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Are Wigs Easy to Wear ?

In addition to women with hair loss who like to wear wigs, many girls are also keen to change their hair styles with wigs, because this does not need to spoil their hair.However, if the wig is not worn well, it is not only easy to fall off, but also affects the aesthetic effect! So ,are wigs easy to wear ? How to wear a wig correctly and beautifully, let’s take a look at it together.

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1.Take the wig cap, stretch it by hand, pull it from top to bottom to the neck, then pull it up to the position of hairline, and tie the tail of the wit cap.

2.Tie up your own hair and fix it with a hairpin. If it’s a piece of hair, you should tidy up your hair. For example, if the wig is slightly curly, then the overall shape of your hair should also be consistent, so as to ensure the authenticity.

3.Before wearing a wig, you should first straighten out the wig to avoid messy and knotted hair during the wearing process, which is more convenient for us to style behind.

4.Align the front end of the wig to the position and bring it up from the front to the back,

5、Adjust the size of the head circumference, and make slight adjustments by hand to ensure that the details and position of the wig are correct,

6.Fix the wig and comb your hair with a comb. If the hairstyle matches your image, it will be finished.

Wearing wig is not difficult after you get the correct method.If you want to make a human hair wigs from Goodyard Hair , welcome to send us your inquiry to

Maintain Tips for Human Hair Wigs

Women like to wear the wigs because they can let you change your hairstyle whenever you want and protect your natural hair at the same time.A human hair wig with good quality and fine workmanship is expensive. So it’s important to know how to maintain and care the wigs. Here we would like to introduce three ways to do it easily.


Wear and Use it Correctly

Wig wearing is a skill that makes perfect. Don’t pull the wig with brute force during wearing, just find the right position.When wearing wigs, we should also take care of our wigs. One is not to expose to the sun or be exposed to acid rain; the other is to use a comb with sparse crevices to comb the wigs. Pay attention to the less spray gel water, hair wax and other styling agents on the wig.

Wash Tips

The maintenance and washing methods of human hair wigs are very simple, just like washing our own hair. The first step of washing is to soak the hair with warm water. This process only takes a few minutes. In the washing process, you can add a soft shampoo for washing, and then gently grab the hair with your hands. Okay, don’t twist it by hand, too much force will cause the wig to fall out. After cleaning, you can use some hair care products to maintain your wig. After all, no matter how real the wig is, it will not be able to absorb nutrients from the body like real hair, so you have to go to the store for special maintenance every once in a while.


Correct Storage Method

After thoroughly washing the wig, dry it in a cool place and store it in a dry and ventilated place. This can extend the life of the wig. Do not stack the wig, which will cause creases in the hair.

Goodyard Hair can provide unique design and custom service to each clients. We’ll also share more maintain tips for our clients. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.

Which Wigs are the Best For Me?

There are various wigs on the market, and different people like different wigs. Some people like breathable wigs, some like realistic wigs, and some like comfortable wigs. One of the important factors is the wig cap. Therefore, we will introduce different wig caps at Goodyard Hair according to people’s preferences.

Breathable Wig Cap
The most breathable wig cap is lace cap .“Lace” refers to a fine, sheer mesh that the hair can be tied individually.This lace material has many small holes to make the wigs breathable. There are full lace wigs and lace front wigs. A full lace wig is made of a lace cap that covers the entire head and 100% human hair is knotted into this by the worker. The front lace wig is front lace and weft back ,not all hand-tied, so the price is cheaper than full lace wigs.

Realistic Wigs Cap
Silk top cap is the most realistic technology on the market today. Because the hair roots on the wig are hidden under the silk base, so you cant see any knots, it seems like the hair growing out from your own scalp and creating the best natural apperance.

Comfortable Wigs Cap
This mono top wig is made of a material called monofilament,which makes the wig be soft and comfortable, and very friendly to the sensitive scalp.
They are known as the best wigs for cancer patients because they provide the perfect combination of safety, fashion and comfort.28-3

Do you think which types of wigs are best for you? Welcome to share your ideas or questions below.

Who Make Wigs Near Me ?

