Hair Extension and their Laser Machine have been recommended.

So the next step is how to apply the hair ten by ten! Click here to view the process video.


1). Turn-On the Laser Heater for the second gear. Stay about 5 minutes.
2). Put hair extensions into the one board. Total 10 strands can be put in.
But 5 strands per time is recommended during the per-skilled time.
3). Put the hair extension boards into the Laser Heater, take a thin layer of hair for using.
4). Hold down the Laser Heater until the first ring. Then press the automatically hit down boards three times, and hold down the heater until the second ring.
5). Take off boards from the Heater. After a little dry, the hair can be removed from the boards.

There is a great chance to show you face to face!
Goodyard will take it to attend 2017 Australia Hair Expo during 10-12th June.
Welcome to visit us!

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