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How to Make A Wig With Hair Wefts & Lace Closures

Most people like wigs, not just for covering up flaws, but most for fashion and beauty. And some people especially love to DIY their own wigs with lace closures and hair wefts. It is much cheaper than a human hair wig and also gives people more sense of achievement. For the full head hand made wig, need 3 hair wefts and 1 piece of lace closure. Now I’ll show you how to make the wigs by yourselves.

First you’ll need a foamed plastics model head. Put the cap on the head. Make the lace closure fixed to the cap.

Now, started by sewing the closure down to the cap.

Sew the weft under the edge of the cap so it can be worn in a high ponytail.

Sew using the loop & pull method for secure wefts. Never sew threw wefts!

Secure your wefts before flipping.

Apply tracks in a upside down U shape, it creates smoothness.

Make tight neat loop & pull stiches

Your tracks should be in the upside down U shape not straight across

Sew the last track all the way around & attach it to the closure.

Be sure to make stitches tight and small

Cut the U shape piece of cap from under the closure.

Ending results! You can add some large curls or cut some layers.

After reading it, then would you like to try to make your own hand made wigs? Do it right now!

In fact, most people would like to get it at salons or buy the wefts with lace closures at shops and then get them made into wigs at salons. So I believe it’ll be a hot seller at salons and hair stores. Why don’t you get some inventory of them? Don’t hesitate to make an order of the wefts with closures at! Even samples are available. Always there waiting for you 😀


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  1. itz nice to know about Hair wig, and wig making.

  2. Erica A Murray

    Thanks for the instructional; however, it was be nice next time if you can show more visuals for the instructions (or a video). For the beginner, it’s not super clear! An image of the wig cap you used would have been helpful and to sew the weft under the edge of the cap so it can be worn in a high ponytail wasn’t very clear.

    Nonetheless, I will try it…hopefully, it works…I’ll let you know!

    Thank you so much!

    • admin

      Thanks for your reply and suggestions in details. For the blog, I’ll write more clearly. And for the video, we’ll try to make some with more good idea. Thanks again. And if you’d like to try these hair from us, I’ll be grateful 😉

  3. ndivhuho

    been trying making wigs so many times and it seems i always fail somewhere. Video for me will do but as for sewing i have learnt it and no problem with it……front part am still struggling and with lace its a problem but hopefully will continue practicing.

    Thank you so much

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