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How to Take Care of Your Virgin Remy Hair

Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular human hair extensions available. With a wide range of quality levels, it’s important to know what your extensions can and cannot handle as far as use and styling. With proper care, your extensions will give you several months of hair which is soft and beautiful.



To start with, you must always be careful about that your Remy hair is finely cleaned. Wash it twice or thrice weekly with a gentle shampoo which should be essentially natural. Keep in mind to wash the Remy hair with cold water since hot water can impair the cuticle layer. Cover of cuticle is the vital element of Remy hair and it is owing to this coating, that the hair appears lustrous and lovely. Cold water is advantageous also in preserving the shape of your hair. Drying your hair out naturally is best, but if you must use a blow drying, use it on the lowest setting. The good news is that our Goodyard hair is in high quality. So your hair can actually endure a lot!



Following washing you have to condition your Remy hair just like you condition your natural hair. For this purpose, you should preferably utilize a conditioner containing natural ingredients. Apply the conditioner over all fibers of hair. Keep in mind not to keep the conditioner over the hair for more than 10 minutes. Further wash out the conditioner totally again ascertaining about thorough washing.

Routine Care

When you get up to style your hair each morning uses your fingers to run them through your Remy hair. Brushing your hair in one direction will reduce the amount of tangles. In order to keep your Remy hair in tip top shape, braid your hair or wear a cap at bedtime.Just keep in mind not to lie down when the hair is wet, otherwise it will attach together when you wake up in the morning.


We hope these hair tips helped answer some of your questions about your Virgin Remy hair! Take care of your hair extensions and they will stay in good conditions for a long time!


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