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How to keep clients through communication?

One of our customers from Netherlands ordered classic eyelash extensions with value more than  $30,000 in bulk last week . He has become our VIP customer and has been working with us for nearly 5 years. He also used his own brand to provide a large amount of silk eyelash extensions for his local beauty salons . Expect high-quality eyelashes, communication is also very important for us to maintain a long-term relationship. Here, we want to share some tips to how to keep your clients through communication.


According to the experience of our top sales staff, professionalism is very important for us to have a good business relationship with our customers. Especially in the highly competitive eyelash industry, there are too many eyelash suppliers for them to choose from, all customers want to get professional and comfortable service. Remember to be familiar with their orders and focus on every detail. When they have negative feedback on the order, remember not to ignore it,Try our best to find out the reason and solve it as soon as possible, otherwise you may lose your this customer soon. In addition, in every important holiday,you can send your sincere blessings to them to keep more closely connect with them.

For eyelash salons, communication is also very important for lash artists, so that your customers can come back next time:) Here are some suggestions to tell your clients that when they come to do eyelash extensions, they will leave a good impression on you and come back.

eyelash with private label

1.Tell the customer to completely remove eye makeup before applying eyelash extensions,because the oil in the cosmetics will cause the durability of the grafted eyelashes to decrease.

2.Tell customers usually it’s better to use more than three lengths of lash extensionfor each eye, so that the eyes will look good and let customers feel your professionalism.

3.Tell the customer that there is a 0.5mm distance between the applying eyelashes and the root of your real eyelashes, which will not harm the eyes, and the effect will be natural and beautiful. If the distance is too far, it will burden their own eyelashes. It hurts, so you can bring out the professionalism of the eyelash artist and the care for the customer.

4. Tell the customer about the detailed care after applying,such as not touching the water for 6-8 hours, etc. If you have any discomfort after returning home, you should contact them in time. In this way, let customers feel your sense of responsibility and care.

Do you have any good ideas about how to keep good relationship with your clients through communication?  Let’s share together. If you have the demand of eyelash extensions, welcome to look through more details on our website :



Can different specification of silk lash extensions be applied on different position of natural lash?

Bothered with different natural lash direction? Don’t know how to apply lash extensions perfectly? No worry from now on! Silk lash extension is the most classic lash extension which can create different lash look including natural set, hybrid set and more. IIWAKA silk lash extension is made of high quality synthetic fiber, curl J/B/C/CC/D/D+, thickness 0.03/0.05/0.07/0.1/0.15/0.18/0.2/0.25mm, length 6-16mm and mix length. With these different specifications, you can apply on different position of natural lash according to different customer’s lash condition!


Basically silk lash extensions can be applied freely, here are some tips for your reference:

J/B—apply below natural lash

C/CC/D/D+ —apply above natural lash

Thickness>0.1mm —apply below and above natural lash

Thickness<0.1mm —apply UDLR

Also you can check full tip video at

Now huge stock of IIWAKA silk lash extension available!
Stable quality with fast shipping! Also custom label available! More tip videos released on Instagram @carol_goodyard_official, remember to follow and like! Welcome to DM for more wholesale lash info!

Ins: @carol_goodyard_official

WhatsApp: +86-18765287897


How to Care for Your Eyelash Extensions from Goodyard ?

When you get the eyelash extensions on the lash salon, it’s also very important to know how to care the false eyelashes to make them look beautiful and last longer. Here we would like to learn how to care your lash extension correctly.


The correct eyelash care and applying process will make the eyelashes more beautiful and help protect your eyelashes healthier at the same time.Need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1.Do not touch water within 6 hours after applying eyelash extension. Water will affect the effectiveness of the glue and affect its durability.

2.After applying the eyelashes, you don’t need to apply mascara again, you can apply eye makeup normally. But when removing makeup, be sure not to use oil-containing products, so please prepare makeup remover in advance. When removing makeup, gently wipe with a cotton swab to prevent false eyelashes from falling off due to rubbing.


