As we all know, product package is an important part of the commodity. There are four main functions of custom package:1, protect products 2, store and transport 3, promote sales 4, increase profits.


In addition to the above four functions, the advertising communication function of packaging has attracted wide attention in recent years. The advertising function of custom package is embodied in the product packaging can be used as the carrier of advertising information for packaged products and even other products. This shows that custom package customization is very important. Flip box, custom package, not only refers to production, but also includes design and positioning.

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As the carrier of advertising information, the custom package design can include brand, trademark, product advertising language, advertising image, advertising picture, product information and other advertising elements. When consumers read package words or packaging pictures, the advertising communication function of packaging is virtually realized. This is the advertising of custom packages, promoting sales and increasing profitability. The most Intuitionistic way is that online shopping can never be a product without packaging. The freight of any product will be inseparable from the packing.


Wigs and eyelashes are fashion area,no matter wholesalers or finial customers, they both need nice customized package. To do this well,we suggest you to choose Goodyard because we have more than 20 years experience in hair and eyelash manufacturing. To help for customers’ market,customization is one of our supports.


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