Nowdays ,There are so many different lashes available these days, how on earth do you choose?


Various eyelash extension now with different thickness ,length and curl .There popular curl on the market now .


J Curl

These are for those ladies with straight lashes that point down towards their belly button! When applying lashes, it’s important to use lashes that resemble the client’s natural lashes a little; an J curl simply won’t last on dead-straight lashes. Also, just as you couldn’t use an J curl on super straight lashes, if a client has super curly lashes, J curls will never sit right.

B Curl

This is the next curl up, with slightly more curl than a J Curl; it’ll give a little more visibility when a client looks at her lashes straight on. Perhaps you could blend some of these on the outside edge of someone with super straight lashes.

C Curl

These are my favourite; they’ve a nice curl, but they’re not unmanageable, and give a nice wide eyed look. They can be used on their own if the client has a nice curl in her lashes already. Beware of using on those super straight lashes though; they just won’t last.

D Curl

These are super curly and you should be careful to only use on clients whose natural lashes are already curly.

It’s so important to ensure you match the client’s lashes with the extensions, you’re in danger of the lashes not holding – and then your client will not be pleased with her treatment. This should all be covered in your client consultation. Be realistic and remember to match the right lash to the right client. Never ask your client to choose her extensions; it’s simply not fair to let her choose when she doesn’t have the experience and information you have.