We know that hair extension products have a lot of beautiful colors, but do you know how to make these magic colorful hair extensions? Actually the raw materials are basically black, most of them come from Asia, such as India, China, etc. These ladies willing to donate their healthy hair, or sold the hair for a profit.

However, customers from all over the world have different demands for color. How did the black raw materials changed to colorful hair extension products? As a hair extension manufacturer, we’re happy to introduce to you.


1.BleachingProcess-Basic Color Hair Making

Through the oxidation process, the melanin on the hair is removed and oxidized to the color required by the customer.
Bleached colors are limited, there are only a few colors obtained by bleaching, but bleached hair can also be dyed again, so the bleached color hair will let hair stylists to create their magic, to extend to the colors as clients demands, eg. Balayage, highlight, platinum blond etc. Bleached hair offer more flexible color match and applications.

2.Dyeing Process-Custom Color Hair Making

According to the raw hair materials quality, natural color and hair amount, add a certain proportion of dyestuff for dyeing. This coloring process can be perfectly handled only by skilled technicians who possess plenty coloring experience, because of the need for flexible adjustment.

Dyeing can produce more than 30 colors, but the dyed hair should not be dyed again as it will damage the hair badly. By the dyeing process, hair color is basically a perfect match, and get a better color fixation in factory.

Interested to view more information, Goodyard hair dyeing process for you reference:

Color Match

Whether it’s bleached hair or dyed hair, perfect color match is needed. And color match is a very important process in the hair production, also a important point of the hair product business.

Color sample will be compared with the color ring, to confirm the final perfect match. Goodyard company will offer the color ring for customers, for reference during the production. We also accept customer’s color ring or ideas, and apply them in production.extension-tape-in

No matter who provided the color ring, our technicians will match the color to follow the standard and finally meet customers’ demands. After the color match is correct, we will dry the hair and the color process is finished.

Hope the above information will help you understand the industrial dyeing process. Which dyeing process do you prefer? The bleaching processing produces the basic color hair, the custom color hair making by extra dyeing process.hand-tied-hair-weft

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