Sometimes, your favorite mascara just doesn’t cut it. False lashes can really make or break your appearance. First, you should know there are actually many different types of fake lashes. The most common lashes you will see are connected by a strip, but those also come in different sizes and shapes. 

You can get more natural–looking falsies, which have very fine hair. But because they are so fine, this makes them very delicate. These are the most popular lashes to use because of how seamlessly they blend with your real lashes. These are great for casual and daytime events.


Full volume lashes are the opposite of natural ones. These lashes have more hair and are great for bolder looks. Great for events where you want to stand out, like a prom or a party where more edgy looks are appropriate. These falsies are also great for performances or photo shoots, where bolder looks are needed for depth. These are not the ones you would want to rock at a business meeting or a morning class.

Individual lashes are also great for natural looks, as well as eyelash extensions. These lash options are similar, but eyelash extensions are more of a service. These are great for custom lash length and volume, but their only downfall is the amount of time they take to apply.


How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

If you are using lashes that are connected by a strip, you will want to make sure you trim the ends to fit your eye shape. Lashes typically come in one size, so before you glue them down, lay the lashes along your lash line. Make sure that they are not lying too close to your inner corner and trim whatever is poking out past your eye. The important thing is to always trim your lashes from the outer corner.

Now comes the tricky part: gluing those suckers down. Usually, there will already be a semi–sticky base to the lashes. This is there so they will stick to packaging, but it’s not strong enough to stick to your eyes. 

Take your chosen lash glue and apply to the outer part of the strip. This can be done two ways: brushing on with the application the glue comes with or squeezing the glue out on the back of your hand and gently sweeping the outer part along it. Allow it to dry to the point where the glue is tacky; if you apply while the glue is fresh, you risk making a mess on your eyelids. 

Place your lash strip on your eyelid and try to get it as close as possible to your natural lash line. Definitely do not place the fake eyelash on your actual lashes because you will risk tearing out a few of your own. If you have trouble placing the eyelashes by hand, try using a pair of tweezers or an eyelash applicator. Now allow the glue to dry fully on your eyes, but no need to press down and hold them. 

If you want to reuse them a few times, try to avoid using mascara to blend them with your natural lashes. Instead, comb through them with a clean spooly brush and apply some liquid liner to blend them on your upper lids. Not using mascara directly on your fake lashes will ensure them a long life. 

Before applying single lashes, make sure you set aside some time. Depending on how many bunches you are adding on, this could take up to an hour or two. Because you will be applying more than a few, add a small amount of glue to a clean area, a sandwich bag or a piece aluminum foil will do, and lightly dip the semi–sticky ends, allow to get tacky, then apply where you would like them. The great thing about these lashes is you can apply as little or as many as you want. Reusing them might be a little difficult, but the end result mimics that of eyelash extensions.

Goodyard Eyelash Extensions

Which leads to your next option, eyelash extensions! This is probably the easiest way to achieve the long and full lashes you have always wanted but it is also the most costly. Goodyard Eyelash Extensions is a great place to get the procedure done. The glue typically used is a waterproof acrylate polymer, like the medical glue used to close wounds. They can survive through showering and swimming and last a while as long as you get touch–ups every couple of weeks or so. The stylists will apply each lash extension, one by one, attaching the synthetic lashes to your natural ones.  When looking for a place to try out this innovative process, just remember that you get what you pay for. For more information about Goodyard, visit their website.