3.When you find that there are false eyelashes about to fall off, don’t pull it with your hands. This will greatly damage your eyelashes. You can use an eyelash brush to smooth the eyelashes and wait for it to fall naturally. About 2 weeks after apply, the eyelashes fall off more severely. This can be repaired or removed by an eyelash artist in the store.

Therefore, do you think it’s essential to know the care tips for lashes?

Goodyard Hair is providing large number of eyelash extensions to salons and wholesaler . Private label is also available. We also would like to share care tips for clients as well. . If you have any inquiry to lash extensions, please contact us by email or whats app:+8615092036412.

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions about Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are realistic looking eyelashes that are used to enhance the length, curl, thickness, and fullness of natural eyelashes.So many ladies like to wear eyelash extensions.While,they also have some confusions about eyelash extensions. Here below the three frequently questions about lash extensions.


Q1: How long can my lash extension last?

–Approximately 1 to 2 months, and it will be supplemented once a month.

The eyelash extensions are glued to the real eyelashes, so they will fall off with the growth cycle of your eyelashes (about two months). It is normal to drop 3 to 4 pieces a day, usually half of it will fall off after one month, then it’s time to add new lash extensions.


Q2: Will the eyelash extension hurts my eyelashes?

–For real eyelashes, the false eyelashes are OK if they are not “overweight”.

This will prevent the real eyelashes from breaking due to being too heavy. It should not be directly attached to the root of the eyelashes when grafting. Leave a distance of about 0.5-1.0mm so that it will not cause sensitivity or hinder eyelash growth.

Q3:What should I do if the eyelashes extension are messed up?

–Just comb it with eyelash brush.

Usually when you wake up after a sleep, the grafted eyelashes will become a little messy. At this time, you can use the eyelash brush to comb the eyelashes in one direction to restore the original neatness of the eyelashes. It should be noted that the intensity should be light so that the eyelashes will not be combed.


Will you feel more at ease after reading the above content? Goodyard Hair manufacturer various eyelash extension types,such as individual lashes, flat lashes, easy-fan lash extensions and volume lashes. Welcome to click below link to get more details of our lash products.

Goodyard IIWAKA Lash Extension

Fall is coming! Have you had a great summer time? Do you think about getting a new lash set for the beautiful cool fall? Don’t forget to try Goodyard IIWAKA lash extensions!

With more than 10 years experience, Goodyard IIWAKA Lash always supply high quality lash material which is cruelty free, exquisite technique makes sure stable curl, updated silver foiled label is more easily removed from basis.


We have supplied many salons, wholesalers and academy with IIWAKA Lash and got lots of excellent feedback. Now huge stock of individual silk lashes are available! 8-14mm length, J/B/C/D curl, 0.03/0.05/0.07/0.1/0.15/0.2 thickness, easy for lash technicians to create different natural, volume or fluffy look!



Silk lash is the most classic lash extension and can be applied with other lashes like easy fan lashes, YY lashes, premade fan lashes together to create different lash set! More lash videos will be released on ins @carol_goodyard_offical, please remember to check, follow and like!

Ins: @carol_goodyard_official

WhatsApp: +86-18765287897



Inside Corner Lashes

Those tedious. little inside corner lashes … The bane of our existence right?! As frustrating and challenging as they are, they’re absolutely essential when it comes to creating a gorgeous shape!

Check out the difference in these two sets of volume lashes.


While the lashes look good, they stop abruptly just shy of the inside corner, creating an un-natural, unfinished look.



By finishing those inside corners you get a more natural, beautiful, finished look.

So how do you get to those pesky little lashes that are so quick to hide away once you’ve placed your tape or eye pads?



Use your fingers to gently pull the outside corners away from the nose and tape. Doing so will spread out those inside corner lashes making them more visible and easier to isolate. Pulling the skin just under the brow bone up and taping will also bring those little lashes out of hiding and make them easier to see.



