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Reviews of Goodyard Hair

Goodyard Hair is one of the leading manufacturers located in Qingdao, China, specializing in human hair extensions manufacturing high quality full cuticle hair products with professional techniques and exquisite workmanship. We have served over 8500 customers including Wholesales, Salons, Stores and Stylists. Our hair extensions have been dispatched to over 80 countries, with 75% of our business being conducted in American, European and Australian markets.


Recently we received some reviews from our VIP clients, which are very helpful for some new clients to know more about Goodyard Hair. The following reviews are from different types of hair business, let’s see what they say!

Haley Peterson–Hair Stylist

I am very happy that Goodyard Hair can offer me lots of support on my small business, even a custom order for my clients, and guarantee me a quick delivery. They also can make excellent hair colors for me to do beautiful hair extensions on my clients:) Some colors I ordered can also be re-dyed into other different colors. Lover it!

Patrick Rogers–Branded Wholesaler

I have been cooperated with Goodyard Hair over 10 years. They always provide me good quality hair and excellent service. Their expert production capacity strongly guarantees the delivery of my order which is very important for my business. They also offer service to design my brand package for free. By the way, I am very appreciated their support in freight and customs clearance on my each bulk orders:)

Kristy Myles–Online Shop Distributor

We purchased men hair systems and women toppers from Goodayrd Hair for many years. They have various styles in stock for choice, I don’t need to worry about the shortage affecting my retail business. And now, they have created new colors and styles, so I can fulfill my business line, I am so happy I feel very easy to do business with them.

Karen Camacho–Hair Salon Owner

I am happy to work with Goodyard Hair. Honestly, I don’t need to seek for any other suppliers because I can get all here. They can provide stable quality, the color of each order can be consistent, and the color difference is well controlled. Their service is also amazing that they can reply my demand and feedback professionally and quickly. They always share their experiences and new products to me to help me expand my business.

As one of the largest and earliest hair factories, Goodyard endeavors to provide our customers with the superior quality products by continuing to utilize the highest-quality hair and the most advanced technology available. From carefully hand chosen human hair in various textures and lengths, to synthetic hair products, you are sure to find the hair that’s right for you at Goodyard. As the ultimate source for top quality hair products, we pledge to continue to position our products in the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry.

If you have further questions about hair extensions or any other questions about Goodyard Hair company, please feel free to contact us. We are always online for your inquiry!

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Fresh Inventory of Luxury Hair Extensions

Are you looking for a reliable hair manufacturer with a large inventory of hair extensions for immediate shipment? If you are a stylist or own a small salon, it’s good to start a business of hair extensions by ordering hair from suppliers directly, you will get factory price and fast delivery. It always takes 4-5 days to arrive yours, the same delivery time as ordering from your local wholesalers.

Fresh stock of hair extensions are available for immediate shipment, including hair weft, hand-tied weft, clip in hair, keratin hair, tape in hair and so on.接发组合图

All colors of stock units are very hot sale all over the world, which could be recolored or dyed again, here below are the available colors:hair extension colors

Goodyard Hair is one of the leading manufacturers located in Qingdao, China, specializing in human hair extensions manufacturing high quality full cuticle hair products with professional techniques and exquisite workmanship. We have served over 8500 customers including Wholesales, Salons, Stores and Stylists. Our hair extensions have been dispatched to over 80 countries, with 75% of our business being conducted in American, European and Australian markets.

We are supplying different kinds of hair material for the middle and high-end market, let’s know more about the difference:

 Pure Virgin Human Hair

All of the hair are donated from young girls’ braids which are never processed or colored in any way, making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions. They are the best materials to create the light blond colors and balayage colors.

You can dye this hair four to five times and permed two to three times. You can expect to get 24 months of use out of extensions with this hair time.

Virgin Human Hair

Human Hair are collected from donor’s braids, most of the hair are virgin hair, never be permed or colored, and the cuticle is kept in the same direction, so the hair is silky and smooth. You can dye and perm up to three times. You can expect to get a lifespan of 18 months from these extensions.

 Remy Human Hair

Human hair collected from floor sweeping and brushes are processed in an acid wash to remove the cuticle. Without the protective layer, the hair becomes dry and matted. This type of hair cannot be re-dyed and is not recommended for perming. You can expect to get six months of use from extensions with this hair type.


