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How to produce hair extension in China?

Are you a hair extensions salon? Are you a hair extension specialist? Do you know how your hair extension weft been produced? Are you curious about the process of hair extension weft production? Goodyard Hair as a professional hair extension supplier, always supply high quality remy hairs material with exquisite work. Sometimes the real process of production may different from what you think. Generally there are 6 steps of process, each step is followed by strict technological process to make sure the remy hairs material maintain high quality. Please keep reading to explore more secrets of your hair extension weft!

Raw material collection and classification
The smaller the cuticle, the thinner the hair, then the less the frictional force. So the thinner virgin hair is the best to avoid knotting.

Assorting the hair to different lengths
This procedure requests keep hair cuticle intact and in the same direction. Once there is some hair left out from the bulk when assorting, they cannot be used to make cuticle hair products, because we are unable to distinguish whether its cuticle is still in the same direction. In order to avoid knotting, we have to give up those good quality as well virgin hair.

To mark the top and ends of the hair material
This procedure is still to make sure the hair cuticle in the same direction by marking each hair strand’s top and end. None of up-to-down hair strand is acceptable throughout all the procedures.



Washin to decontaminate the dirty things in the hair.
Comparing the hair colors with standard color ring to confirm they are the same
Drying Hair

Sorting to Different Length Grade Ratios
Clarifying the hair to different length ratio according to customers request, such as Braid ratio, Regular ratio, Full End, Double Drawn etc.

Sewing weft
The Triple sewing machine can make sure the weft with a triple reinforced, still very thin, allows seamless application and preventing shedding. Special for cuticle hair products procedure, the remaining hair strands are not allowed to re-sewn to the extension weft, because the cuticle may be not in the same direction already.


After all of these process, your hair extenion weft is ready for using! Whether tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, i tip hair extenions or any other remy hair extension, you can find them at Goodyard Hair! We are devoted to supply high quality remy hair to hair extension wholesale market and hair extension salon, if you are interested in any hair extenions, please feel free to contact us!

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Innovative Invisible Tape in Hair Extensions-Injected Tape Hair

Have you heard of the injected tape hair extensions? Although they are not as popular as traditional tape in hair extensions. They are becoming more and more popular in the market and many hair salon owners and wholesalers are looking for this type of tape in hair extensions. This is an innovative tape on hair extensions that is more invisible and seamless. Goodyard Hair also launched this type of remy hair extensions tape in since 2019. Here let us learn more about the injected tape hair extensions.6-1

Injected tape hair is an extension of the product based on the customer’s pursuit of invisible effect. These tape hair provides a more invisible bond to your hair. The hair is injected directly into the polyurethane, which looks like hair coming out of the scalp. This means that the side of the polyurethane tape is invisible, such as when the wind blows, it may show through your hair! Therefore, nobody can notice that your clients are wearing the hair extensions. In addition, they are more thinner than traditional extension tape hair and close to the human skin. The hair extensions salon owners can try to introduce the new injected tape hair to your clients who want more comfortable and invisible remy hair extensions.6-2
What’s different hair quality for injected tape hair extensions?

Normally, the market demand is always different depending on the clients consumption power and usage. Goodyard Hair are producing different hair quality to meet the different request to make the value is worthy for what you pay.

The best quality injected tape hair extensions we supply are made of pure virgin human hair.The hair is collected from young donors which has never been altered by perms,dyes, bleaches. That’s why hair extensions made of pure virgin hair are considered the highest quality extensions on the market today.They are also the best choice for high-end market. Many hair stylists or salon owners prefer the pure virgin hair extensions,even though the price is higher than regular remy human hair. With proper care, they can very longer, close to 24 months. In addition ,if your customer want tape hair extensions balayage, dont hesitate to purchase the pure virgin human hair extensions,because such as the complex balayage color,they need the healthiest hair to have longer human hair extensions.


The other hair quality extension is made of virgin remy human hair.They are also very popular hair extension on the market,have a soft and silky feeling ,can last over one year under proper care. The price is also more cheaper than pure virgin human hair.

