Human hair wig is extremely versatile .You can curl and style them as your own hair and it has been the list of popularity and fashion. But they are available in various styles, colors and length ,so that choosing the proper wig for you is a difficult task. Because you will consider your facial appearance, skin tone as well as your budget . Today, we offer some useful tips to help you choose a perfect wig that can highlight your unique style.

The details before choosing

Since that you decided to purchase a wig from human hair, it is sure that you hope it is durable, easy manageable and convenient for daily use. Generally speaking, a human hair wig is a good choice . A human hair wig is also an investment that you will be able to keep for a long time as long as you take good care of it. If you are fond of your present hair style, make sure the wig has sufficient space inwards and resembles it. When you plan to create a new look, then you will consider a new one to highlight your style


 Consider Hair length

It depend on your decision .You can choose the length as your own interest .
Shorter styles are usually easier to care for. Longer styles may need conditioning and other maintenance.


Consider Sizes Wig comes in four sizes, measured in inches. Measuring your head will give you an idea of your size. There are three ways of measuring: around the head, front to back and ear to ear. The first  Measure just over the ears and below the crest of your skull in back. Front to back is as it sounds: follow from your hairline to the top of your neck. Lastly, measure from  one ear over the crown of your head to the other.


Consider facial shapes
Different facial shapes look better with different hair styles. If you have an oval face then you can try various kind . If your head is longer, it is better to choose one  that balances the forehead with the chin. Long hair styles and center parted wigs don’t look very good on this type. If you have a more square face, choose a  wig  that minimizes the broad lines and angles of your face, with roundness at the temples and the jaw line, such as curly, shags, and mid-length.


Consider hair color
Some people feel most comfortable selecting a shade that matches their natural hair color. To do so, we recommend looking at your hair and color samples together under natural light to determine which color most closely resembles your own. In addition , you certainly don’t have to choose a color identical to your own. Then you will consider your skin tone. Then you can also ask your stylist , they can help you determine which shade works best for you.


When you wear a human hair wig ,it really look your own hair .Most Importantly ,it will make you feel confident and comfortable.