You may wear the hair extensions. You may know the Wigs. But do you ever know the hair toppers? A kind of hair pieces can cover up the hair loss spot or thinning hair, also known as the wiglets.

The Hair Topper can work like hair extension to add hair volume when you put it on. But it also can work like a half wig to offer the coverage for the sparse, thinning hair, or hair loss spot on the top or crown of the head.

The Hair Topper can be the easy and perfect solution for ladies who is suffering from the beginning or progressive stage of hair loss. Unlike the traditional wigs, the hair topper can only cover part of the head, top, crown or the sides, which make it super lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Hair Topper can blend easily with your the ladies’ bio hair to create a more natural looking.

At Goodyard, we offer various types of Hair Toppers according to different base types, the Mono Hair toppers, the Lace Hair Toppers and the Silk Top Hair Toppers. Each type of hair toppers has their own advantages. The Mono Base, smooth and comfortable, can create the illusion of the natural hair growth on the scalp. And the Lace Base, light weight and breathable, is another great choice if you want to ensure the front hairline simulated your own. The Silk Top Base, can perfectly hide the knots. It is said that it is the most realistic base that Market can offer.