Mastering the inside corners will not only make your sets look more beautiful, it will truly set you apart as a lash artist. Because they’re so tricky, and because you can still product a pretty set of lashes without covering all the inside corner lashes a lot of lash artists continue to avoid them. There are still a lot of lash artists who haven’t mastered the art of shaping, or who don’t see the need for it. Be the lash artist that goes above and beyond for your clients! Strive for fully completed sets and mastering the art of shaping. You’re sets will look SO much better and your business will thrive because of it!

7 WAYS TO GET YOUR CLIENTS COMING BACK(eyelashes extensions)


Building and maintaining a successful lash business is no easy feat. Finding new clients is one thing, but turning them into repeat customers is a whole different strategy. Read on for our seven favorite tips to keeping your lash clients!


Reschedule at Each Appointment

Pinning down a fill or follow-up appointment in person is key. So often, clients forget to schedule over the phone or online and then end up falling through the cracks. Be as visual as possible when doing this and show your clients your calendar and let them choose the date.


Follow Up

If there’s a client you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile, reach out to them! Sometimes the lack of a follow up appointment are purely because the client forgot or became too busy to contact you. If there’s a reason for them not returning, listen! Which leads us too…


Listen to Feedback

Whether it be good or bad, listen to your feedback. For the things you get praised on, keep up the good work! But, it’s vital to pay attention to negative feedback. It may sting, but turn the negative feedback into positive action. Constantly improving your technique and business practices will keep your clients coming back for more.


Make Clients Feel Important

Treat every client with respect and kindness while still giving each person a unique experience. Whether it’s remembering their favorite Pandora station to play during the appointment or remembering details about their life, they’ll notice the effort and keep coming back for more. You can even create some awesome friendships through lashing!


Give Loyalty Perks

Give your clients a reason to keep coming back through loyalty perks. You can decide which works best for your clientele and business, but things like a punch card, a free fill after every 10, etc. are great ways to show your clients you appreciate your business. It also gives them incentive to stay loyal with one lash artist-YOU!


Be Transparent

Let your clients know the state of their eyelashes, how to care for their lashes, etc. If a client wants a very dramatic look but their natural lashes can’t handle the weight, let them know! Being honest and working through problems together will create a good artist-client relationship. The healthier their lashes look and feel, the happier the client will be!


Be the Best, Use the Best

Never stop learning and improving your skills. Your clients will notice your effort and determination and come back for more. Also, make sure you are only using the highest quality materials so your clients have the prettiest lashes possible!



For more information, pls visit our website at

How to Fix Sad, Droopy Eyelashes

If your eyelashes are stubbornly-straight, chances are even after curling and using mascara they stick straight down and look sad. Having beautifully curled lashes make eyes look more awake, most of the time the right trick will help the lashes keep its curl. Here are a few tips to help fix droopy eyelashes


Heated Eyelash Curler

For stubborn, straight lashes that don’t seem to hold a curl- the Heated Lash Curler is the best for long-lasting results. The curler comes in a wand like shape that is much similar to a mascara brush, once the curler is heated use it to wiggle from the base of your lashline to the ends. You will need to hold the wand in place at the base for 5 to 10 seconds before moving upward. If you want thicker, darker, fuller and longer eyelashes, do not forget to apply mascara before using your heated lash curler


Curling Mascara

If you’re blessed with gorgeous long lashes, you probably have a hard time keeping them looking curled all day. The moment you finish curling your eyelashes, apply a thin coat of waterproof mascara and skip out on using volatizing mascara. A curling mascara provides lift immediately after curling and seals in your curl for all day wear. If your longer lashes ends up smearing mascara onto their lower eyelids, a waterproof formula is key. The consistency is lighter and have a drier texture so the lashes freeze in the curl quicker.


Fiber Volume

Goodyard lashes work best to build the look of more volume and thickness while holding a curl. The formula is lightweight with the black sculpting fibers seamlessly build onto your own lashes to achieve naturally voluminous lashes. If you struggle with false eyelashes looking too outrageous and unnatural, lash fibers create a flattering look of fake lashes without the application frustration. Most mascara will weight down the lashes causing them to appear droopy, Goodyard lashes are a better alternative!


