First, you need to prepare the ink with water, alcohol ink, synthetic hair wefts or wigs, and don’t forget gloves.

Make the dye in bag not too watery. And the more ink darker color, less ink will give a pastel on blonde.

Put whole piece in a zipper bag.

Lots of shaking & moving hair.

Squish & Squish. Make sure color is all over squish squish.

Take it out of the bag carefully.

Squish out dye from top to bottom.

Make more pink ink. Watermelon pink squeeze in 1/2 teaspoon.

Plum ink just a little. Add 2 colors for pink you want.

Put both inks in bag now add a little water.

Weft & twist to dip for ombre look.

Put in the twisted bottom & squishy time.

Check to see if the color is what you want.

Take it out slowly squish top to bottom.

Going to redip top in purple to make it darker. It will fade to a light purple middle to a dark pink bottom.

When you did this you can set the ink with the hair dryer heat, not too hot though. Depending on the wig some have a chemical layer on them that makes the ink not take well. You should also rinse the pieces to get out left over ink so it doesn’t get on your body etc. You may have to do a double dye job to get a dark color set.

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