If someone has thinning hair ,hair loss or just wants to try a brand new hairstyle,a wig will be a good choice. Human hair wigs are more popular among customers because they can provide best natural looking. Customers can buy the wigs from online stores or local hair salons. However, they may not be able to get their favorite hair color or hairstyles. Therefore, you can find out a hair factory who can make wigs for you per as your request.


As one of the wig manufacturers, Goodyard Hair provides a large number of 100% human hair wigs to North America, Europe and Australia. We not only provide stock wigs, but also provide customized services for each customer. Our wig collection can meet the needs of today’s women. They are made from the best Remy and Virgin hair, and blend well with their natural hair.


Most of the human hair wigs we design for women are 100% hand-tied caps to create the illusion of real hair growth. That wig caps also have different styles, such as full lace wigs, lace front wigs, silk top wigs, mono top wigs and so on. Click here to see more cap constructions.

Goodyard Hair is providing wigs to hair salons, wholesalers and a few individual users. If you want to order a human hair wig, please send your inquiry to

Why Blonde Mid-Length Haircuts is So Hot?

Since 2017, mid-length haircuts (you can call it “Lob” or long bob) is so hot in the fashion and beauty world, especially among celebrities. Why? Why so many people love mid-length hair, also why most of them want a blonde mid-length haircut or wigs? Find your answer by browsing these beautiful celebrity hairstyles below.

图片1 图片3图片4 图片3 图片4 图片5 图片6

These celebrities make the middle ground look like the place to be. That’s why mid-length haircut is so hot. But what about us? What we can do if we want such looks? You may say that most of them have the natural blonde hair when they were born to or they have the top hairstylists to help them get such a chic looks, but don’t worry my friends, you can solve this by getting a wigs. Speaking of wigs, it seems that few stores or wigs online shop has mid-length wigs in blonde color which not only high quality but also chic. It’s hard to find a perfect wigs for your needs, here we highly recommend one, which named Elegant – Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig from Goodyard. One more tips, you can choose the lob length as you like, up to now, only 12” and 14” can be chosen from, but good news is you can custom-made a length you want by asking for their custom-made service.


Also if you only want a synthetic wig, you can also contact Goodyard.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Lavivd wigs for alopecia girl

There are lots of influencers reviewed our Lavivd products. We can hear their opinions or suggestions from their videos about our products. We can learn more from their experiences and get the right products. If you’re alopecia, this blog is right for you.

Michelle is one of our Lavivid reviewer. She lost her hair at 33 years old and then she goes bald.  She had a massive wig collection and reviewed Lavivd Carrie Lace Front wig.

If you want know what she thinks about alopecia, here is what she says:

well I believe we all have beauty…… every one of us……. so whether you are hairy as a gorilla, or bald as an egg…… you are beautiful….. you are what the concept of “Barbie” is……. if you have hairloss – welcome – you, too, are a Bald Barbie!

Yes, I agree more with what she says. We should adjust our state. People may say it was ugly when they have hair loss. I think we should learn to say “No”.


About Lavivid Carrie Lace Front wig, what she says?

I love everything alopecia related. I love to wear this wig, It’s a good quality wig when I get it out of the box. It’s synthetic. I’ve asked for a petite size so this wig fits my head well. It has mono part which is quite broad. I like Mono base, it can look realistic when I part the hair. There is a machine wefted which is very stand. And be half velcro adjusters and velvet nape. That is nice and lovely. The layered bangs looks natural…

How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker Instantly

Everyone dreams of having thick and beautiful hair. However, not everyone is born with it. Don’t feel frustrated, ChocHair offer the affordable and 100% Virgin Remy Human hair weaves to our dearest customers, the weaves +closure combo is a great deal to save time and save MORE money. Today we are going to show you 3 hair weaves with different textures.

