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Invisible Seamless Injection Tape Hair Extensions

Injection tape hair extensions become very popular on the market, such injected technology is always used for making toupees and wigs, with the rapid development of hair industry, the original way can no longer meet the needs of client, people want to get more invisible and seamless effort. This new method is much more advanced than common tape in hair, it looks like hair growing from our own scalp, bringing you perfect looking.
Injection Tape In Hair
Here below are some features of Injection Tape Hair Extensions:

1.Invisible and more natural, mimics root growth to give elegance invisible skin looking

  1. More transparent without any knot and no return/short hair at top
  2. Lay completely flat to the head, thinner and extremely comfortable than ordinary tape extensions, close to the human skin, without any knots impact.
  3. Effective method with less hair can be applied to create maximum impact.
  4. Great value, cheaper price than the hand-tied skin tape hair
  5. No damage to natural hair. Anti-shedding, reusable, durable, create maximum impact

Goodyard team never stop steps to bring you perfect hair, everything you will get from us are all best!

Best PU Base

Use medical-grade glue, very soft & comfortable, added skin to have the matte result, for the most important is we evenly inject the hair into the tape, so it’s more invisible, just look like your own scalp.

Best Tape

American Walker Tape are always used, sticky and waterproof, easy to remove and environment-friendly. Pressure-sensitive technology, the tape will get tighter and tighter after taking on if no washing within 48 hours, replace the tape every 6-8 weeks.

Best Hair Material

Hair material are selected 100% raw ponytail from one donor’s head directly, natural & healthy without any chemical treatment, will last for more than 12 months with good maintenance, making great value.

Thin and Soft

Goodyard tape hair is very thin and soft, you can’t even feel it, 10 pieces in the same weight, the thickness of our hair is only 7.94mm, but the general ones are in 10mm.

Other hair extensions such as hair weft or clip in hair could be applied with this method as well. Injection clip in hair is very easy to apply and remove in minutes, go from short to long hair without ruining your hair.  Normal each set is around 120g including 7-10 pieces, if you want to get fuller-looking, it’s ok to add hair weight to be 150g or more. How many grams you need depends on the length you want and how thick and long your own hair is.
Clip In Hair

If you have further questions about hair extensions or any other questions about Goodyard Hair company, please feel free to contact us. We are always online for your inquiry!

Things you cared about in Goodyard Hair

Are you hair extension salon? Are you hair extension wholesaler? Are you hair extension specialist? Or are you a hair extension online retailer? What kind of remy hair quality do you prefer? Which points do you care the most? As a professional hair extension supplier, Goodyard Hair always focus on each customer’s concern. If you care about same problems, please keep reading and let us answer!

As hair extension specialist, you probably pay more attention to color and hair extension types. Hair extension specialists care about more details of the hair extension itself because hair extension specialists are technicians, they know how to do the work and they contact customers in person, so they clearly know what customers’ needs. Goodyard Hair provides different color systems for the color problem. One is basic color system, which available to be extended to any colors as per your clients demands, eg. Balayage, highlight, platinum blond etc. The other is custom color system, which matched Goodyard color ring and customized by customers’ request. Goodyard Hair also supply all kinds of hair extension types including hair weft, hair weave, hand tied weft extensions, clip in hair extension, tape in weft, cold fusion hair extension and more. No matter which extension types you want, you can always find it at Goodyard Hair!
As hair extension salon, hair extension quality probably the most important thing to them. All customers want best remy hairs which have a long lifespan. To satisfy hair extension salon needs, Goodyard Hair supply different hair quality to different market. The best hair is Pure Virgin Remy hair which donated from young girl’s braids which are never processed or colored in any way, making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions. They are the best materials to create the light blonde colors and balayage colors. Virgin hair is also recommended because they are collected from donor’s braids, never be permed or colored and the cuticle is kept in the same direction, so the hair is silky and smooth. Both are 100% human hair.2
As hair extension retailer, fast shipping and adequate stocks may be very important. Goodyard Hair is a big professional hair extension manufacturer, we are seeking for long-term business relationship all the time. Once we are fortunate enough to be your supplier, we would like to arrange your orders in priority and producing in short time to ensure you have enough stock. FedEx and DHL worldwide shipping ensures the delivery time. Appointed shipping agent also available.