View more, please click


The Holiday’s are in full swing and we’re having blast thinking up all different kinds of holiday inspired lashes.

One of the best part of lashes is that they’re customizable. If you want to go and get a full set of red and green lashes, you totally can! If you want a more subtle sparkle for a New Years Eve party,

Heres some of our favorite looks and tips on how to recreate them.


Winter hues can last past the holly jolly season. Light and sparkly blues, give your eyes a nice ice bitten look.


How to get this look: Apply thin (.15) blue colored lashes to each natural lash to achieve a full look. Once lashes have cured, apply blue shadow with a thick shadow stick, like this one here.  It’s very important to wait until the adhesive cures (about 24 hours) to apply the shadow because when you wash off your makeup, you don’t want to effect your lash retention.


How to get this look: This look is a little darker and has more sparkle than the one above. To achieve this look, apply dark blue lashes to each individual natural lash. The thickness and diameter can be determine by client’s preference.

The added sparkle can be achieved by placing glitter lashes on the outer corners. We’d recommend using silver and blue glitter lashes, which can be found here.



How to get this look: This is a very subtle Christmas flair to a natural set of lashes. To achieve this look, apply volume lashes. Leave a few lashes on the outer corners unlashed. When you have finished applying all of the normal volume lashes, apply red lashes to the outer corner. If you wish, you can apply greenglittered or silver lashes to this look!


How to get this look: To achieve this look apply classic lash extensions to each individual natural lash. Leave a few lashes (about 15) unlashed from the center of the eye to the outer corners. Place one glitter lash extension to the remaining natural lashes.



When it comes to applying eyelash extensions, technique is only half the battle. Being able to artfully shape the eye is what will set you apart as an industry leader. Try applying these 3 tips during your next appointment! The end result will be full, beautiful lashes and a very happy client. And really, what more could you ask for?


1.   Taping back the tips of the extensions that have already been placed allows you to see those 2nd and 3rd layer lashes that are harder to see and reach. Try taping back different sections as you go instead of just at the end of the appointment. Doing this not only makes isolating easier but ensures that you’re being extra thorough throughout the entire appointment. When using this method make sure the pad or tape you’re using isn’t too sticky. Also, be careful to only tape back the very tips of the extensions. Taping too far down the lash will pull too hard on the lashes and will force your clients eyes to open, which could result in irritations.


2  Never, I repeat, NEVER, glue the entire extension to the entire natural lash. Natural lashes are wild and point in every which way, when you glue your extension entirely to the natural lash your extensions will then point in every which way. And whats worse is the extensions will then be stiff and lose all flexibility. Nobody wants that. To create a beautifully uniform set, adhere the extensions only 2mm from the base of the natural lash and redirect the tips where you want them. This allows you to style and shape the lashes how you want them. Make the extensions work for you! Not the other way around.


3.   While long, thick, beautiful lashes are what we all want and strive for in our sets, there is such a thing as too many lashes. Yes, it’s true! And it’s especially true on those outside corners. If you overload the lash line of the outer corners they’ll appear heavy and they will sag, which in turn will make the eyes appear smaller because they’re being bombarded by bushy, caterpillar looking lashes. No thanks. Always be more concerned about quality over quantity and make sure you’re shaping the lashes and not just putting an extension on just to put it on. Give each extension a purpose. Try putting curlier lashes, like D curl, on the outside corners to help lift the eye and make it appear bigger and brighter.


Ombre Eyelash –You Deserve for Christmas Holiday

Can you feel that Christmas Holiday is coming ?

And what is the best way to celebrate sun and fun than to celebrate with your lashes ?


The perfect way to add a pop of color to your eye look without wearing any eyeliner or eye shadows is with Ombré false eyelashes. These are beautifully created with a gradient effect of color on the ends of the lashes.

Ombre lashes made from silk fibre with coloured tips ,that have been pre-dyed at the ends .They are fully coming to life when in the sun and are just perfect for holidays,festivals and summer parties .Many different colors for you to create fun and festive look!