  1. Only the finest healthy Virgin hair is selected
  2. “Double Drawn” technique ensures that the hair in each extension has the same quality and thickness from root to tip.
  3. Hair is kept pure. No oils or silicons are ever applied or used.
  4. Bundles are never mixed and all extensions are made by experienced artisans.
  5. Gentle, water-based treatment process of the hair extensions preserves quality.
  6. Uniquely thin protein tips create light bonds without damage or break.
  7. Limited production means consistent, high quality extensions and results.
  8. Tools are exclusively created and engineered for top performance.

Let’s Get Social!

Our Marketing & Social Media team is here to help you boost your business!

Feel free to contact us from our media kit or our social channels to let us know your feedbacks and any of your suggestions to us.
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Things you may want to know about Tape hair extensions?

If you want to have long and volume hair, you have to try the 100 remy hair extensions. Today we’re going to talk about the extension tape in.


What’s Tape Hair Extension?

100 human hair extensions tape in, made by 100% human remy hair, hair bonded with adhesive and double-sided tape. Compare to the hair weft or pre bonded hair extensions, tapes hair are kind of easier and quicker, create a more natural look in short time, and able to apply at home by yourself or your friends, because do not need any other fusion machine or sewn-in work.

Tape hair extensions normally including below 3 styles:

  • Classic Tape-ins
  • Hand-tied Tape-ins: Exquisite workmanship.
  • Injected Tape-ins: Hair injected one by one, the most natural looking.

 The Benefits/Features of Tape hair Extensions.

As mentioned above, tape hair extensions provide a much more natural looking than many other types of extensions. Easy to install, high quality hair, add volume and length to your hair.

Like a sandwich, sandwich your own hair between two pieces of double-sided tape, which can increase the contact area, make it stronger and safer, protect your own hair in the meantime.

The hair extensions can last for long time with proper installation and care. Various tapes are available also, like American white tape, American blue tape, German blue tape…Different types of double-sided tape have different stickiness. And it’s 100% human remy hairs, so the wearers can dye and heat style the hair extensions, just like your own hair.


How To Care The Tape Hair Extensions?

Proper hair care is necessary for tapes-in hair extensions, and no matter which kind of hair extensions, all need proper hair care, none of these are indestructible:

  • When you have extensions install, wait few days to wash your hair.
  • Use gentle shampoo and conditioner if necessary.
  • Limit styling, heating and hair washing possible, wash your hair only every other day.
  • Use professional brush, braid or put hair to ponytail when sleeping, to prevent hair knotting.
  • Better not swim with hair extensions, because the swim water may exist chemical composition.

Hope above information will help you know more about the tape hair extensions. Please note that hair extensions are human hair like your owns, so need a high maintenance, and it even not like your own hair with nutritional supplement. So make sure you’re ready if you want to get it, add volume and length to your hair instantly, in a natural-looking way.


Goodyard hair company a hair extension supplier in China since 1984, our hair products have been dispatched to over 80 countries, with 75% of our business being conducted in American, European and Australia markets. To learn more about our remy hair extensions tape in, or any other questions about hair extensions, please contact us today! We’d love to help boost your business in the coming new year 2021.

WhatsApp: +86-18765240680


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Factory color magic of hair extensions

We know that hair extension products have a lot of beautiful colors, but do you know how to make these magic colorful hair extensions? Actually the raw materials are basically black, most of them come from Asia, such as India, China, etc. These ladies willing to donate their healthy hair, or sold the hair for a profit.

However, customers from all over the world have different demands for color. How did the black raw materials changed to colorful hair extension products? As a hair extension manufacturer, we’re happy to introduce to you.


1.BleachingProcess-Basic Color Hair Making

Through the oxidation process, the melanin on the hair is removed and oxidized to the color required by the customer.
Bleached colors are limited, there are only a few colors obtained by bleaching, but bleached hair can also be dyed again, so the bleached color hair will let hair stylists to create their magic, to extend to the colors as clients demands, eg. Balayage, highlight, platinum blond etc. Bleached hair offer more flexible color match and applications.

