There are lots of influencers reviewed our Lavivd products. We can hear their opinions or suggestions from their videos about our products. We can learn more from their experiences and get the right products. If you’re alopecia, this blog is right for you.

Michelle is one of our Lavivid reviewer. She lost her hair at 33 years old and then she goes bald.  She had a massive wig collection and reviewed Lavivd Carrie Lace Front wig.

If you want know what she thinks about alopecia, here is what she says:

well I believe we all have beauty…… every one of us……. so whether you are hairy as a gorilla, or bald as an egg…… you are beautiful….. you are what the concept of “Barbie” is……. if you have hairloss – welcome – you, too, are a Bald Barbie!

Yes, I agree more with what she says. We should adjust our state. People may say it was ugly when they have hair loss. I think we should learn to say “No”.


About Lavivid Carrie Lace Front wig, what she says?

I love everything alopecia related. I love to wear this wig, It’s a good quality wig when I get it out of the box. It’s synthetic. I’ve asked for a petite size so this wig fits my head well. It has mono part which is quite broad. I like Mono base, it can look realistic when I part the hair. There is a machine wefted which is very stand. And be half velcro adjusters and velvet nape. That is nice and lovely. The layered bangs looks natural…