How to Create Ombre Eyelashes By yourself

If you want to create ombre eyelashes by yourself .It’s also quite easy .

You will need a lash comb and your favorite bright color gel eyeliner. You can probably find a colored mascara but chances are the product will have a hard time coating the black synthetic lash hair. Gel eyeliner are more thicker in texture and have a great opacity for the color to appear strong.


You will need 2 different shades of gel eyeliner, one has to be bright and other more darker.

Start by combing your eyelashes with a clean brush to separate the strands, you want to do this while you have already applied your false eyelashes to your eyes.


Coat the mascara wand with your bright color gel eyeliner, start with the lightest shade and allow the product to dry. The trick is to color the eyelashes from the roots outwards, vertically. You should use lighter colors or tones at the inner corners and darker ones towards the outside to make your eyes look bigger.


Once it’s dried, take the deeper shade and slightly overlap the first color but not too much until you reach the outer corners of your eyes, and your ombre eyelashes are ready!




It’s one thing to be able to master the technical side of eyelash extensions, but being able to shape the eye and give your client a set that is perfect for their specific features is what will set you apart from other lash artists.

Always take into consideration what the client’s eye shape is. Are their eyes deep-set? Or are they protruding? Wide-set or close-set? Do they have hidden lids? Are their eyes round or almond shaped?

If you were to put the same length of extensions on someone with protruding eyes as someone with deep set eyes, the extensions would look much shorter on someone deep set eyes. Be sure not to overpower small and close-set eyes with long, heavy extensions. Adding length and curl to hidden lids and deep set eyes can open up and accentuate your clients eyes. Those with almond shaped eyes look stunning with a glamorous cat eye shaped extensions. Those with sparse natural lashes will greatly benefit from Volume lashes.


Clients may come in asking for anything from a natural shape to a dramatic babydoll look. It’s your job as a lash artist to have a thorough consultation with your client to see if what they want is a good fit for their natural lashes. We all know by now that putting an extension that is too heavy and too long on a weak, flimsy natural lash is damaging to your clients lashes. Use the consultation as an opportunity to educate your client on the different styles of lashes and what would be a great fit for them. It may take a couple appointments to figure out what lengths, diameter, curl and placement works best for them and that’s okay! Let your client know that there’s a learning curve with new clients and to make sure they’re communicating with you what is working and what isn’t.

Here is perfect example of how long extensions look on someone with protruding eyes. Borby educator Miranda didn’t have to use anything longer than 12mm on her client to give her lots of length because of her eye shape.


Borby educator Kelly maps out how to create the perfect natural look. Our lashes are naturally shorter in the inside and outside corners and longest in the middle.

Eyelash extensions don’t always need to be long and glamorous to be beautiful. A more natural look can easily be created by only covering about 80% of the natural lashes with extensions and using a thinner diameter and shorter length.

D curl lashes open up the eyes and make them appear bigger. They also give clients that bold dramatic look!

The cat eye shape is created by starting with a shorter length on the inside corners and gradually increasing the length as you reach the outside corners.

Our focus as lash artists is to enhance our clients natural beauty, not overpower it. Mastering the skill of being able to artfully shape your clients lashes allows you to do just that. What’s your favorite shape to create for your clients? Let us know in the comments below!


How to Apply Strip False Eyelashes


False eyelash extensions, Strip Lashes, are a great way to add fullness and volume to your natural lashes quickly. Wear strip lashes for a day or for a few weeks. The choice is yours. Strip lashes are fast, easy, and you get consistent results every time.


1.Size the lashes. Before gluing the lashes on, you will need to make sure they are not too wide for your eye. Hold the lash strips up against your eyelid, and trim them down on the sides if necessary.


 If the strip needs to be cut to fit, snip the outer edge completely off with small nail scissors. This will avoid drooping at the corner (meaning: no more lashes poking your eyeball). 


2.Squeeze a thin line of lash glue onto the back of your non-dominant hand.

