Christmas is a very enjoyable festival , the most important thing is ,to have fun !

Do you want to stand out at the party? Go for a colorful funny wig!



But we all know that funny wigs can be used only on this party, if you have somebody important to send gifts, the wigs showing below are suitable ~


Long Human Hair Wigs for Christmas!!

Human hair wigs– Natural & Beautiful


Short summary: human hair wigs have proven to be a worthy investment for the wig-wearer searching for a product that looks real and feels natural.



Different brands of Human Hair may use various types of human hair fibers regardless of the fiber used. Human hair wigs are higher quality than synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs tend to be pricier, but the wig’s lifespan is twice that of a synthetic wig, easily justifying the expense. Remy human hair is the highest quality on the market. This grade of hair is better because it is silkier to the touch and tangles less; however, this makes Remy hair more expensive. Additional advantages of human hair wigs over synthetic hair wigs include the natural movement of the fiber and styling versatility. When a wig can be cut, permed and dyed, it allows the wearer to style it as if it were their real hair. If you find it difficult or time consuming to style your human hair wig or extension, a better option for you might be a human/synthetic hair blend. These types of human hair wigs retain the style longer while maintaining the natural look and feel of real hair.

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Caring for your Human Hair Wigs


Proper care is extremely important in maintaining the condition of your human hair wig. To gain the maximum benefit of your investment, washing and styling human hair wigs correctly will prolong the wig’s lifespan and beauty. Using products that are not designed specifically for alternative hair care will damage your wig and break down the fibers. Not only will you need to replace the wig more frequently, but the hair will appear lifeless and will become prone to breakage.


“In a perfect world… love would always be in bloom.” All over soft, below-the-shoulder layers is the highlight of ‘Goodyard hair’. Easily change the texture from lightly waved to tightly curl in this sensual style with unparalleled parting versatility and off-the-face styling options, Cascades of soft defined waves…natural movement… and sultry styling. To ‘Goodyardhair’ indeed… this hair piece is 100% Human Hair and you able to achieve any style.

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Goodyard wigs has lengthy Optimum Cuticle Hair with a full lace front. Great shine, healthy look with a completely natural hairline. This amazing 100% hand-tied, human hair wig has a monofilament top for the ultimate in realism and styling flexibility, also available in a petite size.


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