As we know, Pre-bonded hair extensions have to be applied one by one. But why not do it ten by ten?

Goodyard want to share a new convenient tip hair extension and laser machine with you. Click here to view the video.


1.New Tip Hair Extension Laser Machine: This machine is mainly used for Soft Tip Hair Extensions, consisting of two parts: Laser Heater and Hair Extension Board; The bottom of the hair extension board is heat insulating material to avoid scalding.

10 strands soft-tip hair can be used in one board every time, two people with division of labor cooperation will be more convenient for the hair extension!

2.New Tip Hair Extension:  Soft Tip Hair are manufactured according to the hair extension boards. And new characteristics of soft glue is more comfortable, hair Weight is normal 0.5g/strand.

Any interest please don’t hesitant to contact us!

Goodyard will take it to attend 2017 Australia Hair Expo during 10-12th June, waiting for your coming, we prefer to show you samples face to face!!

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