Now, gently run the outer seam of the eyelash strip along it. Allow the glue to dry for a moment before applying it to your lashes.



3.Place the strip on your eyelid, positioning it as close as possible to your natural lashes. Bring the strip down from above, not from the front. This is to ensure that you get as close as possible to your lashline.



4.Allow the glue to dry naturally. Once the strip is in place, you do not need to press or hold it.



 5.Apply mascara to your lashes. This will help blend your natural lashes with the false ones, achieving a more natural look. You can use black, brown, or dark gray mascara.


6. If you see a gap showing on the eyelid between your real lashes and falsies, don’t worry! You don’t have to pull it off and start again, says Brascia. Just fill in the gap, using a matte black eye shadow as a liner to hide it.This step will also help the glue dry more quickly. 





Mink eyelashes: Are They Worth The Fuss?




Mink fur eyelashes are available now exclusively at Good Yard Hair!The same glamorous lashes once available only to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan are now available to you.

Mink Eyelashes are 100% natural mink- not synthetic imposters.

They are made from individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live animals.

Our mink lashes are hand-made. Because they are not chemically treated or dyed,the rich, velvet-like appearance found only in mink fur is successfully maintained.




Celebrities choose mink eyelashes for a reason! Mink hair provides more length and thickness, and with less weight than human hair, with every strand . Mink hair also will withstand more uses than synthetic eyelashes, with mink eyelashes reported to last up to 25 uses from a single set.

At the same time, mink eyelashes are also fine and lightweight enough to include multiple strands (hairs) per lash, which is why The Lashes strip lashes can be quite thick and dense without overloading the eye.

Looking for a dramatic lash or a subtle one?

         We made a handy dandy chart just for you.




Criss-crosses give a natural glam effect. Some types of eyes, like smaller eyes or shallow-lidded ones,can’t carry several sets of lashes.If you want to add drama and extreme dimension without extra weight , this one will be your best.



When you want sexy that does not necessarily look natural,this lash is for you.

Little Criss-crosses reduce the weight,extremely thick give you a fuller looking.



Wisps give a glam look,making it look like you were born with flawless lashes.



With a length that fans out most the outer corners,these lashes add length,volume,and help the eyes pop.I would say they also look surprisingly natural.



Spikes,gives a retro, wide-eyed cutie look.Kinda like Twiggy,it work equally well for period-inspired makeup(especially a 70’s look)as they do when layered with individuals for a modern red carpet look.



Ultra thick,whimsical,and very feminine.These lashes add the maximal amount of length and volume to help the eyes pop.They are dramatic and make a bold statement.



Thick and feminine.This particular style adds dramatic length and volume,and helps the eyes pop.



These add a tremendous amount of volume,a moderate amount of length,and add a lot of glamorous, dramatic,and feminine.



Mink fur eyelashes should be treated with care.Just an you would not bathe or sleep in a mink coat.The mink eyelashes should not come into contact with water and should be removed and stored safely before gonging to sleep.

Don’t settle for beautiful.Be charming,be you!




Tips On Eyelash Extension Application – 3

Although the eyelash extensions are not in contact with clients’ own skin, the poor quality eyelash extensions and glue will hurt your customers’ natural lashes and eyes. Eyelash glue in poor quality can stimulate people’s eyes. Then cause allergic reactions through tears or sweat. So choose the healthy and environmental eyelash factory, enhance the skill of eyelash grafting, take care of the eyelash extensions after application are very important.

There are three stages of applying eyelash extensions.

Acquaintance– breaking-in period

The first time applying eyelash extensions, the lash of people will have a breaking-in period with the extensions. According to the body’s metabolism, some lashes will fall off normally after 30 days. Then people will have a good impression on them.

Like-Adaptation period

The second time applying eyelash extensions, the lash of people have adapted the exist of lash extensions. Then they will make people have a lasting beauty with the eyes. Now people will begin to like them.

Love – Consolidation period

The third time applying eyelash extensions, they will be felt like your own lashes. Then people will fall in love with them and can’t leave them.

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