Getting old should not stop you from being fashion

In terms of elder , we always get the silver hair lady with a glasses like our Grandma ,

Walking a small dog, feed it , read it the sleeping story , and beling longly in the midnight .

But , there also have a few ladies , getting older does not stop them from being icon , chasing fashion , they always live in a colorful life 。


They be fashional silver like this :


Just like she said :


“Just because we’re mature doesn’t mean we can’t be flashy, stylish, and have a crazy flair for life.” – Lisa Hale,The Silver Stylist


Silver hair , is the best gift from God , it just shining like the light of the lake under sunlight . We should be proud intead of depressed .


图片2 图片3


To go futher , you can get blue hair, maybe this is a big step , but you will never know if you not step out .


Just see what they say

“Back in the late 1990s, dying your hair to match the rainbow was something only teenagers did to drive their teachers or their parents crazy. Grownup women with children and jobs didn’t indulge in such hirsute shenanigans. That’s one reason the azure plunge appealed to me. Because it is an extreme version of the blue rinse of my mother’s era, I considered it ironic and selfreferential – a postmodern colour, if you will. Besides, unlike the yucky colours that chartreuse and cerise turn as they fade, I figured blue would make my grey hair whiter as the colour wore off between applications.”


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