We found that too little information about toupees hairpieces can be found online, actually more and more men needs hair toupees now. That’s why we have this post. Here we will help you know the toupees definition, celebrities with toupees, what’s the bad toupees and best toupees, how to choose a toupee online etc.

So first, do you know toupees definition or toupees meaning?

Definition of toupee – a small artificial hairpiece worn to cover a bald spot.

While most toupees are small and designed to cover bald spots at the top and back of the head, large toupees are not unknown. Toupees are often referred to as hairpieces, units, or hair systems. Many women now wear hairpieces rather than full wigs if their hair loss is confined to the top and crown of their heads.


Many celebrities with toupees.

So many people wear toupees, even more and more Hollywood stars have hair loss problems. Try to search for “celebrity toupees before and after” on Google, you will find many famously bald celebrities with hair. What we try to say is that wearing hair replacement systems is so common, you don’t need to be shy or ashamed.


Corey Stoll was a breakout, bald star of House of Cards and Midnight in Paris – so we were shocked to see him with a hairpiece in FX’s vampire thriller The Strain. Luckily, the elaborate coif was just a plot device – his character shaved his head to go incognito in Season 2.


Celebrities always lead the fashion everywhere. But not everything can be copied. Have you read a post about Alex Beattie who shared bloody pictures after hair transplant? Sharing a picture of himself with a bloody hairline following the painful procedure, Alex opened up to his 688k followers. But it looks really painful. Not everyone can handle this. Why not just choose a hair replacement systems, no pain no worry.


So How to choose a toupee ?

Before figure out how to choose a toupee, you should know what the bad toupees and the best toupees. Not like the toupees definition, there is no fixed standard for the best and bad toupees. But one thing can be certain is that no harm to your scalp is the baseline. Other standards like, can be wear for more than a year, can be restyled, can be DYED or easy to attached and cleaned should be the standard of high quality toupees too. If you don’t know how to avoid the worst toupees ever, try to search online, you will find many bad experience stories.