggestions, welcome to leave your comments below.

Is a Mono Hair System Suitable for Me?

For those looking for men hair units, the monofilament hair systems is also kind of popular style on the market. So whether it’s suitable for me? Here find more on this post.

The monofilament hair system is also called mono hair system. If the lifespan of a hair systems is the important factor you consider, then the mono hair replacement system will be a good choice for you because they are stronger and more durable than others. If you also look for natural appearance, we would like to recommend the styles like our stock Versalite model at Goodyard Hair.


This is a durable and natural base design .It has 4”*4”fine mono in center and poly skin in perimeter, formatted into 2 layers.Both are stronger material and make the hair system last longer and easy to stick the tape. 1” french lace front with bleached knots creates the realistic and invisible hairline. It’s made of high quality Indian remy human hair. Base size is 8*10” and medium density 130%. The base size also can be customized if you want smaller or larger base size. Various colors area available, such as natural black,1#, 1B#, 2#, 3# and with grey hair etc. You can look through more mono toupee options on our website: example,Bond,Apollo and Fine Mono.However, it’s not suitable for hot weather because the base is thicker and not breathable as lace hair systems .

9-Apollo 15-Fine Mono 16-Bond


Do you think the mono hair system suitable for you ? Welcome to leave your comments or follow our instagram #goodyardofficial to get more information about men hair.

What’s Men’s Frontal Hair Piece?

Are you struggling with a receding hairline?  It’s usually one of the earliest signs of hair loss and it occurs more commonly in men. There are a lot of reasons, such as poor diet, using wrong hair products, stress and hormonal imbalance can also lead to thinning hair.Receding hairline can seriously affect people’s quality of life and self-confidence.What should we do?The mens frontal hair piece will play a role.


Mens frontal hair piece

It’s a partial hair unit that covers only the front hairline and specially designed for men who has receding hairline, but still have healthy hair elsewhere on the head.So it’s easy to apply,no need to shave all the hair on the top of head,you can attach it yourself easily even you’re beginner of hairpiece. It also easy to your hairdresser to handle it.It’s made of 0.05 Pu, V-looped hair all over, so it’s very natural so nobody could find it. You also can trim it to be the style u want. The base size is 4*18cm, 1B color available now in our inventory with immediate shipment. We also can customize various other colors per as your request.

There are two hair direction options for you to choose from. One has the hair direction growing forward, while the other is directing backward. So, if you plan to expose your hairline and have a slicked-back hairstyle, then choose the “Backward Hair Direction” option. Click here to see the video.If you plan to wear the hair forward like a fringe, please choose the “Forward Hair Direction” option.


So would u like to have a men frontal hair pieces from Goodyard Hair? If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave your comments in this post.

Top Six Men Hair Systems for Summer from Goodyard Hair

The summer season is coming now. What kinds of hair systems are the best choice for hot and humid summer? In this blog, we would like to introduce you the most suitable hair replacement systems to resist hair loss in the hot summer months. The following are top six of the most suitable style for summer season because its realistic, lightweight and breathable.

Swiss Lace

This Swiss lace toupee for men is a very popular choice for men who want to keep their scalp free of sweat during summer.Swiss lace is super soft, light and more breathable toupee.Single knots on front creates a very realistic hairline.All the knots on the base are perfectly bleached to have an undetectable appearance.

The size in stock is 8”*10” in 63 various colors available.They also can be cut into any smaller size per as customers’ requests. This model comes with a light to medium light 90%, which is also good choice for summer.

5-Swiss Lace

French Lace

French lace hair systems for men is known to keep men’s scalps sweat-free during summer. French lace base is lightweight, breathable and very natural.It’s the perfect choice for customers who pursue an active lifestyle or live in a warm whether. You can swim, shower or play sports while wearing a hair system. As long as you follow the advice you’ll be given, you won’t damage it.

Holly Wood

This model has a French lace top and front and a thin skin perimeter. French lace is one of the most natural base materials available. It is also very light and breathable. The transparent PU back and sides make it easier to apply adhesive tape and make the area easier to clean.The single bleached knots at the front which gives the appearance of hair growing directly out of the scalp. Expect the natural looking, they are also very durable which can last up to 6months under proper care.It has 100% Indian remy human hair with a hair length of 6″ and a medium-light  density.Various size from 5″x7″ to 9″x11 are available with immediate shipment.There are also similar styles( the combination of lace and Pu) for your choice such as our OCT, Australia,Q6 ect. Check more products details and videos on our instagram#goodyardhairofficial.


These summer hair systems can not only help men who suffering from hair loss have a better look and be confident, but also help them stay cool in hot weather. If the toupee for men listed cant meet your demand, you can please visit our website to check more model styles. We believe you’ll find the one you like. Any inquiries to our men hair systems,please feel free to contact us by or whats app:+8615092036412.

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