Loose Wave Brazilian Virgin Hair 3 Bundle Of Hair Weave


Hair texture is nice, bundles is thick and true to length. I love my hair!By sukai john

Love this hair it culrs and straightens and I dyed it soft black and when you wet it it goes back to it’s natural wave!  By Melissa

Straight Malaysian Virgin Hair 3 Bundles Of Hair Weave


I am extremely satisfied with this hair.It’s sooo soft and silky.I’ve had it installed for a little over a week now and I’m in love!!The hair is thick and full!And have a happy conversation with the seller!! By Sebanti Chadha

Deep Curly Peruvian Virgin Hair 3 Bundle Of Hair Weave


The hair is so soft and smells sooo good. You will love these extensions!! I will be buying more extensions from this company. Thank for the great hair. The hair looked even more better after I co washed it. By Mary

You can see our customers love the hair weaves! Wave, straight, curly, which one do you prefer? Find more beautiful options on Goodyard, don’t miss out!


As we may know, I wanted to review the difference between expensive wigs and cheap wigs for a long time. You can pick up a wig with ease from anywhere on the internet like Ebay or Amazon and get them at a very low price, about $10- $15 in value, often with free shipping. If you are a devoted wig wearer like myself, you definitely need to read this.

An important disclaimer here: This is all my own personal thoughts of course. Im not saying that all cheap wigs are crap and you must purchase expensive wigs because I say so! No. It’s your money so spend it as you wish. But I hope my post can shed some light on why some wigs are more costly than others.

Cheap wigs

My very first wig was a typical Ebay cheap wig,free shipping. I got it in a shade of colour close to my own and it was great…at first.It was a nice wig to start with for any one who never had a wig before.

I wore it on and off for fun and soon fell in love with the fact I had long curly perfect hair any time I wanted.

It was not long for me to go hunting for more wigs when I could pick any other colour and not do any further damage to my real hair.But I soon found my cheap wig was not standing up to every day wear, The fibres looked frizzy after a few wares and falling out often.The top of the wig had a very small skin cap (its the part of the wig to make it look like human scalp when you part the hair on top). So you could see the lace and tracks.After that I went to more expensive wigs and don’t buy cheaper wigs.


Big Pro is the price,they can be super cheap!

Most have free shipping.

They are great to start out with.

You don’t need to worry about them getting damaged.

Great for short term use



The fibres are very thin!

Wigs thickness is thin and

Wigs are becoming mat and tangle.

Some wigs have no skin caps.

Lace and tracks are visible for parting hair and doing styles.

Some of the inner caps can be really itchy which is not much fun for a day of wig wearing.

Wigs don’t last for long term use.

Wigs can look super shiny in photos .


Expensive Wigs

I didn’t buy a full head wig until I tried expensive hair clip in pieces,when I got my full head wig my cheap one with right to the bin! The difference was like wow why did I waste my money on the cheap wig?!

Since buying the more expensive wigs I have know got over ten wigs maybe more? I lose count haha.

I found that once I got the taste for the better and more expensive ones that you tend to avoid the cheaper ones.The best thing about the expensive wigs I have found with each and every one of them, That I have had folk come up to me and ask me where I got my hair done.I never got anything like that with my other cheap wigs when I wore them out.



Long lasting wig wear.

Most expensive wigs have a good amount of skin cap.

Lace and tracks are made better and styling hair is less likely to show them when in style.

Easy to look after.

Fibres are strong and thick.

Wigs are full of volume and styles.

They are easier to look after.

Your not restricted to use as they are hard wearing.

Every day wear and use.

They look real.

Less shine on the wigs overall .



Mainly the price or even over pricing.

Wigs can be out of stock due to demand.

Shipping can be expensive too.


Overall personal thoughts and feelings.

I for one, will swear by the more expensive wigs.I much prefer the fact I will be getting a quality product that think is worth my money spend on the wig.I will favour my expensive wigs over the cheap ones.

I think as a rule what you spend on a wig is what you get.

I think a cheap wig is great for short-term use or a one off but of fun.

Where a expensive wig will serve you a longer length of time in use and will have better quality. You can find great reviews on all wigs and suppliers of wigs and companies, You do not have to take my advise if you don’t want too.

As a Lolita I like to wear the better quality wig that is much more hard wearing and longer lasting as well I find they look like real hair. As a person who cant dye my hair am happy to spend the money on the wigs for they are used when and if I want to.As I would pay the same amount on a wig for a hair cut and colour but with a wig this stays in style the whole time so I think that makes them worth the money. And with the fact I cant dye my real hair. They are my life savers for changing my hair and styles.