As hair extension wholesaler, they probably provide remy hair extensions to many of local buyers and salons. Therefore we understand price could be a very important factor in the process of purchase. Goodyard Hair has special quotation for those hair extension wholesalers who have large quantity purchase. The most important thing is, we always provide good quality remy hairs with affordable price!4
Goodyard Hair cares about every customer! No matter you are hair extension specialist, hair extension salon, hair extension retailer or hair extension wholesaler, each question you cared you can always find the solution at Goodyard Hair! Any further questions please feel free to contact us, waiting for your inquiry!

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Clip in Hair Extensions are very comfortable and convenient, they are easy to install in minutes and go from short to long hair without running your hair, increasingly popular among the fashionable world.

Goodyard clip in hair extensions are designed to transform your hair with adding volume & length and enhance your color in an instant. The most hot-sale styles including seamless & lace base, do you want to know the difference? Here, we provide you with a quick guide to everything you need to know about.

Clip In Hair
Seamless Clip In Extension Features

  • These extensions are bonded in silicone
  • Thin and super lightweight
  • They lay flat against your head
  • More natural looking with right volume at hair root
  • Completely no shedding
  • Transform your hair without any damage

Lace Clip In Extension Features

  • These extensions are stitched onto a durable French lace
  • They can add volume at the position of hair roots
  • They are virtually undetachable

What are differences between seamless and lace clip in hair extensions?
The seamless clip in hair extensions are bonded in silicone, the silicone weft is much thinner than lace weft, allows the extensions to lay flat on the head, it’s more suitable for someone who want to have a fine and thin hair. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear, what people love about the seamless hair extensions is that it does not feel heavy on someone’s head even after a day wearing them, that’s why most people prefer to use these extensions. Also, seamless is better for thinner hair. If you’re someone with thin, fine hair, the seamless set is also probably the better option for you!

The lace clip in hair extensions are sewing hair onto the durable French lace, which is a traditional method of making clip in hair extensions. It always has four layers of hair on the lace base, they’ll help to add bit volume at roots as they not as flat, have more hair attached to create a luxurious volume for the real hair, which could be beneficial if you have lackluster locks, so comparing with seamless hair extensions, it will feel a little heavier.

The clips used on our hair extensions are droplet-like clips, which are:

  • More comfortable than U-shape clips
  • Easily put in and remove
  • Harmless to your hair strands

Hopefully, this helped you get a general idea of which types of clip-in hair extensions would work better for you!

To learn more about us, welcome to visit our website:

Where to Get the Clip in Hair Extensions?

For women who are keen on fashionable hairstyles and colors, or women who dream of having long, thick and strong hair, clip in hair extensions must be the perfect choice for them. So, what are clip-on hair extensions and where to get them? Let’s Goodyard Hair introduce you clearly.

Whats Clip-in Hair Extension?

Clip-in hair extensions, also known as clip-in weaves, is an attachment method. Through multiple small pressure-sensitive clips, the weft of the hair can be easily installed into the natural hair. This type of attachment is very popular in the fashion world because the clip-in hair extensions are very easy to maintain and apply. They will blend perfectly with your natural hair, without any glue or heating, to giving a different look.


Where to Get the Clip-in Hair Extension?

Clip-ins is also very suitable for those beginners to extensions because it can be easily attached and removed. So if you are a individual looking for hair extension, you can buy the clip in hair extensions on online shop ,local hair salons and hair factory as well.


If you are a salon owner or wholesalers, it’s better to get the clip in hair extensions from the direct hair manufacturers which you can  get more cheaper wholesale price than purchase in your local  place. Goodyard Hair is the leading hair factory with over 30 years experience , we supply plenty of clip-in hair extensions made from 100% human hair. They varies in colors ,lengths and types including regular clip in hair ,seamless clip in and lace clip in hair extensions.

Have you got your clip in hair extensions yet? Welcome to send us your inquiry to Goodyard Hair if you are looking for the clip in hair extensions.


How To Dye Synthetic Hair To Ombre Color

First, you need to prepare the ink with water, alcohol ink, synthetic hair wefts or wigs, and don’t forget gloves.

Make the dye in bag not too watery. And the more ink darker color, less ink will give a pastel on blonde.

Put whole piece in a zipper bag.

Lots of shaking & moving hair.

Squish & Squish. Make sure color is all over squish squish.

Take it out of the bag carefully.

Squish out dye from top to bottom.