2.Dyeing Process-Custom Color Hair Making

According to the raw hair materials quality, natural color and hair amount, add a certain proportion of dyestuff for dyeing. This coloring process can be perfectly handled only by skilled technicians who possess plenty coloring experience, because of the need for flexible adjustment.

Dyeing can produce more than 30 colors, but the dyed hair should not be dyed again as it will damage the hair badly. By the dyeing process, hair color is basically a perfect match, and get a better color fixation in factory.

Interested to view more information, Goodyard hair dyeing process for you reference:

Color Match

Whether it’s bleached hair or dyed hair, perfect color match is needed. And color match is a very important process in the hair production, also a important point of the hair product business.

Color sample will be compared with the color ring, to confirm the final perfect match. Goodyard company will offer the color ring for customers, for reference during the production. We also accept customer’s color ring or ideas, and apply them in production.extension-tape-in

No matter who provided the color ring, our technicians will match the color to follow the standard and finally meet customers’ demands. After the color match is correct, we will dry the hair and the color process is finished.

Hope the above information will help you understand the industrial dyeing process. Which dyeing process do you prefer? The bleaching processing produces the basic color hair, the custom color hair making by extra dyeing process.hand-tied-hair-weft

Goodyard as a hair extension supplier in China, and trying to be the best hair extension supplier, all the hair extensions for hair weft, hand tied hair weft, extension tape in, etc. Made by 100 human remy hair extensions, feel free to contact with us, our professional sales consultant team will be more than happy to help, or get more information at website:



How to start your hair extension business?

Are you engaged in a hair-related business or planning to do it? Or maybe you’re professional hair stylists, salon owners, hair shop owners, or starting to do the online retailer, help the customers buying hair extensions online, but don’t know how to get things moving, few tips to help you.

Create a business plan
A business plan is key to starting, writing a business plan should be your first step when starting any business. It helps you with a clear objective, and gives you a good idea of what you need to do to be successful.


Find a reliable hair extension supplier

A reliable hair extension supplier will be a great partner of your business, who can offer the quality hair products, help you solve the after-sale service, develop new products… Good hair supplier will be your powerful backing, Goodyard serve to large and small hair business, offer the best solutions with years experience and workman crafts.

Choose the suitable hair products

Sometime things are difficult for starting, so it’s better to start with familiar products, and expand step by step.

1.Choose the suitable hair extensions type.

Like hair weft extensions, keratin hair extensions, or microlines hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions, even the innovation hand tied weft extensions, flat weft extensions. All need to be applied by professional hair stylist/dresser/technician, unable to be used by customers themselves, need one to one service, the traditional business model.

Others like extension tape in, clip in remy extensions, remy halo extensions, ponytail hair extensions, sometime could be done by customers, themselves can experience the fun of DIY, and these are the best products for online retailer business also.hand-tied-weft-extensions

2.Choose the suitable quality hair extensions.

Normally, the market demand is always different depending on the clients consumption power and usage. We are producing different grades of hair to meet the different request to make the value is worthy for what you pay.

What’s the common lifespan at your local markets? And if you do have demands of re-dye or perm processing, or what’s the hair colors you normally do for your customers. If you’re doing bayalage/ombre/highlights colors, pure virgin remy hair will be the great one; Virgin remy hair good at light colors, while remy hair good at dark colors.


Re-dye:4-5 times

Lifespan:24 months


Re-dye:2-3 times

Lifespan:18 months



Lifespan:6 months

Go into action

Sample ordering is the best way to start the business, to be professional wholesale business, pre-order samples should be necessary for both sellers and buyers. 10-20g hair samples could be sent for FREE, usually via DHL / UPS / FEDEX Express, only shipping costs.

By the way, if you are looking for enough samples for a period personal application test, maybe by yourself or for your customers, we suggest you to order at least 100 gram and even more, to be a more comprehensive testing, the sample cost depends on the hair details, such as lengths and colors.

Personal branding, the art of creating a unique professional image. Goodyard design department will realize your dream, putting your dream into action. As long as you have a branding dream, we will help you achieve it!

Are you ready? Feel free to contact with us, our professional sales consultant team will be more than happy to help, or get more information at website:


Clip in Hair Extensions are very comfortable and convenient, they are easy to install in minutes and go from short to long hair without running your hair, increasingly popular among the fashionable world.