Fashion Wigs! Winter Collection Recommendation

Hi everyone! I am so happy to introduce you guys our new winter collection.

With the popular demand from you guys, Goodayrd team is working on the design of Moon Nymph wig in Fluffy crimped version! If you’ve tried it’s original version, I bet you are gonna love the new as well.

With the tone of beautiful grey which shines like the moon, it is attractive with enchantment of forest or a nymph. For those people who have been crying for the hair style or the hair color similar to what applied on this wig, wearing it, you will be as charming as the wig looks. And it would be amazing if you use it for some OCs. The Moon Nymph wig will make you feel different, more confident in yourself, cuter and more attractive.

图片1    图片2


If you truly

Make something special–From a customer of Goodyard



After a Crazy Black Friday season , Goodyard launched some new arrival wigs , and we have got a lot of compliments from our customer , also their idea of their own dream wigs ,here is a girl from Trendy wigs :


“Hey creative fairies,


I just tried to check out with the Moon Nymph – Curls Version wig, SKU: ** in my cart and I was trying to check out I realised  I should get in touch with you guys because I have a vision I’d like to discuss.

Ideally I’d like to have this wig texture (it’s so beautiful) but with more blue tones mixed into the silver-grey gradient.

图片1 图片2

If you have a ‘faulty’ version that has really dull to no peach/pink, could you dye it with a pastel sea blue so the top of the wig is tinged with a silvery-blue hue?

I like the roots dark (I have black hair so it helps) and the darkening of the light silver to grey at the end, but could we try to have the gradient bleed into the same grey but with hints of sea blue added?

Thanks so much! I really appreciate and adore your attention to detail and beautiful colour combinations; you make something so special.


Best wishes,



p.s. the galactic/oil slick wig you custom made better be your next release because I want it so badly! What an incredible creation!


Goodyard is so graceful to have so many loyalty customers or fans who support us . we have contact this Elizabeth for creating her unique wig. And we also welcome any idea of our product , or the product you like .


We are always being here .


3 Things You Should Know About Getting A Wig For the first time

We all know that wigs are more and more popular among women. They talk about wigs openly and wear them without hesitation. Have you ever been curious to try one? There are 3 things you should learn before you buy your first wig.

Know the difference between wig base materials

Lace wigs have the natural appearance of scalp since each individual strand is looped through a tiny lace hole. Silk-base wigs provide the most realistic scalp, the hair is injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp. You should understand the difference and decide which you want to work with for your comfort and style idea.

Know the size of your head

A too big wig is just as uncomfortable as one that is too tight. Neither looks good either. Take a tape and measure the circumference of your head to get an accurate measurement.

Know what color work best for you

If this is your first wig, you’d better choose the color which you are familiar and comfortable with. Then you will warm up to perfect hair pretty quickly.

Therefore, if you are considering wearing a wig for the first time, you should know the above things, and no matter what look you want to go for, Goodyard always has the beautiful options for you.


Gifts for Christmas Season ? Wigs !

Christmas is a very enjoyable festival , the most important thing is ,to have fun !

Do you want to stand out at the party? Go for a colorful funny wig!



But we all know that funny wigs can be used only on this party, if you have somebody important to send gifts, the wigs showing below are suitable ~


Long Human Hair Wigs for Christmas!!

Human hair wigs– Natural & Beautiful


Short summary: human hair wigs have proven to be a worthy investment for the wig-wearer searching for a product that looks real and feels natural.



Different brands of Human Hair may use various types of human hair fibers regardless of the fiber used. Human hair wigs are higher quality than synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs tend to be pricier, but the wig’s lifespan is twice that of a synthetic wig, easily justifying the expense. Remy human hair is the highest quality on the market. This grade of hair is better because it is silkier to the touch and tangles less; however, this makes Remy hair more expensive. Additional advantages of human hair wigs over synthetic hair wigs include the natural movement of the fiber and styling versatility. When a wig can be cut, permed and dyed, it allows the wearer to style it as if it were their real hair. If you find it difficult or time consuming to style your human hair wig or extension, a better option for you might be a human/synthetic hair blend. These types of human hair wigs retain the style longer while maintaining the natural look and feel of real hair.

