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Factory color magic of hair extensions

We know that hair extension products have a lot of beautiful colors, but do you know how to make these magic colorful hair extensions? Actually the raw materials are basically black, most of them come from Asia, such as India, China, etc. These ladies willing to donate their healthy hair, or sold the hair for a profit.

However, customers from all over the world have different demands for color. How did the black raw materials changed to colorful hair extension products? As a hair extension manufacturer, we’re happy to introduce to you.


1.BleachingProcess-Basic Color Hair Making

Through the oxidation process, the melanin on the hair is removed and oxidized to the color required by the customer.
Bleached colors are limited, there are only a few colors obtained by bleaching, but bleached hair can also be dyed again, so the bleached color hair will let hair stylists to create their magic, to extend to the colors as clients demands, eg. Balayage, highlight, platinum blond etc. Bleached hair offer more flexible color match and applications.

2.Dyeing Process-Custom Color Hair Making

According to the raw hair materials quality, natural color and hair amount, add a certain proportion of dyestuff for dyeing. This coloring process can be perfectly handled only by skilled technicians who possess plenty coloring experience, because of the need for flexible adjustment.

Dyeing can produce more than 30 colors, but the dyed hair should not be dyed again as it will damage the hair badly. By the dyeing process, hair color is basically a perfect match, and get a better color fixation in factory.

Interested to view more information, Goodyard hair dyeing process for you reference:

Color Match

Whether it’s bleached hair or dyed hair, perfect color match is needed. And color match is a very important process in the hair production, also a important point of the hair product business.

Color sample will be compared with the color ring, to confirm the final perfect match. Goodyard company will offer the color ring for customers, for reference during the production. We also accept customer’s color ring or ideas, and apply them in production.extension-tape-in

No matter who provided the color ring, our technicians will match the color to follow the standard and finally meet customers’ demands. After the color match is correct, we will dry the hair and the color process is finished.

Hope the above information will help you understand the industrial dyeing process. Which dyeing process do you prefer? The bleaching processing produces the basic color hair, the custom color hair making by extra dyeing process.hand-tied-hair-weft

Goodyard as a hair extension supplier in China, and trying to be the best hair extension supplier, all the hair extensions for hair weft, hand tied hair weft, extension tape in, etc. Made by 100 human remy hair extensions, feel free to contact with us, our professional sales consultant team will be more than happy to help, or get more information at website:



Things you cared about in Goodyard Hair

Are you hair extension salon? Are you hair extension wholesaler? Are you hair extension specialist? Or are you a hair extension online retailer? What kind of remy hair quality do you prefer? Which points do you care the most? As a professional hair extension supplier, Goodyard Hair always focus on each customer’s concern. If you care about same problems, please keep reading and let us answer!

As hair extension specialist, you probably pay more attention to color and hair extension types. Hair extension specialists care about more details of the hair extension itself because hair extension specialists are technicians, they know how to do the work and they contact customers in person, so they clearly know what customers’ needs. Goodyard Hair provides different color systems for the color problem. One is basic color system, which available to be extended to any colors as per your clients demands, eg. Balayage, highlight, platinum blond etc. The other is custom color system, which matched Goodyard color ring and customized by customers’ request. Goodyard Hair also supply all kinds of hair extension types including hair weft, hair weave, hand tied weft extensions, clip in hair extension, tape in weft, cold fusion hair extension and more. No matter which extension types you want, you can always find it at Goodyard Hair!
As hair extension salon, hair extension quality probably the most important thing to them. All customers want best remy hairs which have a long lifespan. To satisfy hair extension salon needs, Goodyard Hair supply different hair quality to different market. The best hair is Pure Virgin Remy hair which donated from young girl’s braids which are never processed or colored in any way, making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions. They are the best materials to create the light blonde colors and balayage colors. Virgin hair is also recommended because they are collected from donor’s braids, never be permed or colored and the cuticle is kept in the same direction, so the hair is silky and smooth. Both are 100% human hair.2
As hair extension retailer, fast shipping and adequate stocks may be very important. Goodyard Hair is a big professional hair extension manufacturer, we are seeking for long-term business relationship all the time. Once we are fortunate enough to be your supplier, we would like to arrange your orders in priority and producing in short time to ensure you have enough stock. FedEx and DHL worldwide shipping ensures the delivery time. Appointed shipping agent also available.

As hair extension wholesaler, they probably provide remy hair extensions to many of local buyers and salons. Therefore we understand price could be a very important factor in the process of purchase. Goodyard Hair has special quotation for those hair extension wholesalers who have large quantity purchase. The most important thing is, we always provide good quality remy hairs with affordable price!4
Goodyard Hair cares about every customer! No matter you are hair extension specialist, hair extension salon, hair extension retailer or hair extension wholesaler, each question you cared you can always find the solution at Goodyard Hair! Any further questions please feel free to contact us, waiting for your inquiry!

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How to start your hair extension business?

Are you engaged in a hair-related business or planning to do it? Or maybe you’re professional hair stylists, salon owners, hair shop owners, or starting to do the online retailer, help the customers buying hair extensions online, but don’t know how to get things moving, few tips to help you.

Create a business plan
A business plan is key to starting, writing a business plan should be your first step when starting any business. It helps you with a clear objective, and gives you a good idea of what you need to do to be successful.


Find a reliable hair extension supplier

A reliable hair extension supplier will be a great partner of your business, who can offer the quality hair products, help you solve the after-sale service, develop new products… Good hair supplier will be your powerful backing, Goodyard serve to large and small hair business, offer the best solutions with years experience and workman crafts.

Choose the suitable hair products

Sometime things are difficult for starting, so it’s better to start with familiar products, and expand step by step.

1.Choose the suitable hair extensions type.

Like hair weft extensions, keratin hair extensions, or microlines hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions, even the innovation hand tied weft extensions, flat weft extensions. All need to be applied by professional hair stylist/dresser/technician, unable to be used by customers themselves, need one to one service, the traditional business model.

Others like extension tape in, clip in remy extensions, remy halo extensions, ponytail hair extensions, sometime could be done by customers, themselves can experience the fun of DIY, and these are the best products for online retailer business also.hand-tied-weft-extensions

2.Choose the suitable quality hair extensions.

Normally, the market demand is always different depending on the clients consumption power and usage. We are producing different grades of hair to meet the different request to make the value is worthy for what you pay.

What’s the common lifespan at your local markets? And if you do have demands of re-dye or perm processing, or what’s the hair colors you normally do for your customers. If you’re doing bayalage/ombre/highlights colors, pure virgin remy hair will be the great one; Virgin remy hair good at light colors, while remy hair good at dark colors.


Re-dye:4-5 times

Lifespan:24 months


Re-dye:2-3 times

Lifespan:18 months



Lifespan:6 months

Go into action

Sample ordering is the best way to start the business, to be professional wholesale business, pre-order samples should be necessary for both sellers and buyers. 10-20g hair samples could be sent for FREE, usually via DHL / UPS / FEDEX Express, only shipping costs.

By the way, if you are looking for enough samples for a period personal application test, maybe by yourself or for your customers, we suggest you to order at least 100 gram and even more, to be a more comprehensive testing, the sample cost depends on the hair details, such as lengths and colors.

Personal branding, the art of creating a unique professional image. Goodyard design department will realize your dream, putting your dream into action. As long as you have a branding dream, we will help you achieve it!

Are you ready? Feel free to contact with us, our professional sales consultant team will be more than happy to help, or get more information at website:

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