Rihanna? She means FAHION!

Someone with heart-faces is advised to choose a hairstyle that can be backcombed or a style with side-swept bangs to balance the features and create harmonious angles. Rihanna came onto the scene with her signature short hairstyle that really made her stand out from the crowd.

Punk-inspired choppy or an asymmetric crop with choppy layers and long bangs is the staple red carpet look of Rihanna. Angled short hairstyle already has become a popular choice for women looking for a short haircut. Short hair does not have to be dull, and lots of choices are available when it comes to styling ideas. Rihanna’s cut consists of long, side-sweeping angled bangs that skim one eye. Inject glamour into long side-sweeping bangs by using a large roller to create volume and waves. This style is versatile and hair can be pulled, twisted and spiked in countless ways with the help of a little hair wax. Rihanna also experiments with bold hair colors, such as black, vixen red and bright blonds; the use of a different hair color an instantly transform your short hair for a special event.


Beautiful is for everyone!

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