Nowadays, popstarsdifferent styles can have an influence all over the world. Fans and admirerseverywhere are chasing the styles that their favourite icon wears, now we’ll be looking at the ‘top-pop’ men’s hairstyles;will it include your favourite?

1. Here’s a shag hairstyle from teen pop star Justin Bieber, which is razored around the perimeter to provide separation and movement, if you are his fan, this representative hairstyle must be one of your options.

Justin Bieber

2. Robert Pattinson is well knownfor his acting ability, and also his wild hair. This style begins with has shorter style on the sides and back with a longer top. This is a versatile cut which can be worn in his usual gravity defying style.

Robert Pattinson

3. Now for another Twilight Star, Taylor Lautnerwhom has naturally thick, straight hair which consequently limits his style options. However, thishairstyle works well all round for Taylor. The sides are cropped short while the top is left longer to create texture and separation.

Taylor Lautner

4. James Preston, sporting his shaggy cut that’s a bit shorter on the sides and back which fits him well.

James Preston

5. Actor Ryan Reynolds always looks great with his usual style. We like it here at Uniwigs because it of a versatile nature, the style is long enough to give him the option to go neat and formal or loose and casual.

Ryan Reyonlds

6. Gossip Girlstar Chace Crawford has naturally wavy hair. For this style, we need to use a flat iron to straighten the bangs, which he wears long while the sides and back are cut shorter.

Chace Crawford

7. True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten wears a medium layer cut to create separation and movement, the kind of hair a girl wants to run her fingers through.

Ryan Kwanten

8. 7th Heaven starBarry Watson likes a medium length shaggy do. Much like Ryan Kwantenit can be styled with a quick run through of his fingers,and the casualness makes this style look effortlessly better

Barry Watson

9. Supernaturalstar Jared Padalecki’s short shaggy cut looks great on him. With the shorter back and fuller sides, which he combines with a little rough facial scruff for the ultimate handsome look.

Jared Padalecki

10. Britishpop star, Mika,with his seemingly un-kept mess of curlsgives us the impression of a preppy public school boy as well as true gentleman.