Another hair quality is regular remy human hair, which is of good quality and competitive price,can last 6 month. It is a good choice for the mid-market. However, if you are looking for blonde #613 or balayage colors, you’d better choose higher quality virgin hair, which is less tangled than remy hair extensions.

Which hair quality of tape in hair extensions are you looking for? Welcome to get more details on our website:  .
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Goodyard Hair—– Your Best Hair Extension Supplier Choice!

As one of the largest hair extension supplier in China, Goodyard Hair is devoted to supply the best hair extension in the market. With over 30 years experience, Goodyard Hair has served diverse clients over 50 countries. We mainly supply to hair extension distributor, wholesalers, hair salon and hair stylists. High quality hair to different market. If you are looking for a professional, loyal and reliable hair extension wholesale supplier, Goodyard Hair can be your perfect business partner!

Have questions about how to select remy hair quatliy? Don’t know which remy hair quality is suitable for your clients? Please check the following three different remy hair quality of Goodyard hair!

Pure Virgin Remy Hair
The best luxury remy hair quality, all of the hair are donated from young girl’s braids which are never processed or colored in any way, making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions. They are the best materials to create the light blonde colors and balayage colors.If you are a professional hair extension specialist and want to supply the best hair for your customer, Pure virgin remy hair will be your best choice!_0004_IMG_20180815_145426
Virgin Remy Hair
Human hair are collected from donor’s braids. Most of the hair are virgin hair, never be permed or colored and the cuticle is kept in the same direction, so the hair is silky and smooth.

If you are hair extension distributor or hair salon, Virgin remy hair can satisfy your quality request as well as affordable price!_0121_IMG_9344
Commen Remy Hair
Human hair collected from floor sweepings and brushes are processed in an acid wash to remove the cuticle. Without the protective layer, the hair could become dry and matted.


After depigmentation, pigmentation, blending and with Goodyard high quality hair, you will easily find all kinds of hair extension including hair weft extension, hair weave extension, hand tied hair extension, tape in hair extension, i tip hair extension, clip in hair extension and more. We promise all hair is 100% human hair and ethical sourcing. Each hair strand contains exquisite workmanship and our enthusiasm!

Goodyard Hair also launch new products according to new hair extension technique or our clients’ feedback. We try our best to care the hair quality good during processing and faith in delivering the best hair extension on your hand!

Welcome to check our website to find more secrets of Goodyard Hair!

Any further questions please feel free to contact us, experienced sales teams waiting for your inquiry!

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How to Take Care of Your Virgin Remy Hair

Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular human hair extensions available. With a wide range of quality levels, it’s important to know what your extensions can and cannot handle as far as use and styling. With proper care, your extensions will give you several months of hair which is soft and beautiful.



To start with, you must always be careful about that your Remy hair is finely cleaned. Wash it twice or thrice weekly with a gentle shampoo which should be essentially natural. Keep in mind to wash the Remy hair with cold water since hot water can impair the cuticle layer. Cover of cuticle is the vital element of Remy hair and it is owing to this coating, that the hair appears lustrous and lovely. Cold water is advantageous also in preserving the shape of your hair. Drying your hair out naturally is best, but if you must use a blow drying, use it on the lowest setting. The good news is that our Goodyard hair is in high quality. So your hair can actually endure a lot!



Following washing you have to condition your Remy hair just like you condition your natural hair. For this purpose, you should preferably utilize a conditioner containing natural ingredients. Apply the conditioner over all fibers of hair. Keep in mind not to keep the conditioner over the hair for more than 10 minutes. Further wash out the conditioner totally again ascertaining about thorough washing.

Routine Care

When you get up to style your hair each morning uses your fingers to run them through your Remy hair. Brushing your hair in one direction will reduce the amount of tangles. In order to keep your Remy hair in tip top shape, braid your hair or wear a cap at bedtime.Just keep in mind not to lie down when the hair is wet, otherwise it will attach together when you wake up in the morning.


We hope these hair tips helped answer some of your questions about your Virgin Remy hair! Take care of your hair extensions and they will stay in good conditions for a long time!

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