As we may know, I wanted to review the difference between expensive wigs and cheap wigs for a long time. You can pick up a wig with ease from anywhere on the internet like Ebay or Amazon and get them at a very low price, about $10- $15 in value, often with free shipping. If you are a devoted wig wearer like myself, you definitely need to read this.

An important disclaimer here: This is all my own personal thoughts of course. Im not saying that all cheap wigs are crap and you must purchase expensive wigs because I say so! No. It’s your money so spend it as you wish. But I hope my post can shed some light on why some wigs are more costly than others.

Cheap wigs

My very first wig was a typical Ebay cheap wig,free shipping. I got it in a shade of colour close to my own and it was great…at first.It was a nice wig to start with for any one who never had a wig before.

I wore it on and off for fun and soon fell in love with the fact I had long curly perfect hair any time I wanted.

It was not long for me to go hunting for more wigs when I could pick any other colour and not do any further damage to my real hair.But I soon found my cheap wig was not standing up to every day wear, The fibres looked frizzy after a few wares and falling out often.The top of the wig had a very small skin cap (its the part of the wig to make it look like human scalp when you part the hair on top). So you could see the lace and tracks.After that I went to more expensive wigs and don’t buy cheaper wigs.


Big Pro is the price,they can be super cheap!

Most have free shipping.

They are great to start out with.

You don’t need to worry about them getting damaged.

Great for short term use



The fibres are very thin!

Wigs thickness is thin and

Wigs are becoming mat and tangle.

Some wigs have no skin caps.

Lace and tracks are visible for parting hair and doing styles.

Some of the inner caps can be really itchy which is not much fun for a day of wig wearing.

Wigs don’t last for long term use.

Wigs can look super shiny in photos .


Expensive Wigs

I didn’t buy a full head wig until I tried expensive hair clip in pieces,when I got my full head wig my cheap one with right to the bin! The difference was like wow why did I waste my money on the cheap wig?!

Since buying the more expensive wigs I have know got over ten wigs maybe more? I lose count haha.

I found that once I got the taste for the better and more expensive ones that you tend to avoid the cheaper ones.The best thing about the expensive wigs I have found with each and every one of them, That I have had folk come up to me and ask me where I got my hair done.I never got anything like that with my other cheap wigs when I wore them out.



Long lasting wig wear.

Most expensive wigs have a good amount of skin cap.

Lace and tracks are made better and styling hair is less likely to show them when in style.

Easy to look after.

Fibres are strong and thick.

Wigs are full of volume and styles.

They are easier to look after.

Your not restricted to use as they are hard wearing.

Every day wear and use.

They look real.

Less shine on the wigs overall .



Mainly the price or even over pricing.

Wigs can be out of stock due to demand.

Shipping can be expensive too.


Overall personal thoughts and feelings.

I for one, will swear by the more expensive wigs.I much prefer the fact I will be getting a quality product that think is worth my money spend on the wig.I will favour my expensive wigs over the cheap ones.

I think as a rule what you spend on a wig is what you get.

I think a cheap wig is great for short-term use or a one off but of fun.

Where a expensive wig will serve you a longer length of time in use and will have better quality. You can find great reviews on all wigs and suppliers of wigs and companies, You do not have to take my advise if you don’t want too.

As a Lolita I like to wear the better quality wig that is much more hard wearing and longer lasting as well I find they look like real hair. As a person who cant dye my hair am happy to spend the money on the wigs for they are used when and if I want to.As I would pay the same amount on a wig for a hair cut and colour but with a wig this stays in style the whole time so I think that makes them worth the money. And with the fact I cant dye my real hair. They are my life savers for changing my hair and styles.