Make more pink ink. Watermelon pink squeeze in 1/2 teaspoon.

Plum ink just a little. Add 2 colors for pink you want.

Put both inks in bag now add a little water.

Weft & twist to dip for ombre look.

Put in the twisted bottom & squishy time.

Check to see if the color is what you want.

Take it out slowly squish top to bottom.

Going to redip top in purple to make it darker. It will fade to a light purple middle to a dark pink bottom.

When you did this you can set the ink with the hair dryer heat, not too hot though. Depending on the wig some have a chemical layer on them that makes the ink not take well. You should also rinse the pieces to get out left over ink so it doesn’t get on your body etc. You may have to do a double dye job to get a dark color set.

Goodyard is a professional factory of hair and eyelash products. If you’d like to try some of our synthetic hair or remy human hair products, pls don’t hesitate to leave a order at Thank you.

Fashionable Hairstyles for Christmas

Hey Fashionistas! Do you begin to prepare for the Christmas Eve? Do you decide what dress you will wear? What make up you will put and what hairstyle you will make? If you haven’t decided yet, you are in the right place. Today I will show you some fashionable hairstyles which will help you prepare for Christmas!

Nowadays hair extensions are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Using hair extensions to enhance the length, color and volume, which can really change your looking in a just few minutes and create a perfect style while attending all your personal events during the Christmas period.


Braided hairstyles make space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique. Besides, you can try with highlights, natural or curly texture, clips, patterns, shapes, etc.


Clip in hair extensions for Christmas parties are extremely popular and instantly add the glamour look, making you feel extra special in the spirit when you go out.


Ombre hair extensions are one of the most popular styles this year. If you want to change your style into Two-tone or Three-tone colors like the above pictures, using a hair weft is a good idea.


Volume hairstyles will let you become the most glamorous one on Christmas Eve, wave or curl can help you make that more visual.


A ponytail can also be a fashion statement; sometimes meaning sporty, other times a low pony tail sends signals of a chic personality.

The Advantage of Clip in Hair Extensions

Have you always desired to have long hair but did not have the time to maintain and take care of them? Do you envy celebrities who have long, curly or straight hair? Don’t despair; with the clip in hair extensions, every woman can make her dream of getting long hair a reality.


Clip in hair extensions are either made from natural hair or artificial hair. With natural hair costing more than the man-made variety. They come in a variety of shades such as black, dark brown, light brown, bond, etc. So that, a woman can choose the one which is almost the same color as her natural hair.

Voluminous hair is always a big hit. Clip in hair extensions not only can add length to the hair but also bring tons of volume to the thin lifeless tresses. It can improve the overall appearance of your natural hair while adding beauty and confidence for the individual wearing them.


Bored with your current hair style? Clip in hair extensions can help you. Clip in are available in any colors and textures.Get clip in hair additions and become a new women in 5 minutes. Women can style them whichever way she wants. She can curly them, straighten them or roll them in a bun. Clip in hair extensions look almost similar to the natural hair.

It takes just a few minutes to put them on and remove them. Thus saving a lot of time for the women but also not need to spend a lot of money. Because they can be applied by themselves at home, no money is required for putting them on in the hair salon.



Clip in hair extensions are a great way to add some life and volume to your dull hair. They are very versatile and thus offer you immense freedom in your hair styling regime. Go for it!

Goodyard at Hair Expo In Australia June 2014

With professional production technique, quality control system and good service, Goodyard has earned its high reputation among many countries .2014 Goodyard attend the hair expo in Australia on first time to visit old clients and survey new market .We meets lots of hair salons and wholesaler come to hair show to exchange their views and ideas each other .   


Goodyard has brought our new designs of fashionable wigs & innovative hair extensions, hair pieces and eyelashes to our current and potential customers.

During hair show, we have met lots of visitors who are interested in our products. Tape hair extension is one of the most popular products .We take various tape hair extension sample with different color and style to hair show and attract numerous visitors .Customers are very interested in our human hair quality ,no tangle, no shedding and feeling good .Many customers bought our sample and placed order immediately.     

Our clip in hair extensions, human hair wefts are also in high demand during exhibition. Some salons require new fashion hair extension, such as ombre color extension, nano ring hair extension.Sample we take is what they are looking for exactly.     


Thank you for visiting us and your valuable opinions which can help us to grow and improve. Goodyard will make every effort to let our clients satisfied with our products.

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