• Where is the mink fur come from?

As we all know, the mink lashes are the most expensive lashes for all types of false lashes, why it’s so expensive and is it worth? The mink fur hairs are selected from the young minks(1.5-2 years), because it’s more glossy and vital. And there is no need to panic about using the minks animal hair for your eyelash extensions, we selected the mink hair by frequent brushing and hair collecting, collected from the unharmed animals, so you can get the 100% mink luxurious lashes guilt free.


  • What’s the different between REAL mink and synthetic silk material?

The silk material normal be used to more dramatic look, such as our IIWAKA synthetic lashes made by Korean synthetic fiber, it’s more soft, natural and lightweight than regular synthetic fiber, high quality, competitive price and quite durable. However, the mink lashes made by real mink fur give you the most natural look! And it usually do not lose their curl. So it’s a favorite among many popular actresses like Madonna and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


  • Where to purchase the 100% REAL mink lashes?

So now we know the answer for why should we choose the mink eyelash, mink eyelashes are more comfortable to wear, lightweight, natural looking and soft feeling. But now there are many fake mink lashes, with very cheap price, and will not last as long or look good. Choose the highest quality lashes that you can afford and that are guaranteed to be 100% real natural mink fur, then you won’t be disappointed. As a professional supplier since 1984, served many customer all over the world, aimed to be a stable supplier for long-term cooperation, we can promise that our mink lashes made by 100% real natural mink fur, the highest quality will not let you disappointed.  More eyelash products such as eyelash extensions, strip eyelashes, cluster eyelashes… visit our website at www.goodyardhair.com