The top 1 question that customer normally asked about Topper


As the new beginner of the hair topper , there are so many things we would like to know and we should be known of . here is the Top1  question that Uniwigs Customer usual asked about hair topper .


Top1 :

I have been through hair loss for years , how can i choose the right topper for me ?

This question has been frequently asked because most of customer are new to this product , they never realized that there is a product which can specially for them except the wig and extension . so how to choose a perfect topper , what we should know before making the decision ?


1, you have to know how bad your hair loss is .

  • if you only have a thinning parting line , or you dont have any serious hair loss at all  just want to add your hair volume, congratulations , you have lots of options at the base size and construction . because the topper was useful not only for those hair loss patience but also for those ladies who would like to have a better volume or a perfect hairstyle for wedding or party .
  • But , if you do have a large hair loss part , your choice would be only on those larger base topper . and the size depends on your hair loss size , how to measure it ?  check this video which may help you out ,

2 .And making sure of the base size , we should know which construction would be the best for me ?

Let’s take Goodyard for a example , there are so many base construction option like silktop , mono topper , lace topper . what’s the difference between them ?

Normally ,all of them have the same function which can cover the hair loss part well .

  • the silk top has the best invisible base , which just like our own scalp , but it is too thick which will be sweaty as well .
  • The mono topper is familiar to us because it was used for the wig for those cancer patience . it was softer than silk top and have a good parting line .
  • The lace topper , which has the best price in 3 of them . but it has a front lace has to be trimmed . so it is not usually the first option or the beginner .
  1. How to choose the right color ?

After knowing of the base size , and base construction , here we comes to the hair color  .

The hair color has been the most important thing for hair topper because we have to make sure it has the same color as our bio hair , or it has the perfect style which can match our face frame and skin tone .

If are not sure of the hair color , there is 2 ways to solve it

  • 1 , sending hair sample to them , which would be the easiest way , but it takes longer time .
  • 2, order a color ring from their website , and you can return the color ring to them after placing the order for a full refund .
  • 3, Choose the natural black topper and dye it by your stylist . please be known that only the natural black can be bleached , all of the other color can only be dyed into darker tone .
  • 4 , make custom order .  you also can send them a pic which you love to make , and they will quote the price for you . but the custom product can not be returned , so you have to make sure before ordering ,


4 . how to choose the right length?

For the straight item , you can choose the length by the pic below :


For the wavy topper ,The hair length should be measured from the hair root to the hair bottom when the hair is straight. The curly and wavy wigs developed from straight wigs, so for the same length, a curly or wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ than a straight wig.
*It varies depending on how deep the curl is.


After confirming all above , you can know better about which topper is the one you are looking for . but it did happened that everything is perfect for the topper , but it doesnt fit you at all  . so UniWigs is planning for the offline store , which would be a good new for topper product .