Hair wefts, which are also called as hair weaves, are one of the quicker methods of hair extension application to make your hair longer, healthier and more lustrous.

     There are two types of wefts: Machine-Wefts and Hand-tied wefts. What’s the difference between hand tied wefts and machine made wefts? Let’s learn more about these.


Machine wefts are sewn together using a sewing machine. YouTube Video to watch how to make machine wefts:

-Good points:

  1. Steady. Machine made wefts are tried and true, it’s been used for a LONG time.

  2. You CAN cut these wefts where you want, so you want end it wherever you need to end.

-Weak points: Bulky, not such thin and comfortable like the hand tied wefts.

Hand-tied wefts are tufts of hair sewn or tied together meticulously by hand using a strong piece of weaving thread, making the weft portion of the hair much thinner than Machine made Wefts.

-Good points:

  1. Comfort. Because of the thinner and soft hand tied wefts.

  2. Natural. Flat, flexible and closer to the clients scalp, means more natural look!

-Weak points: You CAN NOT cut these wefts anymore, If the weft is cut…it will unravel. Normal come in 5 bundles each 100g pack, width 25cm and 20g each bundle.


     Hand tied hair weft is one of the most popular products on the high-end market, creates a strong thin weft when compared to the machine made wefts, once you start using our hand tied wefts extensions, volume and quality will be offered at Goodyard hair extensions: