As Hollywood star reveal truth about his new look, our investigation gets to the root of the best ways to hide baldness.


A third of men lose their hair by the age of 30 and two-thirds by the time they’re 60 – but baldness can be an issue for some people. Two Hollywood actors have recently come clean about their use of toupees.


First J**r, 48, the star of US sitcom Two And A Half Men, revealed that what viewers see on screen is toupee that involves coating his scalp with ‘stuff like shoe polish’ before sprinkling powder on top.


Then Seinfeld actor J**er, 54, tweeted that he’d had a hairpiece fitted. Public reaction was overwhelmingly positive – not just because of their honesty, but because  of how great their hair looks.


Problem solved: Jon Cryer, pictured on and off screen, has revealed that he uses ‘toupee’

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