图片5 图片6

Caring for your Human Hair Wigs


Proper care is extremely important in maintaining the condition of your human hair wig. To gain the maximum benefit of your investment, washing and styling human hair wigs correctly will prolong the wig’s lifespan and beauty. Using products that are not designed specifically for alternative hair care will damage your wig and break down the fibers. Not only will you need to replace the wig more frequently, but the hair will appear lifeless and will become prone to breakage.


“In a perfect world… love would always be in bloom.” All over soft, below-the-shoulder layers is the highlight of ‘Goodyard hair’. Easily change the texture from lightly waved to tightly curl in this sensual style with unparalleled parting versatility and off-the-face styling options, Cascades of soft defined waves…natural movement… and sultry styling. To ‘Goodyardhair’ indeed… this hair piece is 100% Human Hair and you able to achieve any style.

图片7 图片8

Goodyard wigs has lengthy Optimum Cuticle Hair with a full lace front. Great shine, healthy look with a completely natural hairline. This amazing 100% hand-tied, human hair wig has a monofilament top for the ultimate in realism and styling flexibility, also available in a petite size.


Go to and leave us message to make a customized wigs of your own ~

The fashion of Game of Thones

Eventhough the updated season has been ending by the love between Daenrys and Jon snow ,

But still we have been attached as well for the fashion style of their hair and fashionable armour ,


The braidhair style of Daenrys has lead the 2017 halloween fashion , from her beautiful blondie wavy hair


and the powerful braid Queen hair , the white blonde hair has been back to our fashion book


As a fan of this show , we could feel the change of Daenrys , she grown up step by step from a innocent princess to a indestructible Dragon mother , her strong mind of life should be the idol of all of morden women, we could see so many girls who cosplay her style , let’s see one of them below


If you also would like to make comparation to her , welcome to contact Goodyard.

Why You Need Wigs In Your Life

Why you need wigs in your life, just for beauty or daily wear need? Here I make a list for reasons that why you need wigs in your life.


Give Your Natural Hair A Break

If you’re looking to give your hair a break from the heat of blow dryers and straighteners without transitioning to natural styles, a wig is the perfect answer. Not only does it keep the need for hair maintenance to a minimum, but it also promotes growth while you let your hair rest underneath.


Give You The Freedom To Try Out A New Style

Luckily, trying a new wig isn’t just for hiding a temporary mistake! If you want to take precautionary measures before committing to a new look, use a wig! I mean, you don’t know when will you want a bob or different color hair, but you don’t want to cut down your long hair for such a flash love maybe, then a wig is your best choice.


Something Wrong With Your Stylist

Wigs also come in handy during those times when your stylist is having an off day, or you take a risk and sit in the chair of a hairdresser you’re meeting for the very first time. If you can’t stomach your new look your stylist just botched, consider covering it up with a wig for the sake of your comfort and confidence levels.


Different Wigs Express Your Different Feelings

If you want to embrace each and every mood you’re feeling throughout each week or month, wigs provide that versatility. If you’re looking to switch it up without the permanence of a cut or installing extensions, copping a braid wig, bob wig and a short cut wigs is the move for you.


Its to Hard to Care for Your Natural Hair.

Some guys just like her natural hair looks, that’s OK. But care for it everyday is really a hard work. How about just tie your hair up and wear a wig. You only need to take down the wig once a week to wash it is you choose a 100% human hair wigs.


So what’s your reasons for choose a wig? Maybe you will have some prblems for buy wigs online or in wig store near you. But as we all know that every problems have solutions. Questions is how many reasons do you have to buy a wig.

Fashion Synthetic wigs

Recently the fashion synthetic wigs is more and more popular, because now all young people are catching their own styles and personality in socity, which makes the wigs also more and more colorful.

As a professional synthetic wigs manufacturer, Goodyard would like to introduce some important information to you when you decide to buy A wig.

  1. Cap base

First,Many people are looking for wigs with full lace base.


Second, most common cap is lace front base,handtied area is 13 inch(ear to ear)*2.5 inch(partings)


2.Color styles

Colorful and natural same as human hair wigs


  1. Handtied 1cm back when you put your ponytail



welcome to visit Goodyard web to find more wig information.

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