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Inside Corner Lashes

Those tedious. little inside corner lashes … The bane of our existence right?! As frustrating and challenging as they are, they’re absolutely essential when it comes to creating a gorgeous shape!

Check out the difference in these two sets of volume lashes.


While the lashes look good, they stop abruptly just shy of the inside corner, creating an un-natural, unfinished look.



By finishing those inside corners you get a more natural, beautiful, finished look.

So how do you get to those pesky little lashes that are so quick to hide away once you’ve placed your tape or eye pads?



Use your fingers to gently pull the outside corners away from the nose and tape. Doing so will spread out those inside corner lashes making them more visible and easier to isolate. Pulling the skin just under the brow bone up and taping will also bring those little lashes out of hiding and make them easier to see.



Mastering the inside corners will not only make your sets look more beautiful, it will truly set you apart as a lash artist. Because they’re so tricky, and because you can still product a pretty set of lashes without covering all the inside corner lashes a lot of lash artists continue to avoid them. There are still a lot of lash artists who haven’t mastered the art of shaping, or who don’t see the need for it. Be the lash artist that goes above and beyond for your clients! Strive for fully completed sets and mastering the art of shaping. You’re sets will look SO much better and your business will thrive because of it!


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  1. That was very interesting. Glad to see another post! My friend also got her lashes done and she said she liked them but she could not for the life of her keep them untangled. So she never kept them up. They definitely appeal to me because I don’t have long or thick eyelashes. However, from time to time I use individual false eyelashes, like three on outer corner of each eye, and they really look nice. They are easy to put on, way easier than a strip.


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