European and American stars whomwalk inthe forefront of fashiontoday, introduce severalofAmerica’s mostoftenimitatedhairstyles.

Side burns and bangs give the impression of a soft, gentle and feminine woman, the hair of the neck should be kept short, so that you rnecks appearance will be extended.

This type of style draws in the back of the head, in order to highlight the curve of the face. Pay attention to the way this hairstyle fits around the line so the face.

The sharp edges on this style give an overall impression of the more dramatic look.

Trims should be worn according to the shape of your face, otherwise you run the risk of making the face look too big. A fringe can be used also to highlight this cute style.

The hair length to the collarbone is cut into mixed-level outlining the lips and cheek bones.

With this style, the length of the cut must be very precise and monthly pruning is required to maintain the health of the ends.