After a Crazy Black Friday season , Goodyard launched some new arrival wigs , and we have got a lot of compliments from our customer , also their idea of their own dream wigs ,here is a girl from Trendy wigs :


“Hey creative fairies,


I just tried to check out with the Moon Nymph – Curls Version wig, SKU: ** in my cart and I was trying to check out I realised  I should get in touch with you guys because I have a vision I’d like to discuss.

Ideally I’d like to have this wig texture (it’s so beautiful) but with more blue tones mixed into the silver-grey gradient.

图片1 图片2

If you have a ‘faulty’ version that has really dull to no peach/pink, could you dye it with a pastel sea blue so the top of the wig is tinged with a silvery-blue hue?

I like the roots dark (I have black hair so it helps) and the darkening of the light silver to grey at the end, but could we try to have the gradient bleed into the same grey but with hints of sea blue added?

Thanks so much! I really appreciate and adore your attention to detail and beautiful colour combinations; you make something so special.


Best wishes,



p.s. the galactic/oil slick wig you custom made better be your next release because I want it so badly! What an incredible creation!


Goodyard is so graceful to have so many loyalty customers or fans who support us . we have contact this Elizabeth for creating her unique wig. And we also welcome any idea of our product , or the product you like .


We are always being here .