Have your ever heard or used hand-tied hair wefts? This kind hair extensions are very popular all around the world especially for North American Market, some hair salon owners or hairstylists always ask some questions before first use. What are hand-tied hair wefts? What’s the advantages? How long do they last? If you have same doubts, you’re in the right place! Some information will be shared with you, including the tips about how to care hair?

Hand-tied Weft-2

Hand-tied hair wefts are made by skilled crafts-persons, they use a fine thread to tie individual tufts of hair creating a very thin and durable track. Normally each set is 100g including 5-6 pieces and the wide of each piece is 8”-10”, custom order could be supplied according to special request as well. There is no glue, heat or tape involved, which can be washed, dyed, straightened and curled with heating tools.Hand-tied Weft-1

  1. Comparing with traditional machine wefts, hand-tied hair wefts are much thinner and more flexible, that’s almost invisible.
  2. Hand-tied hair wefts are much flatter and lay close to the client’s scalp, giving a more natural look without feeling bulky. Additionally, it makes more comfortable to wear and touch.
  3. It’s a good solution for clients suffering from Alopecia and thinning who can’t take the volume of machine weft, it brings much lighter on your head so you get a more natural experience.

It is strongly advised that you do not cut hand tied wefts as they unravel very easily. Instead simply fold them over to double up and sew it down until you get to the end. If you absolutely must cut them, do carefully but seal the cut end immediately with fabric glue to prevent shedding.

How long do hand-tied hair wefts last?

Goodyard Hair are using high quality Pure Virgin Human Hair to make hand-tied hair wefts, all hair material collected from some young girls with full cuticle in the same direction, very soft and silky, could last to 12 months with properly treatment  We suggest you to use high quality shampoo & conditioner in order to maintain the quality of their hair and prevent moisture loss.

How to care hand-tied hair wefts?

Daily care is very important, try to get a soft comb and brush your hair extensions carefully every morning when you get up. That way you can keep your hair free from tangles and matting from the beginning of your day. However, you have to do it in a gentle way.

Another essential tip is a washing method, we suggest you to wash your hair extensions every ten days. Washing the hair massaging it from the roots and descending softly towards the tips using a salon recommended hydrating shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. After washing, you have to thoroughly rinse the hair with clean water and pat dry with a towel or dry hang the extensions up naturally. While brushing, hold the hairpieces at a vertical angle and brush the hair from the tips to the roots.

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