Every time you see a girl whom has charmingly long hair, you get a bad haircut or we cut our hair too short, it makes us all feel like we want longer hair.


long hair

We tend to observe our hair everyday, but it doesn’t appear to be growing. Don’t despair—it is growing.Your just need to be patient. Hair never grows noticeably quick. In fact, when you keep it healthy and maintained, it will grow longer and faster anyway. Now let’s learn some tips:

1. Know your hair. Everybody’s hair is different, so firstly you need to know your hair type. Is your hair dry or oily? Do you have split ends or breakage? Take one day to wash your hair, and let it air dry. Then, inspect it for texture and damage.

2.End the torture of product and styling.Hair is damaged every time you blow dry, curl, perm or color it. Using product that dries the hair only makes this worse. If you can’t stop using styling products, try to take a break at least two days a week. Your hair will thank you for it.

3. Stop every day washes. Washing daily or more can cause major damage. Over washing dries your hair and makes it more prone to breakage. Both dryness and weakness keep it from growing.

4. Condition Condition Condition. Choose the conditioner that is right for you. Condition after washes and let it sit for a minimum of 30 seconds. If possible, run a wide-tooth comb gently through the strands to distribute the conditioner.

5. Keep your hair protected from the sun. The sun’s burning rays literally “cook” your hair to a crisp leaving it dry and dull. If you go out in the sun, wear protective covering like a hat if possible.

6. Get regular trims and shaping. An other easy way to encourage a healthy growth is to get rid of split ends and damaged parts, so get regular trims. But don’t do it by yourself unless you are a stylist.