Nano ring hair extensions are the latest application in the field of hair extensions, which have become popular quickly because they’re much smaller than micro ring. They are tiny, comfortable, and almost impossible to detect—even when you’re wearing your hair up in a ponytail, people might not even know that you’re wearing them, it’s causing people to gain more and more attention to the newer hair extension fitting methods.1
What are the advantages of nano ring hair extensions?

The main advantages is that its bonds are incredibly tiny, as for different people’s request, the available sizes of the rings have

2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm. the smallest size 2.0mm is 90% smaller than a standard micro ring!


The tip is the most important part of the hair extension, which can hide the extensions and go for a natural looking, it is extremely comfortable and light that you can hardly feel it yourself, it’s very suitable for people who have thin hair. Because of the wire, nano ring hair extensions are lighter and allow your hair more freedom of movement. You attach the extension by threading both the tiny wire and the hair it will be attached to through the nano ring.

Are nano ring hair extensions damaging?

The application of nano ring hair extension is very easy, no heat, no glue, no sew method, which is kind and gentle to your hair and quick to fit. When installed and removed by a trained professional and cared for correctly, the nano ring system is safe for using on all types of healthy hair. In actual fact, they are one of hair extensions methods that are the least damaging, when it’s time to remove, they won’t require any remover unlike the pre boned hair extension method, no damage to the natural hair.
How long do nano ring hair extension last?

Goodyard Hair are using high quality Pure Virgin Human Hair to make nano ring hair extensions, all hair material are cut directly from donors, only thin and young hair selected, very soft and silky, could last to 12 months with properly treatment. We suggest you to use high quality shampoo & conditioner in order to maintain the quality of their hair and prevent moisture loss.

Nano rings can be worn for up to 2-3 months before maintenance, keep them in the very best condition, and to last as long as possible.
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