Today’s world is dominated by machines and almost everything is mass-produced. The majority of products in today’s market can greatly improve our quality of life and bring much more convenience in our day-to-day activities.  Actually, it’s really a question, if they both disappear one day,can we live without it? But, why do we still prefer choosing something that is hand-made over machine made?

Hand-made Rolls Royce, originated in 1906, has been one of the worldsmost prestigious luxury car manufactures.

Rolls Royce is indeed an outstanding car manufacture, which owns top of the range advanced technology and more importantly, hand makes every accessory in each cars interior. Although this results in a lower quantity when it comes to production in comparison to other car manufactures in the market, however it does guarantee the rarity and quality of the product itself. Which is what makes Roll Royce a world class car manufacture.

Now you can understand why hand-made products still hold a valuable position in the market.

With regards to wigs, it is very similar to that of cars. Machine-made wigs are often produced in large quantities, in many standard colors and styles, which can meet common needs, and most customers can afford.

Hand-made Wig

Hand-made wigs can be customized and are made by skillful wig makers. The makers have to go through many complicated processesto finish a hand-made wig, which naturally takes them a great amount of time, patience, and energy. Hand-made wigs fit more securely on the head, making them appear more natural than machine made wigs.


Generally, most customers prefer hand-made wigs because of their high quality level, and durability. Not to mention the unique styles, and comfort of hand-madewigs which are indeed worththeir higher price tag.