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Super-Sexy Summer Hairstyles You Need to Try

Super-Sexy Summer Hairstyles You Need to Try

If you ask us, there’s no better season than summer to freshen up your look—and a sexy new hairstyle is the perfect way to start. Need inspiration? Look no further than the red carpet.

Thanks to some helpful hints from Jessica Alba’s hairstylist, we now know our blowouts can remain flawless in peak humidity. Want to look chic without the fuss? Learn how simple it is to recreate Lea Michele’sflirty braid or Rihanna’carefree curls, with advice from their pros.



Rihanna’s carefree ringlets, which appear to have been effortlessly tossed to one side, are just as easy to recreate as the low-key vibe they give off. Her hairstylist Ursula Stephen began by misting a sea salt spray over her strands to bring out her natural texture—if your hair is already curly, we recommend an oil-infused version like Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion  as traditional salt sprays can be drying. Stephen followed by pulling back one side, then anchored it underneath with a few bobby pins. As a finishing touch, a veil of Motions Light Hold Working Spritz for locations) added a humidity-proof barrier.



Is your already-straightened hair in need of some extra oomph? Follow in the lead of Victoria Beckham, who opted for an easy chignon that was anything but over-coiffed. On her dry strands, the star’s hairstylist Ken Paves applied a mist of the You Are Beautiful Volumizing Spray for extra lift, then smoothed over her layers with a round brush and dryer. After finishing a section, he would wrap each layer around a velcro roller to set, then went over her head with a layer of the You Are Beautiful Flexible Hold Hairspray which locked in the shape. Once her hair had set, Paves unwound the rollers, then pinned her layers into a bun shape on the crown, allowing a few wispy strands to fall around the face.



When you have stunning natural curls like Nathalie Emmanuel’s, not much is required to bring out the already-gorgeous texture. Her hairstylist Neeko concentrated a small amount of R+Co’s Jackpot Styling Creme  around the base, then used wrap lotion on her ends for extra definition. Over areas that needed a little extra love, he used a small 1/4 inch curling iron to impart a structured shape. After a blast of R+Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo  at the roots, and an all-over mist of the Outer Space Hairspray , she was ready to hit the red carpet!



Though Beyonce’s I Dream of Jeannie-esque updo, which she wore to the Met Gala, may be a little avant-garde for everyday wear, a sleek, high pony in the spirit of Queen Bey’s is an easy way to give an otherwise basic ensemble some high fashion flair. To determine placement, follow the natural line of your cheekbone as you gather your hair at your crown, or aim a little higher if you’re unsure. Anchor into place with a hair elastic, then pull out a small section to wrap around the base of the style, tucking the ends into the ponytail holder.



We’ve all had one of those rushed moments where we’re forced to leave the house with wet hair, but with a half-up style like Joan Smalls’, you can simply pin it back and let the summer air do the rest. On damp hair, create a precise center part, and run a styling mousse like John Freida’s Air Dry Waves Styling Foam  through your lengths. Then, grab two small sections on either side of the head, just above the ear, and begin twisting each into a plait. Pin both braids at the back of your head with bobby pins positioned into an X-shape to finish, and let the arid temps outside act as a natural blow-dryer.


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Fashion Bob Hairstyle For Women

This is a real well known thing that the short hairstyles for women mostly including the bob hairstyle is never out of fashion for women of any age whatsoever there are usually a lot of celebrities including the actresses, models and other field related women, who sport the chick style of the bob hairstyle, the reason behind having so much praise is that actually it never goes out of the fashion and there is always a bob hairstyle version present for every single women if she is willing to give the bob hairstyle a try.

Bob hairstyle is almost very much preferred hairstyle, as we can continuously see such a large number of women supporting this hairstyle all over the world.

Layer bob hairstyle:

In this you can vary the length of the hair falling on your face and on the cheeks re length of the hair can also be from the cheeks of yours to you shoulders. If you want to give it a little bit of more oomph factor than you can also opt for the highlighting and low lighting in your hair more often.



Messy bob hair style:

Usually this is done by having irregular cuts at the ends of the hair and in this sense after proper styling the messy look is attained.



Bob hairstyle with bangs:

Opting for the bangs in the bob hairstyle reminds of the cute hairstyle always for any women of any age group, the front bangs always looks sophisticated and well mannered. Use anti frizz hair spray and hair products in order to maintain your hairstyle as by doing so your style will be managed for a long time.




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4 Ways to Achieve Heatless Curls

Put down those curling irons, ladies! If you want healthy, luscious hair, using a lot of heat is not the way to go. But don’t worry; you can still have beautiful curls. Here are a few ways to curl or wave your hair without frying it with the blow-dryer, curling iron, or wand.

1. Place a stretchy headband around your forehead, hippie style. Take sections of damp hair and wrap them around the headband and secure. Sleep on it and unwrap in the morning. Give your hair a good shake and voila, big, loose waves!


2. For sexy spiral curls, all you need is an arsenal of bobby pins and some time. Get your hair wet, and then create the curls yourself by folding portions of your hair into your scalp and then pinning them down with bobby pins. You can either wait a couple hours for the look to be ready or sleep with a shower cap on to wake up with beautiful curls.


3. Don’t toss that raggedy old t-shirt! Use it to create beautiful curls. Cut the shirt into strips. The thinner the strips are, the tighter the curls will be. Roll damp hair around each strip then tie the ends so they stay in place. Wait for hair to dry and remove the strips. Work in a little anti-frizz serum and you’re good to go.


4. Some people are absolutely obsessed with soft curlers (or your socks) and swear by them as the perfect way to get flawless curls. There are two ways to use them. At night, wrap hair around curlers, secure, and go to bed. When you wake up unravel and marvel at your voluminous hair. Or, in the morning wrap towel-dried hair in big curlers and go along with your normal morning routine. When your hair is dry, blast with cool air and unwraps.


The Best Hairstyle for face Shape

Unfortunately, not every hairstyle will look good on everyone. Even though some people can pull off the craziest hairstyles, there are certain ways to cut and style your hair that will make you look your best based on the shape of your face. Some hair colors look better on certain skin tones. Here are some hair style and color tips for your face shape and skin tone for women:


  1. Round Face Shapes

The best haircuts and hair styles for round shaped faces focus on slimming the face. Think about adding height with an up-style like Adele’s high beehive which can balance out a round face.

Shorter hairstyles work well on people with round face shapes. Consider a graduated bob that begins at the nape and rests to a point under the chin, as seen on Kelly Clarkson. Flattering hairstyles for round faces include layered fringes and layers that frame the face.


  1. Long /oval Face Shapes

You have an oval shaped and longer face, straight bangs across your forehead can make your face look wider. You would need to style them every day, but it doesn’t take long with a straightened. If you have long wavy or curly hair, a center part would look great as well. Oval faces look good with several different styles. If you have short hair, style your hair with layers or waves to have width.


  1. Square Face Shapes

Light shoulder-length layers all around that start a few inches above the ends with sweeping bangs. Feathery layers (which can be achieved with a razor) like Olivia Wilde’s camouflage a strong chin. “The airy ends prevent the eye from noticing any sharp corners,” says Garren. He recommends parting at the side for an asymmetrical effect, which also offsets squareness.


  1. Heart Shaped Faces

A collarbone-length crop with sweeping bangs and uniform layers. Reese Witherspoon’s shoulder-skimming layers draw your eyes away from the chin area and add balance.

Avoid hair styles with added height or any hairstyle that is too slicked back.


How to Choose Human Hair Wig to Highlight Your Style

Human hair wig is extremely versatile .You can curl and style them as your own hair and it has been the list of popularity and fashion. But they are available in various styles, colors and length ,so that choosing the proper wig for you is a difficult task. Because you will consider your facial appearance, skin tone as well as your budget . Today, we offer some useful tips to help you choose a perfect wig that can highlight your unique style.

The details before choosing

Since that you decided to purchase a wig from human hair, it is sure that you hope it is durable, easy manageable and convenient for daily use. Generally speaking, a human hair wig is a good choice . A human hair wig is also an investment that you will be able to keep for a long time as long as you take good care of it. If you are fond of your present hair style, make sure the wig has sufficient space inwards and resembles it. When you plan to create a new look, then you will consider a new one to highlight your style


 Consider Hair length

It depend on your decision .You can choose the length as your own interest .
Shorter styles are usually easier to care for. Longer styles may need conditioning and other maintenance.


Consider Sizes Wig comes in four sizes, measured in inches. Measuring your head will give you an idea of your size. There are three ways of measuring: around the head, front to back and ear to ear. The first  Measure just over the ears and below the crest of your skull in back. Front to back is as it sounds: follow from your hairline to the top of your neck. Lastly, measure from  one ear over the crown of your head to the other.


Consider facial shapes
Different facial shapes look better with different hair styles. If you have an oval face then you can try various kind . If your head is longer, it is better to choose one  that balances the forehead with the chin. Long hair styles and center parted wigs don’t look very good on this type. If you have a more square face, choose a  wig  that minimizes the broad lines and angles of your face, with roundness at the temples and the jaw line, such as curly, shags, and mid-length.


Consider hair color
Some people feel most comfortable selecting a shade that matches their natural hair color. To do so, we recommend looking at your hair and color samples together under natural light to determine which color most closely resembles your own. In addition , you certainly don’t have to choose a color identical to your own. Then you will consider your skin tone. Then you can also ask your stylist , they can help you determine which shade works best for you.


When you wear a human hair wig ,it really look your own hair .Most Importantly ,it will make you feel confident and comfortable.

13 Thick hairstyles anyone can do

If you have thick hair, chances are you’re often torn between accepting the many compliments it receives, and explaining to the more sparsely tressed just how real your daily styling struggle is. However, there are a lot of hairstyles you can use to tame your mane and show off the naturally full-bodied finish. Check out some of our favorites below!

1. Vintage inspired curls

With the top smoothed down, a vintage-inspired curly hairstyle keeps thick locks under control while giving them plenty of room to move and expand through the lengths. Plus, it’s probably themost classic red carpet hairstyle of all time, so you can channel your inner A-lister with this look!


Styling tip

Part your hair while it’s damp, then use your blow dryer to set it into place in the direction you want it to fall. Just don’t forget to apply a smoothing heat protectant like Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream first!

2. Chunky French braid

A chunky braid is the perfect way to handle high volume hair when humidity is a major issue. When you already have a lot of hair, there isn’t really a lot of room left for frizz… unless you’re totally cool with your hair taking over your entire face. So, why not use the added body to your advantage with an XXL braid? It keeps your tresses under control without totally squashing the texture, and it only takes a few minutes to do!


Styling tip

Start the French braid halfway down the back of your head, and keep it as tight as you need to while braiding. You can loosen it when you’re done by gently pulling it apart at the sides.

3. Zoe Saldana’s half-up waves

Thick hair lends itself perfectly to anything that’s supposed to look voluminous, like the very subtle bouffant at the crown of Zoe Saldana‘s half-up wavy hairstyle. Although it may require a little backcombing, it won’t take long to build enough height.


Styling tip

When securing the half-up twists at the back, gently bump the hair forward to boost the final shape of the bouffant.


4. Topknot

The classic topknot is one of those “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” hairstyles, especially for really thick or generally unruly tresses. It’s quick, easy, and it’ll last all day long. Topknots are also unbeatable when it comes to frizz prevention during humid spells, too!


Styling tip

For added detail, tie your hair into a high ponytail, then braid the pony before securing it into a tight knot.

5. Loose bouffant


Sixties inspired bouffant hairstyles are perfect for naturally thick hair and this loose hairstyle is a quick and easy way get a full-bodied mane under control. Depending on your texture, you may have to flat iron your locks first, but otherwise, simply backcomb the hair at the crown, sweep everything back off your face, and secure at the back with bobby pins.