Goodyard clip in hair extensions are designed to transform your hair with adding volume & length and enhance your color in an instant. The most hot-sale styles including seamless & lace base, do you want to know the difference? Here, we provide you with a quick guide to everything you need to know about.

Clip In Hair
Seamless Clip In Extension Features

  • These extensions are bonded in silicone
  • Thin and super lightweight
  • They lay flat against your head
  • More natural looking with right volume at hair root
  • Completely no shedding
  • Transform your hair without any damage

Lace Clip In Extension Features

  • These extensions are stitched onto a durable French lace
  • They can add volume at the position of hair roots
  • They are virtually undetachable

What are differences between seamless and lace clip in hair extensions?
The seamless clip in hair extensions are bonded in silicone, the silicone weft is much thinner than lace weft, allows the extensions to lay flat on the head, it’s more suitable for someone who want to have a fine and thin hair. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear, what people love about the seamless hair extensions is that it does not feel heavy on someone’s head even after a day wearing them, that’s why most people prefer to use these extensions. Also, seamless is better for thinner hair. If you’re someone with thin, fine hair, the seamless set is also probably the better option for you!

The lace clip in hair extensions are sewing hair onto the durable French lace, which is a traditional method of making clip in hair extensions. It always has four layers of hair on the lace base, they’ll help to add bit volume at roots as they not as flat, have more hair attached to create a luxurious volume for the real hair, which could be beneficial if you have lackluster locks, so comparing with seamless hair extensions, it will feel a little heavier.

The clips used on our hair extensions are droplet-like clips, which are:

  • More comfortable than U-shape clips
  • Easily put in and remove
  • Harmless to your hair strands

Hopefully, this helped you get a general idea of which types of clip-in hair extensions would work better for you!

To learn more about us, welcome to visit our website:

Hair Extensions: What Can We Offer for Hair Extensions Salon NYC?

When you read this article, glad to know that you may be are a salon owner doing hair extensions in NEW YORK and look for a hair extension supplier who can provide good quality human hair extensions with competitive price and excellent service for your hair salon, then we have been waiting for you for a long time!

7-1 (2)

Hair Quality:

With our over 30 years experience in hair extension field, most of hair extensions salon NYC prefer the top quality virgin hair extensions , so that the hair is more healthier and longer lasting. For example, the great lengths hair extensions nyc also provide customers with best virgin hair extensions. The cuticle remains in the same direction,so the hair is silky and sooth. No oils or silicons are ever applied or used on the virgin human hair. Gentle ,water-based treatment process of hair extensions preseves quality. 100% human hair allows the hair extension specialists to make the beautiful hair color and hairstyles for their clients.

Hair Colors:

Color is really a magic to change the life. Goodyard Hair are providing two color systems for extensions according to different customers’ demand. One is basic color, which only needs to be bleached without any chemical process. The hair stylists can dye the hair into any other beautiful colors according to customers’ request, such as balayage, highlight, platinum blond etc. The another color is custom color,and make the exact color you want based on color swatches or hair samples. There are over 30 different colors on our color ring for customers to choose from. Balayage hair color is the most popular hair coloring trend in salons today. So they needs more exquisite workmanship to custom the balayage hair extensions, especially if they have to dye more than one color on the hair strands, which requires more time and professional processes.Look at these beautiful balayge hair extensions we produce for our hair salon customers.


Hair Samples:

In order to support new hair extension customers to a new hair vendor,10-20g free hair extension samples could be provided by Goodyard Hair factory to test our hair quality first, you just pay for shipping charges. Most our customers are willing to pay postage because they are also sincerely looking for a stable hair supplier.

Extensions Types:

Goodyard Hair specialize in many different types of hair extensions including: hair weft extensions,Tape-In Hair Extensions,  pre-bonoded Keratin Hair Extensions and Micro Loop Hair Extensions. Many hair salons also do not only one extension type. So they can get different hair extensions from Goodyard Hair.Stable quality on each order is guaranteed for long-terms cooperation with our each customers. Discount factory price will be also offered for bulk order with large quantity.


Goodyard Hair are providing top quality hair extensions for hair extension salons in NEW YORK. Which type of hair extensions are you looking for?Welcome to learn more about our 100% human hair extensions on our website:

Email:,Whats app:+8615092036412

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