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Which Eyelash Curl to Use during Eyelash Extensions Application?

It seems to be a lot of confusion and doubts about which eyelash curl to use on your clients during the eyelash extensions application, and it is quite simple to understand and if you use this tecnique, your application time will be quicker and will get happy and good return clients.

First things First. Understand that your client`s natural lashes will always dictate which eyelash curl to use on the eyelash extensions application, If you consider that during the consultation, and explain to the clients what can be done and what can be achieved, I guarantee that you are going to have a long lasting relationship with your clients.

Of course there is a lot of other factor that counts for a long lasting eyelash extensions, such as pre-application cleansing, which eyelash extensions glue, poor quality products, but we are talking about which eyelash curl to use on the eyelash extensions application, and its benefit.

If the client have a straight natural lash, you are going to use a straight synthetic lash, the same rule applies for more curled lashes; if your clients have a very curled lash you are going to use a very curled synthetic lash, it is not so much what your client want, it is what is possible to be done if you consider and understand this simple techinique.

In most cases your clients will listen to your advice, as professionals is the Eyelash Extensions Technician job to orientate and advice what is the best option for keeping the natural lashes health and safe.


This is the rule: Always your clients natural lashes will dictate which eyelash curl to be used during the application, never forget that and the application will be right every time, it work for every experienced Eyelash Extensions Technicians, and will also work for you.

Do not forget to use the 2mm distance gap in between the root of natural lash and the synthetic lash, doing that will avoid further allergies from the glue, and will make things easier when doing the infills, because you will know how much the lashes have grown.