Styling tip

Apply a volume enhancing product like Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spraybefore backcombing to build height that lasts.

6. Karlie Kloss’s tousled beach waves

Beachy waves often look better with tons of volume, as proven by model Karlie Kloss. The texture combined with a full-bodied finish create a sultry, face framing hairstyle that’s perfect for a glam night out, or even a more pared down, casual look.


Styling tip

Use a texturizing heat protectant like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray and a 1″curling iron to create loose waves. For the most natural looking result, make sure you alternate the direction your curl each piece of hair in.

7. Big bun

A big messy bun is just as practical as a topknot for thick hair, but it has a more elegant, fashion forward finish. You can even rock it with slightly damp hair and call it ‘wet look’! Just don’t forget to apply a smoothing cream first to keep flyaways at bay while the hair dries.


Styling tip

To make creating the bun as easy as possible, secure your hair into a mid-height ponytail first, taking care not to pull it too tightly, then twist and pin your hair into a messy approximation of a donut. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, the more disheveled the end result is, the better!

8. Retro headscarf hairstyle

Whether you go for a bun, a pony or a loose wavy ‘do, a retro fifties headband look is the perfect way to keep thick hair under control without compromising on style. You can choose a headbandthat coordinates with your outfit to really tie your whole look together, or keep the contrast to make your hairstyle pop.


Styling tip

To make sure your headscarf stays in place, secure it with some clandestine bobby pins behind each ear. Spritz the bobby pins with dry shampoo before using them to add more grip, too.


9. French braid for short hair

If you have a thick bob hairstyle that tends to misbehave in humid conditions, try a cute French braid hairstyle. This pretty short hairdo can be done on every hair texture, and you can pin any major pieces into place should they fall out while you’re braiding it. Keep your friends close and your hair pins closer…


Styling tip

Spritz the roots and the lengths of your hair with dry shampoo before you start braiding to give your hair extra grip and a clean looking finish. Leave it on for five to ten minutes before brushing it out for the best results.

10. Rockabilly ponytail

While we have nothing against a regular ponytail, it’s feels good to switch things up every now and then. We love rockabilly ponytails because they have all the practicality of your go-to workout ‘do, with more vintage flair than you can shake a curling iron at!


Styling tip

To create the pomp in front, section off the hair with a tail comb, then use it to gently backcomb the hair from behind. Insert the comb, push the hair back on itself, then take the comb out and repeat. This will help you to avoid unnecessary breakage that happens when you rip through the hair in a fast, up and down motion.

11. Messy updo

With the hair piled on top of the head, this messy, curly updo is the perfect way to tame thick tresses while keeping any texture you have center stage. All you need to do is twist and pin your hair up in individual sections until it’s all up, taking care to leave the ends loose.


Styling tip

For added movement, curl the lengths and ends of the hair before putting it up. Just don’t forget toapply a heat protectant first!

12. Beehive updo

Have you always had a thing for Audrey Hepburn’s beauty look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Would you jump at the chance to go back in time to the sixties? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you should add this beehive updo to your must-try hairstyle list!


Styling tip

For a voluminous hairstyle that won’t fall flat, make sure you mist your finished ‘do generously with a brushable hairspray like Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray. Not only will it give your beehive great hold, it will also create a protective barrier between your hair and any moisture that may be lurking in the air, ready to wreak frizzy havoc on your beautifully coiffed masterpiece!

13. Thick low ponytail

low ponytail is always a great idea when you need your hair to look chic and under control, and you only have a few minutes to make it happen! With thick hair, you don’t need to worry about creating extra height or volume, and you can polish up the look by camouflaging the hair tie with a small piece of the pony. Simply take a pinch of hair from underneath, wind it tightly around the pony and secure underneath with a pin.


Styling tip

Add shine to your completed ‘do with a glossy finishing spray like Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Strand Smoother Serum Spray.

