False eyelashes, lash extensions, and strip lashes have become an easy and convenient way to look beautiful. They make your eyes lovely, lift up the eyes and open them up to make them look bigger, lovelier, and more attractive.

However, there are plenty variety of lashes or extensions . You have to choose  the right ones to enhance your looks.

False lashes however, have been a favorite of women when it comes to intensifying their look, with 3D eyelashes specifically, lashes designed to work with your own eyelashes for a full and natural look .


3D eyelash strips are arguably the best of the best when it comes to false lashes. Easier to use and longer lasting, 3D eyelash strips are actual strips of 3D lashes — not just individual lashes you apply one by one— you can apply in full set .

There are lots of reason to get yourself 3D strip lashes, and below the  reasons why our 3D strip mink lashes are not only great, they are a must!

图片1 图片2They’ll give you a bold look, without all the discomfort of standard false lashes. Because our lashes are made to not only look fluffier, but actually be lighter, wearing them from morning into the late hours of the night feels natural.

2.They look totally natural. Because they are designed to work with your existing lashes, he 3D strip mink lashes will actually look like your own.

3.You’ll get a darker more saturated look. The reason for this comes in two parts. First, the Minks itself actually has a darker, more rich color naturally, when paired with the 3D design, your lashes will not only appear to be darker, they will look significantly fuller as well.

4.They will last longer than standard synthetic false eyelashes, up to 25 uses long in fact. Why? Because of how they are made. The lashes themselves are made of real minx and the bands are each handmade from cotton thread. This means they are not only light, they are durable with a lot of room for flexibility and movement.



5.They are easy to use. 3D lashes traditionally require a lot of time to put on as well as a really experienced hand. But withour 3D strip lashes, anybody can enjoy 3D lashes!