Recent years, Lace Front cap style is more popular with many people because they create the look of natural hair growth along the front hairline. This adds to the realistic appearance and allows for styling away from the face. The lace front is constructed with a fine, sheer material to which hair is individually hand-tied.


Why We Love Lace Front Wigs

*1  Natural Looking Hairline

The nearly invisible sheer lace front blends seamlessly against your skin, no one will know this secret. Lace fronts are among the higher quality and it shows a natural hair growth along the hairline.

*2  Incredible Styling Versatility

Unlike other wigs, a lace front allows you to style your hair away from your face, revealing a completely realistic hairline. Many brides prefer to wear their hair off the face in an updo on their big day. So lace fronts are the top choice when it comes to wigs on any special occasion.

*3 More Accessible Than Ever

In the past, lace front were expensive only used on professional film. But today, there are much more affordable and common. We can see more and more lace fronts appear on the market, it is not just because of the price becoming more populist, but also it can bring us a better image.


3 Tips For The Perfect Lace Front

*1 Hide Your Own Hair

If you have your own hair, we recommend pulling it back and securing it under a nylon wig cap. You don’t want any of your hair to be exposed underneath the lace front. If you don’t have your own hair, simply place the lace front where your natural hairline would be.

*2 Match Your Skin Tone

If the lace material is lighter than your skin tone, you can use a damp bag to dye the material to match. The more you dab onto the material, the darker the color. Or you can simply use makeup to blend it in.

*3 Handle With Care

Keep in mind that lace is a very delicate material and should be handled with care, especially when you take your wig on and off or wash it. If you need to trim the lace, we recommend taking your wig to a professional and only using pinking shears.