To all those fashionable ladies out there, do you use tape extensions for your hair? Yes, tape hair extensions are the most popular hair product on the market right now, but if you’ve used it before, I think you must have come across some of the most common situations below, following my suggestions will prolong the life of your hair extensions significantly. 


Do they rip out of your hair? Regardless of what you might hear about tape hair extensions, they do not ruin your natural hair. The problem with hair extensions always occurs during the application process, caring for them and the take out procedure.

When applying tape hair extensions you need to be patient and neat! Make sure you part the hair neatly so there are no stray hairs.

When brushing the hair, do it carefully, and do not pull on the glue in the wefts, which can/will cause breakage to the hair.

Always comb the hair before getting into the shower, start it from the bottom, work your way up to the root. Using a bit of shampoo on your root, then condition, using conditioner only for your tips. By applying conditioner to your root, you can reduce the chance of loosening the bond.

Most importantly is the take out procedure. Make sure you have all the things needed to take out the hair properly. Do not lose patience and start pulling or tugging at the hair extensions.

In the end, take out the hair and redo the extensions every 6-8 weeks. If they are kept in this may take too long and can cause filtering of your natural hair.