How do we run a hair salon without experience? I believe that many friends have met this question when he wants to open the hair salon. Today we will briefly discuss these problems .

1 Which places are suitable for opening the hair salon?

Shop in the store – all kinds of large shopping malls, supermarkets, and so on; street shops – a small number of people flow more small streets, and can park vehicles.

The clubhouse, business center and office building in the upscale community are suitable for hair salon, and the key is promotion and service projects.


2 Where to buy hair extensions and tools?

Usual method: purchase from local wholesalers.

Now popular: direct purchase from manufacturers-they can not only provide high quality hair products but customization and sample services, and the price is generally much cheaper than local wholesalers.

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3 Take the medium hair salon shop as an example, how many hair products is needed for the initial purchase?

According to an estimate of your market and customers, you can usually refer to the following value: if the daily visitors are 100, the transmitter are 10, and the estimated consumption of 40 people will require at least 50×40=2000 pieces.

Above are only preliminary estimates of hair products. In addition, there are several tools needed, customized work clothes, stereotypes tools, etc.


4 What promotional methods are commonly needed at the start?

New store, the customer source is unstable.

All kinds of membership or free experience should be used as a marketing tool to promote popularity.

5 Is it necessary for the boss to understand hair products and technology?

Be sure to understand.

You need to know the dynamics of the make-up industry,well know the management of products and your salon stores.

Besides,you should also have the ability to appreciate cosmetic art.


6 What are the months for the best time to open a shop?

In fact, there is no off-season and peak season for make-up area.

After all your work was prepared,

Any time is the best time.