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This Spring in 2016, GoodYardHair released a new collection of high-end synthetic wigs.All the wigs are designed by Abeir Awad, who is a world famous top designer in hair industry. There are totally 7 styles in this collection, all adopt high quality KaneKalon fiber, natural color and feeling, 100% exactly similar to the human hair but easy maintained, in a wide range of color choices. Please kindly view more details below.


Haute short style, yet ready to wear. Features a soft fringe blended in heavily texutred layers and disconnected ends throughtout to achieve a feathery, delightful silhouette and endless versatility.



Super sleek eye catching angled bob. Features a side swept fringe and jagged cut front to achieve a low-fuss style. With the chin-length cut, you can show off your shoulders and decolletage perfectly for elegant evenings. The “bob” cut is one of the most popular shor haircuts that is always on trend.



A sexy, captivating style with long,face framing subtle layers. Slight texture is created by soft layers around the back and side which compliment the length and create a perfectly shaped style.



Casually tousled style with customized razored layers for natural fullness in the crown. Long layers along the fringe enhance the sultry effect. Flipped finished tiers and arched ends compliment the versatility of the celebrity style.



Unique,yet retro,chin length bob featuring a side swept fringe horizon, angled sides graduated into a tapered nape and stacked layers through the crown to maximize texture and tousled movement.



short and “edgy” style, with point-cut layered and feathered fringe that can be tamed or tousled. Nape-hugging tapered edges combien to add Allure to this timeless silhouette.



A trendy look features a wispy cut with progressive mixed layers with heavily texturized beveled ends. A side swept fringe is razor-sliced to achieve defined layers. Tapered back with flipped flared ends. A quick shake and go style.


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How to Style Your Synthetic Wig

Styling Tools:

Your fingertips and a spray bottle of cold water are essential styling tools. Use only brushes and combs that are designed for wigs. Regular hairbrushes can cause over stretching of the hair and damage to your wig.

Shake and Go:

Our synthetic wigs have “style memory”. This means that they retain their style even after they have been washed. For this reason, they require very little styling. To restore the original style, simply shake the wig. If the style is still looking a bit “tired,” you can spritz it lightly with a spray bottle of water and work the hair with your fingertips. A spritz of water will also remove any static electricity. Do not comb or brush the hair when wet.

Styling Variations:

Your wig was designed with a basic style but the variations you can achieve are limitless. To add height, gently lift with a wig comb. For additional volume, gently tease or back comb and then smooth the surface hair over the teasing. To achieve a “spikey” look or to define your hair style, our liquid moose is an essential styling tool. For curly or wavy hair styles, simply mousse, hand scrunch and pick the style into curls. For straight hair styles, simply mousse and work the hair with your fingertips. Your wig can be returned to its basic style by washing it and allowing it to air dry.

Cutting Your Wig:

Your wig comes with a basic style, but it can be cut and shaped by a professional hair stylist to customize the look. This is a great way to make the wig uniquely your own. Often, a little trim on the bangs and a little thinning here or there can make all the difference. Everyone has a different face shape, a different forehead length, and different style preferences. To achieve the most flattering look for your unique face shape, the wig should be cut while you are wearing it.

Restyling Your Wig:

To completely restyle your wig, we recommend taking your wig to a professional stylist or wig salon.

How To Dye Synthetic Hair To Ombre Color

First, you need to prepare the ink with water, alcohol ink, synthetic hair wefts or wigs, and don’t forget gloves.

Make the dye in bag not too watery. And the more ink darker color, less ink will give a pastel on blonde.

Put whole piece in a zipper bag.

Lots of shaking & moving hair.

Squish & Squish. Make sure color is all over squish squish.

Take it out of the bag carefully.

Squish out dye from top to bottom.

Make more pink ink. Watermelon pink squeeze in 1/2 teaspoon.

Plum ink just a little. Add 2 colors for pink you want.

Put both inks in bag now add a little water.

Weft & twist to dip for ombre look.

Put in the twisted bottom & squishy time.

Check to see if the color is what you want.

Take it out slowly squish top to bottom.

Going to redip top in purple to make it darker. It will fade to a light purple middle to a dark pink bottom.

When you did this you can set the ink with the hair dryer heat, not too hot though. Depending on the wig some have a chemical layer on them that makes the ink not take well. You should also rinse the pieces to get out left over ink so it doesn’t get on your body etc. You may have to do a double dye job to get a dark color set.

Goodyard is a professional factory of hair and eyelash products. If you’d like to try some of our synthetic hair or remy human hair products, pls don’t hesitate to leave a order at Thank you.

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