5 Beachy summer hairstyles for men(Excerpts)

If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t like to wear his hair perfectly coiffed all the time, beachy summer styles are probably right up your street. Whatever your hair length, there are plenty of disheveled, tousled hairstyles to try from long waves to short, messy ‘dos.

Below, we’ve handpicked five of our favourite beachy looks for men. Which one will you try first?                                                  

1. Tousled side sweep

This simple yet completely pulled together hairstyle is “done” enough for work without being perfectly polished. The texture has a really laid back, summery feel to it, and if you style this look with a flexible hold product like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Hyper Fix Putty, you can wear it smooth for the office, then ruffle it on your way to happy hour.



2. Long sideswept surfer hair

  For anyone wishing to channel their inner surfer, even if the nearest large body of water is the local swimming pool, a long sideswept hairstyle is definitely worth considering. It’s the quintessential beachy look, and it works with straight, wavy or curly hair. All you need is a small amount of product like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum to add texture and keep it there throughout the day.


3. Brushed forward waves

If you have naturally curly hair, showcase the natural texture with a brushed forward hairstyle. Use some gel to define the curls then rake them into place with your fingers before it sets to complete the look.



4. Long shoulder-grazing waves

Long hairstyles for men are a huge grooming trend this summer, and if you really want to go for it, a shoulder-length wavy style is a great way to do so. This hairstyle is long enough to pull back into a knot, but it also looks great au naturel, especially with a few messy waves thrown in for good measure.



5. Messy voluminous waves

While rockabilly hairstyles are traditionally quite polished, this more modern take on the look has a really laid back vibe thanks to the tousled texture. With plenty of height on top, this style definitely isn’t uptight, but it isn’t too messy either.QQ截图20150711103310


5 Braided wedding hairstyles for summer brides(Excerpts)



Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day is a huge deal, not to mention a seriously difficult decision. Among your many options, there are plenty of bridal braids to explore- well, why not make the most of someone else doing your hair, right?

We’ve handpicked five of our favorite braids below. Who knows, maybe you’ll find “the one” among them…                                             


  1. Braided crown

It’s your special day and you should feel like a princess, or a queen, or some kind of goddess! To that end, a crown is essential, and forging one from your own hair is probably a more realistic and less time consuming option than hand crafting one from real gold.


Styling tip

Keep the braid tight while you’re working on it, then loosen it afterwards. To add texture, use an old toothbrush after misting the bristles with hairspray.

2. Triple French braided updo

If you want an intricate hairstyle that looks beautiful, but is guaranteed to keep your hair out of your face, try a triple French braided updo. It’s time consuming to say the least, but the beautiful results are totally worth it. Again, you have to make the most of being pampered!


Styling tip

If you’re really good at braiding your own tresses and want to road test this updo yourself, do so with dirty hair. Apply a dry shampoo like Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Longwear Spray first, then brush it out to eliminate excess oil and add grip through the lengths.

3. Braided bun

Braided buns are an exciting option because there are so many ways to wear them! There’s the placement, the texture and the braid technique to consider, but whatever you choose, the finished updo will be elegant, understated and downright gorgeous.


Styling tip

After misting your bun with hairspray, mist your hands with water and smooth down the sides. This will create a sleek, flyaway-proof finish.





4. Reverse braided crown

Quite literally flipping a braided crown on its head, this hairstyle keeps the braids at the back. It’s just as pretty as a regular braided crown, and there’s plenty of room for accessories, or a veil!


Styling tip

Try this hairstyle with a soft, romantic finish when trialling different hairstyles ahead of your big day. All you need to do is apply a texturizing heat protectant like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray and rough dry your hair to create an undone, natural look to work with.

5. Braided, jeweled chignon


With a small braid, a sophisticated bun and all the room you could possibly need for bridal hair accessories, this chignon pretty much has it all. If you’re not so good at choosing just one thing to focus on, it could be the perfect wedding hairstyle for you!


Styling tip

Add shine and keep your hair free of frizz with a high-shine finishing spray like Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Strand Smoother Serum Spray.


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